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The X-Men Season 8 - The Final Chapter (Episodes 1-3)

2020.06.25 04:01 film_nerd406 The X-Men Season 8 - The Final Chapter (Episodes 1-3)

Season 8 - The Final Chapter
Executive Producer - Damon Lindelof

Episode 1 - A Day In The Life
Everything slowly opens up on the beautiful, blue sky, with not a single cloud in sight and the sun shining through it all, reflecting off of the camera and filling the entire screen with a blinding yet peaceful light. Before long, we begin to pan down to the ground as the light of the sun gets less extreme and we stop at a field of freshly trimmed grass with a large building in front of it, although it can't really be seen. At that moment, two pairs of legs walk in front of the camera, and we hear the two men's optimistic chatter as the camera pans up to reveal who the familar-sounding men really are. Now, a young Charles Xavier (David Tennant) and Erik Lensherr (Edward Norton) stand side by side, smiling at eachother and being at the peak of their freindship, nearly twenty years before we last saw them. As we begin to guess what age Charles and Erik may be at or what years this is, a large, white text soon appears on the screen, showing that the year is currently 1972, about twelve years prior to the first season. However, while both Charles and Erik seem happy and optimistic, Charles seems to be distressed about something, and we soon realize that this is because he just left his wife and son several weeks earlier. As Charles looks down in sadness, Erik puts his hand on Charles' shoulder, and upon seeing Charles looking up, Erik tells him, "This is the start of a great future, Charles. I can tell." Charles and Erik then look eachother in the eyes and smile, and as they do, the camera pans out to reveal what's in front of them: "Charles Xavier And Erik Lehnsherr's School For Gifted Youngsters." This is the official opening of the school, and Charles and Erik then tearfully hug, excited at the prospect of opening a safe haven for mutants everywhere as they promise to never leave each other's side... FADE TO BLACK.
Everything is now eerily silent and dark, completley diffrent from the tone of the scene we just expierenced as the audience begins to become uncomfortable and unnerved. As we hear the sound of metal clanking against the ground, everything sharply cuts to a mutant (Grigoriy Dobrygin) completley made out of metal walking throughout an empty hallway. We soon realize that these are the hallways of the school, and the mutant eventually opens the door to the headmaster's office, sitting down with Anna Marie (Sophia Lillis) across from him. In order to honor Bobby Drake's legacy, Anna has taken up the role of headmaster, and we see a calender behind her showing that the date is around late-May of 1989 while we notice an exhausted look in her eyes. Anna adresses the mutant as Piotr Rasputin, who we learn is a mutant from The Soviet Union, having joined the school with nowhere else to go and desperatley needing shelter. From the way Anna talks to Piotr, we can tell that he just joined the school, giving him a set of advanced classes in order to control his powers before he respectfully heads out and closes the door behind him. As soon as Piotr leaves, a frustrated Anna slams her head against the desk, then looking at a framed picture of Charles across the room as she thinks about all the stress she's currently going through.
Ever since the events of season 7, the world has begun hating mutants more than ever due to the 1.8 million people who were killed by Jean Grey, with Scott Summers commiting suicide afterwards. The entire school is still recovering from these events, having to adjust to life without any leadership whatsoever while also mourning those they lost, and later, Anna is approached by Logan Howlett (Aaron Paul). Logan and Anna quietly sit together for a couple minutes until all the sudden, Anna bursts into tears, asking why Bobby had to die as Logan puts his arm around her and tears form in his eyes as well. Logan tells Anna that even though they're upset, they have to keep going as that what's Bobby what would've, to which Anna silently nods before continuing to sob in Logan's chest. As this happens, Hank McCoy (David Oyelowo) tries to stay positive after promising himself do so at the end up the last scene, but finds himself unable to do so as the situation continues to get worse. Additionally, The X-Men have now completley disbanded, leaving Kurt Wagner (Choi Woo-Shik) heavily angered by how everything they worked so many years to built has been destroyed. In a fit of rage, Kurt angilry knocks down everything around him before slowly slumping, and as he does, we cut to the nation of Genosha, which has begun to fall apart due to Erik's lack of leadership. In a town sqaure, Erik feeds the birds while mourning Charles' death, blaming himself for what happened and flashing back to Charles' face right before he died, feeling as if he could've samed him but didn't. From a far, Victor Howlett (James McAvoy) watches the depressed Erik, saddened by what the nation's leader has become and gloomily wishing that all of this had never happened.
Several days later, Anna looks over an array of paperwork and becomes even more stressed, about to leave the office but Ororo Iquadi (Danai Gurira) then walks in and stops Anna from slacking-off. However, Ororo sees all the stress Anna is going through and tells her that she'll take care of everything, suggesting for Anna to relax, who thanks Ororo as she quickly walks out. Elsewhere, Piotr watches the news, angered to see that it's filled with anti-Soviet propaganda and frustrated by the image everyone has of him for his nationality, especially in this post-Reagen Era of America. Pitor knows that in addition to everyone's views of him for being a mutant, they also see him as an enemy for being from Soviet, and although he's aware that his homeland is corrupt, he still hates dealing with this. Meanwhile, in Times Sqaure, we see a massive memorial for all those who tied due to Jean's attack, and nearby, a group of protesters gather, chanting a phrase that we haven't heard in years: "Kill All Mutants!" Hate against mutants is more extreme than ever before, with even the government being against them, and as the camera pans out to show hundreds of protesters, we cut to a cloudy graveyard. In this grave yard sits the grave of Charles Xavier, made for people to visit if they don't want to go into the school, but it's clear almost noone has gone here, when suddenly, a familar face walks in. The camera pans up to reveal that this Moira Mactaggert (Laura Fraser), Charles' ex-wife and David Xavier's father, and she then stops at Charles' grave and silently kneels down. At first Moira flashes back to joyful memories with her husband, until she then remembers the pain he caused to her and David, bursting into tears as she screams in rage at Charles' grave. CUT TO BLACK.

Episode 2 - The Long And Winding Road
Late at night, Anna finds herself unable to sleep, too consumed by stress, anxiety and guilt to relax in the slightest, now having been suffering from insomnia ever since the horrific events of the seventh season. Anna reflects on her stepping up as the ehadmaster of the school, wondering if she's even qualifed for the position and asking herself if she should step down, then remembering that this is to honor Bobby's legacy. Anna heavily sighs as she aimlessly stares up at her celling fan, flashing back to when Charles was in a coma during the third season and the school, as well as The X-Men, were left without leadership. Anna remembers how Scott and Jean took charge of The X-Men and helped to preserve the school along with Hank, realizing that she needs to do more to lead the school and that not all hope is lost. As this happens, Erik sits in his living room and flips through diffrent channels on his television, holding a can of beer in his hands with an exhausted, depressed, and hopeless look in his eyes. While Erik simply flips through diffrent channels at first, he suddenly stops and begins to pay attention as he sees a news report about the dead body of a mutant found in the streets, presumably murdered by rioters. Erik looks down in sadness as the news report continues, seeing that the authorities aren't doing anything about the issue and even the news report seems to be against mutants, angered by this prejudice. Erik knows that everything he and Charles have spent the last seventeen year bulding has been completley destroyed by the attack on New York, with some even pushing for mutants to be put in camps. Erik thinks about how history has utterly repeated itself, as the world hated mutants, then beggining to accept them, and now everything is back to how it begun but somehow even worse. Unable to stand watching the report any longer, Erik changes the channel as we see a single tear from his eyes, and Erik then slowly gets up before wiping the tears from his eyes and getting another can of beer. In the background, we can hear and see the news report talking about a chain of massive disasters occuring in the Atlantic Ocean, with many beggining to look into this and noticing connections between them all. Erik then sits back down and tries to distract himself by watching the report, but finds himself thinking about what he just saw and instead turning off the television as he looks out into the distance. Nearby, Victor sits in the town sqaure, laying on a bench and looking up at the stars with a lot on his mind as he flashes back to the nation first being formed and how optimistic both he and Erik were about it. Although he hasn't talked to him in a while, Erik once acted as a mentor of sorts to Victor, helping him to gain redemption and find a much greater sense of inner-peace following the events of the sixth season. However, the nation is now beggining to curmble without much leadership from Erik, and Victor desperatley hopes that this will all be fixed as Erik's mental condition only continues to dissipate.
The following morning, Logan groggily wakes up, looking to the side and covering his eyes upon seeing the blinding light of the sun, slowly getting out of bed as he goes to shut to the blinds. After shutting the blinds, Logan wipes his eyes and puts on a shirt as going he heads to the bathroom when he suddenly cuts his forearm on a sharp peice of metal on top of his desk, then wincing and walking away. Logan washes his face before beggining to brush his teeth, and as he does, he widens his eyes and drops the toothbrush in shock upon seeing that the cut hasn't healed like all of his wounds normally do. Logan holds his arm with his other hand, telling himself that the healing is just delayed, only for the bleeding to get worse, causing Logan to go into a panic attack as he worries that his healing factor isn't working. Meanwhile, Hank notices all the stress and anxiety that Anna is going through and rememebrs how he was going through the same thing when he was headmaster during the third season. Hank knows that he can't let Anna go down the same path that he did and needs to help her, despite him still not having solutions to his own problems as he continues to hate and despise himself. At the same time, Ororo attempts to meditate in the school's garden in order to distract herself from the events that are currently taking place, but she has to much on her mind to relax. Eventually, Ororo gives up and heads off to her room, where she reflects on the events of the past few months and tries to come up with ways to keep the school in a stable condition. However, the school has less students than ever and no clear leadership while the world is hating mutants more than ever, leaving Ororo to wonder if things will ever go back to the way they once were. That afternoon, Piotr peacefully walks throughout the school's campus, admiring how peaceful and beautiful it is, thankful that he's able to be here and has left his dangerous homeland. But, Piotr stops upon coming across an anti-soviet propaganda poster that depicts his people as satanists, causing Piotr to go into a fit of rage as he tears down the poster and punches a hole in the wall. As Piotr angirly pulls back his fist and breathes heavily, he looks to his side to see a student watching all of this unfold from nearby, and Piotr realizes that he's only furthering the hate many have against his people. With a look of regret in his eyes, Piotr slowly approaches the student and apologizes for what he did, to which the student throws his drink at Pitor and hatefully tells him, "Go back to your country, commie!"
Elsewhere, Moira walks through the streets of Manahtten until she reaches a large building, taking out a key and opening the large glass door as she heads towards a large room. Moira quickly closes the door behind her and we soon realize that she's in a lab as she walks throughout, putting on gear and taking out a formula for something known as, "F-2 93." As a sadistic smile appears on Moira's face, we cut to later that evening, where a stressed-out Anna sits in her office when Hank suddenly enters the room, and Anna asks what Hank needs. With a worried look on his face, Hank tells Anna that he knows she's been going through a lot lately and he'll help her anytime she needs it, only for Anna to become enraged, saying that she doesn't need his help. A short period of silence occurs between the two and Anna then bursts into tears, to which a concerned Hank walks over to Anna and does everything he can to comfort her as she continues to cry. As Hank puts his arm around Anna, she tearfully looks up at Hank directly in the eyes and sorrowfully asks, "How the hell did this all happen? How did thing go so wrong..." CUT TO BLACK.

Episode 3 - Strawberry Fields Forever
We slowly fade into the empty streets in small town in South Korea, with not a person in sight and every house, building, and restraunt looking extremley shoddy and unkept, exemplifying the poverty of the town. From the cars and technology we can tell that this is some time around the mid 1960's, and the camera begins to pan towards a small house, where before long, we begin to hear loud screaming inside. We then cut to inside the house where a much younger-looking Azazel (Kang Ho-Song) angirly yells at a young Kurt Wagner (Jung Hyeon-Jun), who has tears streaming down from his eyes. As Azazel contineus to scream, Kurt begs for his father to stop, becoming enraged and eventually yelling beg, causing the two of them to become completley silent as a look of anger appears in Azazel's eyes. All the sudden, Azazel slaps Kurt across the face, who falls to the ground and shouts out in pain, but his screams are interupted when Azazel kicks Kurt in the face, nearly knocking him unconscious. Azazel breathes heavily as he watches his son bleed in the ground, breathing heavily with a short glimpse look of regret and sadness in his eyes before teleporting away, leaving Kurt forever. Right at that moment, we abruptly cut to the modern Kurt waking up with sweat racing down his forehead, having clearly flashed back to the painful events that we cut witnessed. Kurt wipes the tears from his eyes and gets up, remembering how after his father abanded him that day he took up a job in the circus and worked there for nearly twenty years until they found out he was a mutant. As he thinks back to this, Kurt reminds himself that he can't let his hopeless keep him down like he did for all those years, knowing that no matter how bad situation is he can't go down that path again.
Several days later, Logan returns to the school after being gone for the past few days, with nobody knowing where he went and ignoring Anna as she greets him, who notices tears in Logan's eyes as he walks past her. Soon, we cut Logan returning to his room and about to unpack his things, instead hopelessly collapsing onto to the ground and bursts into tears, slamming his head against the wall as he repeats one word: "Why..." Logan slowly reaches his hand twards the back of his head, noticing bleeding from slamming it against the wall and looking down in frustration. Clearly something has happened, but we have no idea what it is. Logan then gets back and looks at his relfection in the mirror while a saddened Piotr sits in his room alone, flashing back to the events of the previous episode and remembering how terrifed the student was of him. Piotr reflects on everyone's image of him and his possible, knowing that they have a reason for doing this and that his homeland is extremley corrupt, but he still feels discrimated and wishes this could all be over. However, Piotr reminds himself that despite all the discrimination, he's still better off here than in the Soviet Union, especially during the major economic collapse the country is facing under Gorbachev's rule. As this happens, Anna begins to worry about what's happened to Logan and where he was for the past few days, feeling completley powerless in what to do about this and how to fix it. Anna walks throughout the campus as she thinks about this, soon looking at the entrance of the school and vividly flashing back to the day she first came here all those years ago. Anna remembers how Scott and Jean saved her life and brought her to the school, only for her to despise being her, which Anna is in disbelief about as she now cares heavily about the school and it's students. But, Anna asks herself if the school really is how she once thought it would be, wondering if it will ever return to it's former glory when it was led by Charles and the X-Men were still around.
Meanwhile, Hank enters his bathroom and is angered upon seeing reflection, still ashamed of what he looks like and seeing himself as a monster, repeatedly punching the mirror in rage and causing it to shatter. As Hank breathes heavily, we cut to Logan walking through the hallways in the entrance of a prison, with us having no clue to what he's doing there and what his intentions are. Eventually, Logan sits done at a visiting booth and begins talking into the phone as the camera cuts to who the perosn on the other side is: Willaim Stryker (Matthew McConaughey). Stryker stares at Logan with a look of pure vengeance and hate in his eyes, wanting nothing more than for Logan to perish as Logan speaks into the phone, frustrated by Stryker not paying attention. Logan angirly tells Stryker to listen to him, then asking if there's any more details about his past, only for Stryker to interupt him, telling Logan, "Shut the hell up. I want you to die, Logan. I want you to goddamn die." Upon hearing this, Logan sighs and slowly stands up before walking away, all the while Stryker stares at Logan, with Logan looking back at the grizzled and angry Stryker one last time as he leaves the prison. Elsewhere, Victor sits near the shoreline in Genosha, looking at a bridge connecting to the island to the mainland when all the sudden, he notices a large group of people on the bridge. Victor soon realizes that these are rioters, seeing guns and weapons in their hands and rushing to go tell Erik as they begin to get closer to the island, preparing to destroy it. After hearing what's happening, Erik suits up and tells Victor to assemble Genosha's most powerful mutants and to give them strict orders of not killing the protesters, although Erik seems weary on this. Victor then runs off, and as he does, the protesters arrive on the island, knocking over buildings and statues in the island, with bystanders watching in horror as their home is destroyed. Before long, Erik and dozens of other mutants arrive, and Erik demands for the rioters to leave, saying that they don't mean any harm, to which the rioters charge after the mutants. The Genoshians fight against the rioters, and at the end of the fight, the rioters kill several Genoshians, with Erik horrifed to see this and losing all control as he brutually murders every single one of the rioters. Afterwards, the blood-soaked Erik stands over the corpses of the rioters and Genoshians, not feeling any remorse whatsoever for his actions as we cut to New York, where we see Moira in her lab. Moira is just as smart as Charles is, and has been devolping something over the past few years known as F-2 93, some sort of serum that she now believes to be nearing completion. With a vial of the serum, Moira approaches a kidnapped mutant test subject and injects the serum into the mutant, who's powers begin to disapate as we realize what the serum is... a Mutant Cure. CUT TO BLACK.

Next: Episodes 4-6
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2020.06.15 21:00 film_nerd406 The X-Men Season 6 - Nowhere Left To Go (PART A)

Season 6 - Nowhere Left To Go (PART A)
Executive Producer - Damon Lindelof

Episode 1 - Save Me
We start off in black for a few seconds, until all the sudden, a bright, blinding light quickly fills the entire screen, and as it does, we begin to hear strange voices which the audience can't quite make out at the moment. Before long, these noises become clearer, and as we realize that it's the bustle of cars and wind, the camera begins to slowly pans out from the birght light, showing that it's the sun. It's currently a bright, sunny day with not a cload in the sky. Children play on the streets as parents watch over, and overall, it seems to be a nice, peaceful setting. A paperboy throws a newspaper to a doorstep, and we see that it's March of 1987, right in between the fourth and fifth seasons. However, unlike many of the other houses, this particular house in completley uncared for, and out of nowhere, someone walks onto the doorstep. The camera pans up to the man's face, and as he enters the house, we see that it's actually Hank McCoy (David Oyelowo), who hasn't fallen off the brink of insanity yet but has already had a mental breakdown. Without even knocking, Hank enters the house to find an old, dying man (Louis Gosset Jr.), who Hank sits across from while the man doesn't make eye contact with him. Hank sighs, and after a breif moment of silence, adresses the man as his father, saying that, "I know mom died a couple weeks ago... and I also know you don't have much time left. So, please. Talk to me." Hank's father stays silent for a minute, staring off into the distance and not even acknowledging Hank's existence until Hank tells him, "Please, Dad. I can't let things end like this." Upon hearing this, Hank's father slowly turns towards him, and with a look of pure rage in his eyes hatefully tells his son, "Get the hell out of my house you dirty mutant." Hank hesitates for a moment, then preparing to say something back but instead walking out, holding back tears as he angirly slams the door shut. CUT TO BLACK. After a couple of secdonds, we abruptly cut to a wide shot of a vast forest somewhere in New York, and the camera slowly begins to pan into the forest. Eventually, we come across a large camp that been set up, comprised of many cabins and stations, and we also see people bustling about, who we soon realize are all mutants. The camera stops upon coming across Raven Darkholme (Lupita Nyong'o) eating lunch at a table and as, she looks out into the distance, large text appears on the screen reading, "October, 1988." Erik Lensherr (Edward Norton) walks up to Raven and sits down next to her, remarking how they've finally neared accomplishing their major goal. As Erik says this, we realize whats going on: this is the base of The Brotherhood Of Mutants. Nearby, Hank sits alone in his cabin, covered in blue fur and looking extremley montorous and deformed. Now, Hank is completley mentally broken, only a shell of his former self after being experimented on and tortured for weeks on end during the horrific events of season 5. Meanwhile, at the school, The X-Men are broken up about what happened to Hank, especially Charles Xavier (David Tennant), who blames himself for Hank's mental collapse. In his office, Charles talks to Jean Grey (Florence Pugh), saying that he could've been there for Hank but he wasn't, and now, everything's gone wrong. However, Jean tells Charles that there's nothing they can do to change this and they still have a chance to get back Hank, then tearfully hugging Charles before walking out. Soon after this, Jean arrives at her house where she's greeted by her husband Scott Summers (Timothee Chalamet), who tries to stay optimistic despite all the troubling throughts going through his head. But, as the situation gets worse and worse, Scott finds it harder to stay positive, and has begun to become much more depressed and hopeless. Many of the other students feel the same way, including Anna Marie (Sophia Lillis) and Bobby Drake (Jack Dylan Grazer), who feel things are now just as bad as after Warren Worthington's death. Because of this, Anna and Bobby feel as if this will end up the same way as it did back then, and as this happens, Kurt Wagner (Choi Woo-Shik) is more angry and outraged than ever. After finding out about The X-Men keeping his father's death from him, Kurt has become extremley distrustful of his teammates, making the tension between all of them even worse than it already is. At the same time, Ororo Iquadi (Danai Gurira) and Logan Howeltt (Aaron Paul) have made there relationship public, but now, Ororo is starting to lose passion and love for Logan. Elsewhere, Erik meets with Sebastain Shaw (Jon Hamm), who co-leads The Brotherhood, having new recruits in Arkady Rossovich (Pedro Pascal), Mortimer Toynbee (Daniel Radcliffe), and Fredrick Dukes (Lavell Crawford). The group also contains John Allerdyce (Jesse Plemmons), David Claremont (Lucas Hedges), and Victor Howlett (James McAvoy), the latter of whom is still distraught that Logan didn't recognize him at the end of season 5. Despite this, Logan, although he didn't recognize his brother, can't get the encounter with Victor out of his head, having a sense of familarity towards Victor but not knowing why. As Logan thinks about this, we see Anna once again attempting to control her powers, which she's been focusing all her attention on over the past few months. Several days later, dozens of rioters attack a young mutant when suddenly, Sebastain Shaw arrives with The Brotherhood behind him, then sadistically telling his followers to slaughter the protesters. The nine mutants, in addition to Shaw, charge towards the rioters, and we see Erik and Raven aren't actually killing anybody while Shaw, using his powers of energy absortion, ruthlessly murders the rioters. Hank watches this unfold, not doing anything until he ends up seeing a rioter trying to escape, causing a mentally unstable Hank to jump towards the rioter and horrifically rip him to pieces. Hank then slowly steps back, his face now splattered with blood as he grimaces before walking away from the mutialated corpse in front of him. CUT TO BLACK.

Episode 2 - Killer Queen
One day after the brutual ending of episode 1, Charles aimlessly flips through the channels on the television, when he suddenly stops upon coming across footage of dozens of bloody corpses in the streets. The news reporter says that these were once rioters who ended up being murdered by a gorup calling themselves The Brotherhood, and upon hearing this, Charles looks down in sadness before turning off the television. As Charles wheels himself to the window, he thinsk about how Hank and erik were most likely involved in the murders, wondering how the two of them could've possibly fallen so low. A single tears falls from Charles eyes as he sorowfully looks into the distance, and right at that moment, we cut to David Claremont creepily sitting alone in the outskirts of the camp. David balls up his fist, then opening up his glowing eyes and easily lifting every object around him with his mind, then screaming in rage as he crushes the objects. Afterwards, David breathes heavily, and we get a look at the scars on his face left by Nathan Essex's torture. Clearly, David has lived a life of pain and anger, and all of this has only made it worse. Nearby, Arkady, Mortimer, and Dukes practice their powers, with Arkady possesing superhuman reflexes and speed, Toad having superhuman agility and a freakishly large tounge, and Dukes having superhuman strength. However, Arkady ends up insulting Dukes, resulting in the two of them having a short scuffle, which Shaw chuckles at from the window of his cabin, which is much larger than the other ones. Afterwards, Shaw pours himself a glass of whiskey, sipping it as he walks across the room to a table where Erik sits, telling Shaw to take a seat before he adresses why he needed to meet with Shaw. With a worried look on his face, Erik tells Shaw that they've made themsleves look like complete savages and need to create a better public image, to which Shaw insultingly laughs. After taking another sip from his whiskey, Shaw says that, "Isn't our goal to rule over the human race, not to have a good public image? Who gives a shit about that, Erik? For god's sake, lighten up." Erik sighs, knowing nothing he can say will convince someone as egotistical as Shaw otherwise, and so he walks out of the cabin, frustrated as Raven watches from nearby. Over the past month or so, Raven begun to notice that Shaw is slowly taking away Erik's power from him, and now wants nothing more than for Shaw to be gone and Erik to get his power back. Raven also knows that Shaw has no remorse or morals, putting all of them in danger and feeling as if he's turned the majority of the group into sadistic murderers like himself. That night, Scott lays with Jean in bed, neither of them able to fall asleep, and after noticing that Jean isn't asleep either, Scott begins to talk about what's on his mind. For a little bit, Scott and Jean make eachother laugh, but this all changes when Jean brings up a story about Hank, causing both of them to go silent. Saddened, Scott talks about how Hank used to be such a mentor to all of them and asks Jean how this all could've happened, and Jean suddenly bursts into tears, saying, "I just want all of this to be okay..." Several hours later, Ororo peacefully watches the sunrise at the school's garden, something that she's alaways done in order to calm her mind, this time worrying about her relationship with Logan. While Ororo felt happy with Logan at first, she know beggining to lose feelings for him and wondering if they only started dating becuase of their shared amount of guilt. Despite all of this, Ororo tries to tell herself that she does love Logan, but she's unable to convince herself that her and Logan are actually meant to be together. All the sudden, Ororo is startled when Logan sits next to her, who chuckles upon seeing her reaction and tells Ororo that he didn't meant to scare her. In response, Ororo smiles at Logan, and he puts his arm around her as they silently watch the sunrise together, with Logan feeling peaceful while Ororo only feels more anxious. After about a minute, Logan interupts the silence by saying that this is where they first kissed, to which Ororo looks at Logan and prepares to say something, only to not find words. With the atmosphere becoming suddenly akward between Logan and Ororo, Ororo gets up and walks off, leaving Logan alone in the garden, who curses himself for ruining to moment between the two of them. Meanwhile, Victor attempts to sleep, then grimacing upon seeing that the sun is coming up. Victor slowly gets up and closes his blinds, only for the light to keep shining through. Frustrated, Victor sits down in his bed, feeling like nothing goes right for him and continuing to ponder about why Logan didn't acknowledge, not knowing about Logan's amnesia. Once again, Victor finds feelings of anger and rage towards Logan, wanting nothing more than to kill his brother until he remembers that he got the chance to do so but didn't even say anything. Later that afternoon, Kurt thinks about how badly he wants revenge on Scott for not telling him about his father's death before reminding himself that his life would be much worse without the school. Wanting to distract himself, Kurt heads to the lounge, passing by Bobby and Anna, who the camera focuses on as they talk to eachother about their guilt. Bobby tells Anna about all the times he could've been there for Hank but wasn't, while Anna feels the same way, pestimistically telling Bobby, "Well at least you tried to be there for him." Elsewhere, Hank sulks in his cabin, drinking as much alcohol as he can until his mind feels numb and he can barley remember who he is, trying to do everything he can to forget what happened. But Hank is constnatly reminded of this whenever he looks at himself, then throwing the bottle at the wall and completley shattering it as he screams in rage. Hank then heads towards the remains, picking up a glass shard and holding it to his throat, only to back out before falling to the ground and bursting into tears. As he slams his head against the wall, Hank tearfully screams out in anguish, looking up and asking why this all had to happen to him. FADE TO BLACK.

Episode 3 - Under Pressure
Early in the morning, Erik rumuges through his things, clearly looking for the something and refusing to give up until he finds it, becoming more and more desperate with each passing second. Eventually, Erik coems acorss the item, optimstically smiling upon seeing it: an old photo of him and Charles in front of the school which he's secretley kept over all these years. Despite everything that happens, Erik still misses leading the school with Charles and having somewhere he truly belonged; recently beggining to wish he was back there with the people he cares about. However, Erik tells himself that he's foolish for thinking that, saying that nobody at the school wants him back there and he at least has someone he can trust in Raven, convincing himself that he's better off here. Erik then puts the picture away and slowly walks outside as we cut to the school, where Kurt watches the sunrise, trying to follow Ororo's advice in doing this in order to calm his mind. But Kurt's head still races with thoughts, especially those about his father, although these are much less than anxiety and anger producing than usual, finally thinking rationally about the ordeal. Kurt remembers about how his father abanonded him at a young age and never truly cared for him, knowing that if his father was still here was still here he wouldn't want to see Kurt anyways. In this moment, Kurt finally acknowledges that his father was a terrible person and that his death was entirley accidental, having been told the circumstances a few months prior. Following this epiphany, Kurt slowly gets up and peacefully closes his eyes before teleporting back to his room, now coming to terms with what happened. Several hours later, Scott makes breakfast for him and Jean, but the meal ends up being extremley akward with neither of them talking the entire time, and we notice a depressed look in Jean's eyes. Afterwards, Jean tells Scott that she has to go the school, rushing off without even saying goodbye, and as she arrives on the doorstep, she suddenly collapses to the ground in tears. At the same time, Ororo ends up passing by Jean, and upon seeing her, sits down next to Jean and asks why she's crying. With tears in her eyes, Jean tells Ororo that she feels like her relationship with Scott is falling apart, and as she hears this, Ororo relates this to her situation with Logan. However, instead of saying anything about this, Ororo simply puts her arm around Jean, telling her that it's going to be alright as Jean wipes the tears from her eyes. Meanwhile, Raven meets with John, telling him that the situation is urgent as they go onto the outskirts of the camp, and after making sure nobody can hear them, Raven begins talking. With a worried look on her face, Raven says that Shaw is seemingly trying to overthrow Erik and they can't let this happen, but in response, John becomes enraged. As he yells at Raven, John tells her that he knows she's trying to topple The Brotherhood and take control, angirly saying he's suspected this for months know. Although Raven continually says that what John is saying isn't true, he only becomes more enraged, then walking away and leaving Raven paranoid about what John might do next. That afternoon, Anna, unable to fully control her abilities, decides to talk to Charles about this, who eagerly agrees to help Anna, now having something to distract him from the dire sitution at hand. Additionally, Charles hasn't trained one his students in a while, and feels a great sense of fufillment from helping Anna, who practices her powers in a special location right outside the mansion. Despite Charles' help, Anna becomes increasingly frustrated with each time she fails, but Charles urges her to continue, saying that it will all be worth it in the end. Back at the camp, Shaw calls Victor into hsi cabin, saying that he sees Victor as one of his most trusted advisors and needs to discuss The Brotherhood's next course of action with him. But, as Shaw talks, Victor stays silent, looking at the window as still thinks about why Logan didn't acknowledge him, and begins to wonder if something happened to Logan that he doesn't know about. Right at that moment, Shaw slaps Victor across the face, demanding for him to pay attention, and as Victor opens his mouth to speak, Shaw yells at him to get out. Victor complies with Shaw's demands, walking out of the cabin while Shaw goes into a fit of rage, knocking down every object around him as his temper overcomes him. As this happens, Erik slowly enters Hank's cabin, shocked to find everything in it destroyed after what happened at the end of the previous episode, with Hank now sitting in a corner of the room. A broken Hank tells Erik to leave, but Erik instead approches Hank, saying that he can't keep acting like this and reminds Hank of the great person he once was. However, as Erik talks, Hank suddenly slashes Erik across the face, telling him with barred teeth, "I told you to get the hell out..." As a look of sadness appears in his eyes, Erik slowly leaves, looking back at Hank one last time before shutting the door behind him, with Hank once again pushing away everyone that cares about him. In the school's hallways, Charles strolls through in his wheelchair, feeling more optimistic than he has throughout the past few months after getting to truly help one of his students. Charles admires at the portraits and pictures in the hallways, but stops upon coming across one particular photo: him, Erik, and Hank in front of the school.Upon seeing this, Charles is reminded of how it's not too late to get Hank back and remembers how much Hank means to him as well as how important Hank was to the school. Charles then continues his stroll, hopeful for the future and knowing he can't give up on Hank no matter what happens next. CUT TO BLACK.

Episode 4 - Bohemian Rhapsody
Not long after the events of episode 3, John runs to Shaw's cabin, demanding to be let in and telling Shaw he has something extremley important to tell him. After a moment of contemplation, Shaw cautiously lets John in, who takes a seat and says that he heavily suspects Raven is trying to take Shaw out of power and replace him as the leader of The Brotherhood. As he sits down across to John, Shaw asks John where he came up with that, and John tells Shaw about his conversation with Raven during the fourth episode. John goes on to say that Raven needs to be taken out as soon as possible, but Shaw tells John that they need to give this some time and wait until they know for certain Raven is working against them. Upon hearing this, John nods, then leaving the cabin as Shaw's paranoia begins to take over, wondering if Raven really is trying to overthrow him, and if anyone else is trying to do the same. Shaw grips his gun tighter, nervously looking out the window with the blinds barley open before we cut to Logan, who sits in his room that evening with a lot to reflect on. No matter what Logan does, he's unable to get his encounter with Victor out of his head, knowing that he had a sense of familarity towards Victor but he can't figure out why. At the same time, Logan worries that he's constant distraction with trying to figure out what's happening is interfering with relationship with Ororo, noticing that they've been spending much less time together. Logan attempts to focus his attention on his relationship, but continues to ponder about the encounter, leaving Ororo increasingly saddened and angered at Logan, who feels as if he's purposley ignoring her. As Ororo sulks, she spots Kurt far away, approaching him and wanting to talk about her troubles, only to find that he's even more upset than she is. While trying to hold back tears, Kurt tells Ororo that he's turned against his teammates just for someone that never cared about him in the first place, tearfully asking why his father abonded him. After Kurt says this, Ororo looks down in sadness as she tells Kurt that there's no reason for why the bad things happen, but what she's learned is that the best thing to do is to move on. Kurt then silently nods, telling Ororo that he just wants to move past this, to which Ororo assures Kurt that he will, and then, he can truly live his best life. Meanwhile, Hank stands alone in the middle of the forest, wondering why everything had to come to this as he balls up his fist and screams in rage, with his shouts echoing throughout the enitre forest. Hank then falls to his knees, and as tears begin to form in his yellow eyes, we cut back to the school, where Charles continues helping Anna master her powers. As Anna gets better with each attempt, she becomes more and more optimistic, knowing that it won't be long before she's finally completley in control of her powers and won't hurt anyone ever again. From afar, Bobby watches this unfold as he sits in the garden, happy that at least Anna is finding joy right now and reminded that life can still be great. Later, Bobby reflects on all of this, remebering how when he ran away with Erik he had felt like he deserved to be there for the devastating events he thought were his fault, and knows Hank feels the same way. After realizing this, Bobby thinks about how if he was able to come back from that, so can Hank, meaning that hope isn't lost and there's still a way that this can all turn out okay. On the other hand, Jean is feeling worse than ever, and that night, as she lays with Scott, Jean suddenly bursts into tears, propmting a worried Scott to ask what's wrong. As tears stream down from her eyes, Jean asks Scott if he still loves her, to which Scott says that Jean's the love of his life and she's being ridicoulous for even thinking about that. Upon hearing this, Jean nods but still continues to cry, asking for everything to be okay to which Scott says, "I hope it is too. But it might not be, so I think we just have to accept that." Jean says nothing in response, and Scott stares up at the celeing fan as Jean cries in his arms, and although he doesn't show it, he's just as upset as Jean is. Elsewhere, Charles lays awake at night, unable to fall asleep as he painfully flashbacks to something, but we don't know what it is and it's implyed he's keeping something from everyone. As the flashbacks continue, Charles closes his eyes as tight as he can until it all stops, and right at that moment, he suddenly begins reading the mind of someone. Charles widens his eyes, and as a look of deep realization comes across his face, he tearfully says to himself, "He's still here... oh god. What have I done?" The following morning, Raven, wanting Erik to know about her suspcions, eats breakfast with him and mentions Shaw, asking Erik if he feels as if Shaw's trying him out of power. After Raven says this, Erik goes silent before looking down in sadness and simply saying, "Yes. Raven, you're the only one I can trust right now and... I just don't know what to do." In response, Raven says that they just need to get out here and go back to the way things were all those years ago in Conneticut, but Erik tells Raven, "Things will never go back to the way they were." That afternoon, Hank finds David sitting the outskirts of the camp, tapping him on the shoulder and startling David, who angirly asks Hank what he wants. With a sorrowful look in his eyes, Hank tells David that he needs punishment for his actions, giving David a wad of cash and saying to beat him to a pulp. David grimaces before blasting Hank with a ray of energy that knocks him ot the ground, then teleporting on top of Hank and standing on his arm as he punches him dozens of times. Soon, Hank's body is covered with bruises, looking up as David winds back his hand and brutually delivers the final punch that knocks Hank unconcious. CUT TO BLACK.

Next: Season 6 Part B
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2020.06.11 14:49 film_nerd406 The X-Men Season 5 - Sinister Insidiousness (PART A)

Season 5 - Sinister Insidiousness (PART A)
Executive Producer - Damon Lindelof

Episode 1 - Sunshine Of Your Love
We open up on black, completley silent until we slowly begin to hear strange noises, and before long, we're able to make out what these loud noises are. While the screen stays black, we can hear the bustle of cars, footsteps, voices, but one voice is louder than the others, which seems to be that of a man, likely middle-aged. As everything begins to focus on the voice, we cut to a news reporter, who's the voice we were hearing. The reporter talks to the camera that's filming him, adressing the destructive sight around him. From his surrondings, we can tell that the rpoter is somehwere in Harlem, with a great amount of rubble behind him. Soon, we realize what's going on. It's currently early 1986, and the remains of The Hellfire Club's base of operations is behind the news reporter, having been destroyed after the massive earthquake caused by Erik Lensherr's physcic attack. As the reporter talks about the earthquake that caused the destruction of many buildings like this one, the camera slolwy begins to pan out the area to show even more destruction. The camera then pans to the streets nearby, where we see somebody walking around the area. Suddenly, a police officer stops the man, telling him that he's not allowed to be here. As the man begins talking, we pan up to his face, but just from his voice we can already tell who he is: Victor Howlett (James McAvoy). Victor's body has since regerated after being decapitated by his brother, and as the officer tries to get him to move, Victor angirly says, "I can go wherever the hell I want." Victor begins to take his hands out of his pockets, revealing long, sharp claws on each finger, allowing Victor to easily kill anybody he wants. Enraged, a bloodthirsty Victor preapres to attack him, then deciding that it's not worth the trouble, complying to the officer and leaving the scene. Victor continues to survey the area, and we soon realize that he's looking for Logan (Aaron Paul), who he desperatley wants revenge on, having been forcefully searching for him for over two years now, but to no avail. Victor stops by at a television showing a report about the X-Men's battle with the Hellfire Club, and upon seeing Logan there, grimaces as he balls up his fist in rage. CUT TO BLACK. After a couple seconds of complete darkness, we slowly fade into a wide shot of the school, which is busting with a large array of students on a hot, summer day. On a bech near the school's garden, Scott Summers (Timothee Chalamet), looking extremley optimistic as he casually reads a newspaper, with the date on it showing that it's now June of 1988. Scott looks happilly into the distance, and Jean Grey (Florence Pugh) sits down next to him, who Scott proposed to about a year and a half prior. Scott and Jean begin to discuss their upcoming wedding, which is taking place in only a few days and both are eaglery, yet also nervously, anticipating it. Many students at the school who are close to Scott and Jean are attending it, as well as their mentor Charles Xavier (David Tennant), who is finally content with his life. Charles has given up on finding Erik, who hasn't made a public appearence in over two years, causing Charles to become much less anxious, instead fully focusing on caring for his students and the school. At the same time, Ororo Iquadi (Danai Gurira) and Kurt Wagner (Choi Woo-Shik) have joined the school, both feeling extreme guilt for aiding Apocyalypse even if it wasn't their choice. Logan, who's now fully integrated into the school and teaches a self defense class, pays close attention to Kurt, and we see that Logan and Scott have been making sure Kurt doesn't find out the truth about his father. The two now meet on a weekly basis, and while Scott feels like Kurt should know what happened, Logan reminds him that Kurt will leave the school if he finds out that The X-Men accidentally caused his fathers death. As this happens, unlike many of the other X-Men, Hank McCoy (David Oyelowo) is mentally worse than ever following his mental breakdown at the end of the fourth season. Now, Hank has stepped from being a proffesor at the school, unable to focus and constantly feeling enraged and depressed. Later, Hank sees a news report about a protest against mutants, bursting into a fit of rage about how all the work The X-Men did to help stop prejudice against mutants has been undone after Apocalypse's attack. Meanwhile, Anna Marie (Sophia Lillis) feels extreme guilt after using her powers to stop Apocalypse as this was the first time she ever used her powers to kill somebody. Anna keeps tells herself that it was the only way to defeat Apocalypse, but is still unable to get thoughts of regret and guilt out of her head. Ororo is also feeling guilty, being much more angry at herself than Kurt is and not able to bare the thought that she's killed dozens, perhaps even hundreds, of people. Elsewhere, Bobby Drake (Jack Dylan Grazer) has begun confiding in Logan, and talks to him about he seems to be the only one who still cares about finding Erik. Bobby says that Erik inflicted pain on so many people and that they need to find him before he does something like that again, to which Logan says that Erik is most likely dead, so at this point, it doesn't even matter. Several days later, in a beautiful church, Scott and Jean's wedding takes place, and as Scott waits for Jean to walk up on the stand, he's dissapointed to see that Hank is absent. Soon Jean walks up, and after they exchange vows, Scott and Jean happilly kiss eachother as everyone cheers. Right at that moment, we cut to a forest, and text on the screen reads, "DECEMBER, 1986." All the sudden, a tired Nathan Essex (John Cho) walks out of the woods, cleary searching for something in particular. Essex then looks up in front of him, sadistically smiling before heading into the site ahead: Bolivar Trask's now-abandoned mutant testing facility. CUT TO BLACK.

Episode 2 - Badge
We slowly fade into the small town Cornwall, Conneticut. There's not much noise other than the wind, and only a few cars and people on the street. The camera quickly begins to pan into the woods, zooming past the entire town unttil it comes to a stop at a cabin in the middle of the dense woods, and we see several lights on inside. We cut to inside the cabin, where we two hear familar voices nearby, and before the camera shows them we already know who they are: Erik Lensherr (Edward Norton) and Raven Darkholme (Lupita Nyong'o). John Allerdyce (Jesse Plemmons) then walks into the room, and the three uncharecteristically proceed peacefully eat dinner together, which doesn't consit of much. With all of them being fugitives, Raven is the only one able to go out into the town, disgusing herself and robbing stores in order to get food as they don't have much money. In the corner of the room sits Erik's metal helmet, and from the dust beggining to appear on it, we can tell that it's been at least a couple of months since Erik last wore it. Ever since the events of season 3, Erik, Raven, and John have gone into hiding, staying in this cabin where they live a peaceful life and have begun to become dissillusioned with their cause. On the other hand, Raven is still adamant on completing their mission, but Erik tells her that the world will only see them the same way that they view Apocalypse. As everyone continues eating, we cut to the mutant testing facility, which Essex has rebuilt into a super lab and has been using to expirment on mutants ever since December of 1986. Dozens of mutants are caged in the facility, being expirmented and tortured by Essex on a weekly basis, who sadistically takes a great amount of joy in this. Having finally reached his life's dream of becoming a mutant, Essex now wants to bring the mutant race to their maximum potential, even if it means bringing a great amount of harm to them in the process. Later that night, Ororo finds herself unable to sleep, thinking about how many people would still be alive if it weren't for her and continuing to feel guilty for her actions. The following morning, Ororo talks to Kurt about all of this, feeling as if since he went through the same expirence he may feel a similar way. However, Kurt tells Ororo that she has to move on, saying that there's nothing they can do to change what happened and they weren't even in control of what they were doing. Additionally, Kurt reminds Ororo about how bad their situations once were, but now they're able to be at this school and get a fresh start. In response, Ororo becomes enraged, telling Kurt that they need to be held responsible for what they did even if they weren't in control, saying that this isn't just something they casually move on from. Angry at Ororo for suddenly burst into rage, Kurt begins to yell at her, asking why she even said anything if she wasn't going to like the answer she got. Ororo prepares to say something back, but instead balls up her fist and slowly walks away, and as she does, we notice that she's holding back tears. Meanwhile, Scott and Jean are happier than ever following their wedding, and we see the small house that they live in together right outside the school. Both now work as proffesors at the school in order to get paid and to maintain relationships with the people at the school, with Scott teaching civics and Jean teaching a class on tactics. As they eat lunch, Scott asks Jean about their honeymoon, to which Jean says that while she wants to have one, they need to stay here and help lead X-Men. After talking with Jean about the matter for a little bit more, Scott agrees with his wife, also realizing that they likely can't afford to take a trip somewhere with their current finicial situation. Back at the school, Bobby finds Hank cleaning his things out his former classroom, and we see that he's punched a massive hole in the wall. After thinking about how mentally unwell Hank has been over the past two years, Bobby walks into the room and approaches Hank, who angirly asks what Bobby wants. While staying calm, Bobby says that Hank has been going down a dark path latley, telling Hank that the worst mistake of his life was going down that route, urging Hank not to do the same. All the sudden, Hank screams at Bobby, telling him, "Shut the hell up! I don't give a damn what you think, so get out!" As Hank looks at him with rage in his eyes, Bobby sadly leaves the classroom, not wanting to give up on Hank but not knowing any way to help him get better. At the same time, Anna reflects on the past few years, eventually deciding that she need to fully control her powers in order to stop anyone from getitng hurt becuase of her again. As this happens, Raven finds Erik sitting alone, and, with a nervous look in her eyes, asks why they've become like this. Erik asks Raven what she's talking about, to which Raven says that they cared so much about their cause, but have now completley given up. After a short moment of hesitation, Erik tells Raven that they're all more at peace than ever before and can't let their lives be ruined again by reckless actions. Elsewhere, Ororo goes out into the public in order to get food, only to be harrased by the people on the streets, who recognize her as one of the horsemen, telling her that she should be in prison. As Ororo continues walking with tears in her eyes, everything cut back to Essex, who wishes to take control of the world but can't seem to figure out how. Essex then has an epihany, saying that he needs to create a 'four horsemen' of his own, and as Essex says this, the camera pans to one of the cells, where we see none other than Victor Howlett. CUT TO BLACK.

Episode 3 - Crossroads
Everything starts off in January of 1987, where we see Victor trudging towards a certain point, his eyes and blood filled with rage as his claws sharpen, growing from about three inches to eight inches. As Victor bares his teeth, he slowly begins to walk towards a driveway, one that seems very familar to the audience. Victor then sadistically smiles, and the camera pans up to reveal that he's arrived at the school, finally about to get his revenge on Logan after nearly four years of searching of him. But, right as Victor begins to walk towards the gate, a loud, booming voice begins to circulate through his head, causing Victor to fall to the ground in pain. Before long, we recognize this voice as that of Nathan Essex, who then quietly walks out of the woods and uses his powers to lift Victor of the ground. Victor can do nothing but widen his eyes at Essex as he's levitated towards him, trying to do everything he can to attack Essex but he's unable to move. As he looks Victor directly in the eyes, Essex pulls out a needle and stabs Victor in the neck with it, knocking Victor unconcious and allowing for Essex to take him. We cut back to where things left off, in which Vicotr is now being held captive in Essex's testing facility, having been the very first mutant Essex captured, who now has dozens of more 'test subjects'. As the camera moves towards Victor, he winces as he flashes back to him first coming to the facility and being injected with a mysterious serum. This serum, which Essex has now perfected and tested on himself, is able to amplify mutant powers to their maximum potential, and as we get a closer look at Victor, we see the effects the serum has had on him. Now, Victor's claws have turned into full talons and his entire body has become monstourous in terms of size and strength, making Victor a practical killing machine. Seeing that Victor is his strongest mutant, Essex has decided to make him his first horsman, now attempting to use his telepathic abilties to find three other powerful mutants. Elsewhere, Kurt wakes up from a vivid nightmare about his father, who he hasn't seen since he has a toddler. Unable to fall back asleep, Kurt begins to wonder about what happened to his father, and starts to become focused on finding him, something that he's wanted to do his whole life but now has the chance to do so. The following morning, we see Erik, Raven, and John eating breakfats together, but a rift has begun to form between Raven and Erik, who barley speak to eachother the entire meal. Afterwards, Raven slowly walks toward Erik's old helmet, wiping off the dust and flashing back to how determined and powerful they once were. With her hands shaking, Raven slides on the helmet, but right as she does, Erik walks in, causing her to immediatly put it back where it was. Back at the school, Logan opens his blinds, sheilding his eyes upon seeing the bright, shining sun which brings a blinding light into Logan's room. Logan quickly shuts the blinds, then instead turning on his lights and, feeling as if he has nothing better to do, starts cleaning out his room. However, while this mostly clears Logan's mind,, much of his current inner-peace goes away after he finds his military dog tag that Stryker gave him in one of his drawers. Logan grimaces, tightly gripping the dog tag before throwing it out in the trash, not wanting any reminders of his past and wishing to instead focus on the future. As this happens, Hank sits alone in his room, with many painful thoughts circulating throughout his head when suddenly, he begins to hear an deep, grinding voice.Hank looks beside him to see the creature from his sleep paralysis, which he has vivid hallucinatiosn of nearly every day, with each one getting worse as he falls deeper into insanity. Hank balls up his fist and in a fit of rage, tries to punch the creature, forgetting that it's jsut a hallucination and punching a large hole in the wall. All the sudden, as Hank looks at his bleeding knuckles, he recoils in pain as Essex's voice appear in his head, and throughout the school, so does every other student. Meanwhile, Essex uses his powers to find his four horsemen, reading the minds of every mutant in the world until he decides on three: David Claremont, John Allerdyce, and Hank McCoy. Right as the mental attack ceases, Charles immediatly assembles The X-Men in order to try to figure out what happened, and both Anna and Bobby are reminded of Erik's mental attack in the third season. As he thinks about these events, Bobby flashes back to being held in captivity by John, and as she sees Bobby wincing in pain, Anna puts her arm around Bobby to comfort him. At the same time, Hank remains unfocused, frustrating Charles, although he doesn't say anything about it as he's used to Hank acing like this by now. That night, we see David Claremont (Lucas Hedges) in his home, when suddenly, Essex bursts through the door, demanding for David to come with him. David, using his powers of telekenisis and teleportation, evades Essex's attacks, and ends up choking him with a peice of rebar. David sadistically watches as Essex grasps for air, but right as Essex is about to die, he levitates a table from acorss the room and hits David in the head with it, knocking him unconscious. Following this, Essex quickly gets up and catches his breath before dragging David into his jet, now having two horsemen left to go. CUT TO BLACK.

Episode 4 - Strange Brew
Late at night, Erik flips through the channels on his television, not really thinking about much until he stops at one particular news report, which causes Erik's eyes to widen. Erik slowly gets up and walks towards the television, and as he does, we see the news report: footage of a young mutant's corpse who was previously murdered by a group of supremisits. With a look of rage in his eyes, Erik balls up his fist, destroying every metal object in the room and beggining to remember why he started all of this in the first place. Elsewhere, David wakes up in Essex's lab, chained to a chair and attempting to escape, only to find that a mutant inhibitor in on his neck. As David does everything he can to try to get out, Essex walks over to him, grinning ear to ear and holding the serum in his hand, mencaingly telling David to sit still. Suddenly, Essex injects the serum into David's neck, who screams in pain as he's DNA changes and shifts, bringing David's powers to their maximum potential. Afterwards, Essex takes thje mutant inhibitor off of David, and begins to test out his abilities, amazed to discover David's new destructive abilities. Now, David can warp reality around him, mind control others, shape shift, and teleport, and Essex chackles as he realizes he's just created one of the most powerful mutants alive. Nearby, Victor watches all of this unfold, painfully flashing back to being tortured by Essex, and as the camera pans toward Victor, we see brutual scars across his face. Victor begins to scream out, and right at that moment, everything cuts to the school, where Jean and Charles attempt to figure out who was behind the mental attack from episode 3. Jean remarks how the voice seemed eerily familar, and her eyes widen as she has a sudden ephihany, to which Charles asks what she's talking about. In response, Jean says that the voice was from from The Hellfire Club and one of Apocalypse's horsemen, then remembering the name and uttering the words, "Nathan Essex..." As this happens, Kurt continues to get flashbacks of his father, becoming even more determined to find him and wanting closure on why his father left him, as well as who his father truley is. However, this ends up being much harder than Kurt thought as he can't seem to find any information and if he goes into the public he's constantly harrased for being one of the horsmen and his appearance. Despite this, Kurt becomes increasingly focused on finding anything about his father, while Ororo has a similar amount of relfection on her past, although she doesn't feel any ambiguity towards it. Ororo truly realizes how diffrent her life is now to how it was a couple years ago, in which she was homeless in a poor African village. As she looks into the distance, Ororo knows that she's better off now than ever before, and for the first time, she's able to have a fresh start at life. Meanwhile, Hank attempts to fix the hole he punched in the wall of the room, but his shaking hands cause him to drop the materials, snapping the putty knife in half out of frustration. Upon seeing the bropekn putty knife, Hank sighs, when suddenly, the creature appears behind him again, and although Hank tries to tell himself it's not real, the hallucination continues. The creature creepily puts it's hand on Hank's shoulder, who tries to ignore it only for the hallucination to become more and more vivid. Before long, Hank forgets that this is just a vision, and the creature starts to channel all of Hank's anger and rage, especially that towards Charles. The creature tells Hank that Charles has never been there for him when he needs him and only berates him, then telling Hank, "Why don't we just... kill him?" At the same time, things aren't going so well for Anna either, who flashes back to the people she's hurt becuase of her powers and once again tries to control them. A look of anger appears in Hank's eyes before he yells at the creature, causing it to dissapear. As Hank realizes he's fell victim to this again, he collapses to the ground with tears streaming down from his eyes. After concentrating all her focus on her powers, Anna slowly inches her hand towards a nearby rosebush in her room, nervously closing her eyes as she waits to see what happens. To Anna's shock, the rosebush stays alive, but it then withers and dies after a couple of seconds, causing the flicker of hope in Anna's face to be replaced with a look of disappointment. Back with Jean and Charles, the two become confident that Essex is behind this, remembering that he got away and about his telepathic abilities. Similar to how they found Alexander in the fourth season, Charles and Jean combine their powers in an attempt to find Essex, and before long, they begin to reach him. However, Essex senses Charles and Jean's prescence, using his powers to block them out before grimacing and looking over his plans, thinking about how he needs to get his horsemen sooner rather than later. Following this, Essex walks outside and gets in his jet, heading towards a cabin in the woods, and soon, we realize what he's doing. Inside the cabin, Erik, Raven, and John sit, when all the sudden, Essex bursts in, quickly blasting the three mutants off the ground before they can even process what's happening. John shoots a wave of flames at Essex, who catches the blast in midair and fires it back at John, severley deforming his face and causing him to scream in pain. Essex then destroys the cabin, trapping Erik and Raven under rubble while he takes a tortured John back to his lab, who's face is now unrecognizable. Soon after this, Essex injects John with the serum, then walking away as John yells in the background, knowing there's only mutant left until his horsmen are complete... Hank McCoy. CUT TO BLACK.

Next: Season 5 Part B
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Fucking Marines man.
posted by charlesharsha on /nextfuckinglevel
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Romney said to a reporter, “We need a voice against racism, we need many voices against racism and against brutality. And we need to stand up and say black lives matter.”
posted by TooShiftyForYou on /pics
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Good that this is happening. Bad that it had to happen during a fucking pandemic.
posted by volcanicpooruption on /gifs
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Fun fact: cars stuck the middle of the protest got home more quickly than if they had used the 101.
posted by KedaZ1 on /gifs
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Congratulations and he looks great for 80! Wish him and his wife many years of happiness ❤
posted by cbjfan2006 on /aww
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Open Letter to Steve Huffman and the Board of Directors of Reddit, Inc– If you believe in standing up to hate and supporting black lives, you need to act
posted by DubTeeDub on /AgainstHateSubreddits
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My journey of growing coffee at home. In low altitude. In a suburban backyard.
posted by Nickgb83 on /Coffee
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I tried recreating the \"High Ground\" scene in Animal Crossing...
posted by gevurah22 on /PrequelMemes
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posted by IsaacMcMillan on /furry_irl
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Fifth Place
posted by DaleRoberts2003 on /WhitePeopleTwitter
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First Place ` Edit: thank you so much for my first awards!`
posted by Artemis64z on /YouShouldKnow
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As a Black woman, I'm really disappointed to see the lack of history, studies and references in your AMA responses. I spend a lot of time educating myself and my family on Black history in the U.S. and Black history globally. I read international news and stay a part of wide reaching travel groups to see what life is like outside of America. I travel outside of the country any chance I get and this AMA has really colored me to BLM as not having themselves together with hard and fast facts. `You need strong answers. Defund the police? Ok, how? Replace it with what? You cannot remove a system without replacing it.` This is the biggest call for Black Americans (I cannot speak on other Blacks or Africans). We need an AGENDA with strong backing. Or the call for resources to STUDY items that would support the necessary agenda to improve the lives of Black Americans. `I'm done reading this AMA because it's not. It's a lot of reposting and saying going to BLM website.` But I do have one question, what will you do with this information that you've received on Reddit? Will you actually give Black Americans the agenda they need to be able to focus on positive reform in their own communities?
posted by CynfulDelight on /IAmA
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I just looked it up in the WIPO database. The Department of the Air Force is pursuing classifications 6, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20, 21, 24, 26, 28, 34, 35, 41. Netflix Studios 16, 25, 28, and 41. `So it looks like they will conflict over 16, 28, and 41:` * Class 16: Paper and cardboard; printed matter; bookbinding material; photographs; stationery and office requisites, except furniture; adhesives for stationery or household purposes; drawing materials and materials for artists; paintbrushes; instructional and teaching materials; plastic sheets, films and bags for wrapping and packaging; printers' type, printing blocks. * Class 28: Games, toys and playthings; video game apparatus; gymnastic and sporting articles; decorations for Christmas trees. * Class 41: Education; providing of training; entertainment; sporting and cultural activities. `This means they're basically going to clash over naming rights in merchandising, and they'll probably have to carve out Class 41 at a finer-grained subclass level.` In Japan they're both screwed, as a company there has 14, 16, 18, 21, 24, and 25 locked down since 2003.
posted by Legal-Software on /nottheonion
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Very few people will support those who have consistently been advocating against them, even when those who traditionally opposed them are suddenly aligned with them. `Putting aside decades of animosity to stand together is the right thing to do, and also incredibly difficult, which was pretty much the point of stirring that animosity for decades. ` It doesn’t matter which side you are on, the dynamic is the same. The BLM crowd thinks the 2A crowd is all racists and the 2A crowd thinks the BLM crowd is all looters. Both are obviously false, and yet our distrust of “the other” keeps the obvious truth from being recognized. Again, almost as if that was the entire point of creating false divisions. `It isn’t black vs white, it isn’t right vs left, it’s the people vs the state. We the people share a common enemy, but we ignore that truth to hold on to the lie. ` Break the paradigm.
posted by Endless954 on /AdviceAnimals
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Liam `Noah` William `James` Oliver `Benjamin` Elijah `Lucas` Mason `Logan` Alexander `Ethan` Jacob `Michael` Daniel `Henry` Jackson `Sebastian` Aiden `Matthew` Samuel `David` Joseph `Carter` Owen `Wyatt` John `Jack` Luke `Jayden` Dylan `Grayson` Levi `Isaac` Gabriel `Julian` Mateo `Anthony` Jaxon `Lincoln` Joshua `Christopher` Andrew `Theodore` Caleb `Ryan` Asher `Nathan` Thomas `Leo` Isaiah `Charles` Josiah `Hudson` Christian `Hunter` Connor `Eli` Ezra `Aaron` Landon `Adrian` Jonathan `Nolan` Jeremiah `Easton` Elias `Colton` Cameron `Carson` Robert `Angel` Maverick `Nicholas` Dominic `Jaxson` Greyson `Adam` Ian `Austin` Santiago `Jordan` Cooper `Brayden` Roman `Evan` Ezekiel `Xavier` Jose `Jace` Jameson `Leonardo` Bryson `Axel` Everett `Parker` Kayden `Miles` Sawyer `Jason` Declan `Weston` Micah `Ayden` Wesley `Luca` Vincent `Damian` Zachary `Silas` Gavin `Chase` Kai `Emmett` Harrison `Nathaniel` Kingston `Cole` Tyler `Bennett` Bentley `Ryker` Tristan `Brandon` Kevin `Luis` George `Ashton` Rowan `Braxton` Ryder `Gael` Ivan `Diego` Maxwell `Max` Carlos `Kaiden` Juan `Maddox` Justin `Waylon` Calvin `Giovanni` Jonah `Abel` Jayce `Jesus` Amir `King` Beau `Camden` Alex `Jasper` Malachi `Brody` Jude `Blake` Emmanuel `Eric` Brooks `Elliot` Antonio `Abraham` Timothy `Finn` Rhett `Elliott` Edward `August` Xander `Alan` Dean `Lorenzo` Bryce `Karter` Victor `Milo` Miguel `Hayden` Graham `Grant` Zion `Tucker` Jesse `Zayden` Joel `Richard` Patrick `Emiliano` Avery `Nicolas` Brantley `Dawson` Myles `Matteo` River `Steven` Thiago `Zane` Matias `Judah` Messiah `Jeremy` Preston `Oscar` Kaleb `Alejandro` Marcus `Mark` Peter `Maximus` Barrett `Jax` Andres `Holden` Legend `Charlie` Knox `Kaden` Paxton `Kyrie` Kyle `Griffin` Josue `Kenneth` Beckett `Enzo` Adriel `Arthur` Felix `Bryan` Lukas `Paul` Brian `Colt` Caden `Leon` Archer `Omar` Israel `Aidan` Theo `Emma` Olivia `Ava` Isabella `Sophia` Charlotte `Mia` Amelia `Harper` Evelyn `Abigail` Emily `Elizabeth` Mila `Ella` Avery `Sofia` Camila `Aria` Scarlett `Victoria` Madison `Luna` Grace `Chloe` Penelope `Layla` Riley `Zoey` Nora `Lily` Eleanor `Hannah` Lillian `Addison` Aubrey `Ellie` Stella `Natalie` Zoe `Leah` Hazel `Violet` Aurora `Savannah` Audrey `Brooklyn` Bella `Claire` Skylar `Lucy` Paisley `Everly` Anna `Caroline` Nova `Genesis` Emilia `Kennedy` Samantha `Maya` Willow `Kinsley` Naomi `Aaliyah` Elena `Sarah` Ariana `Allison` Gabriella `Alice` Madelyn `Cora` Ruby `Eva` Serenity `Autumn` Adeline `Hailey` Gianna `Valentina` Isla `Eliana` Quinn `Nevaeh` Ivy `Sadie` Piper `Lydia` Alexa `Josephine` Emery `Julia` Delilah `Arianna` Vivian `Kaylee` Sophie `Brielle` Madeline `Peyton` Rylee `Clara` Hadley `Melanie` Mackenzie `Reagan` Adalynn `Liliana` Aubree `Jade` Katherine `Isabelle` Natalia `Raelynn` Maria `Athena` Ximena `Arya` Leilani `Taylor` Faith `Rose` Kylie `Alexandra` Mary `Margaret` Lyla `Ashley` Amaya `Eliza` Brianna `Bailey` Andrea `Khloe` Jasmine `Melody` Iris `Isabel` Norah `Annabelle` Valeria `Emerson` Adalyn `Ryleigh` Eden `Emersyn` Anastasia `Kayla` Alyssa `Juliana` Charlie `Esther` Ariel `Cecilia` Valerie `Alina` Molly `Reese` Aliyah `Lilly` Parker `Finley` Morgan `Sydney` Jordyn `Eloise` Trinity `Daisy` Kimberly `Lauren` Genevieve `Sara` Arabella `Harmony` Elise `Remi` Teagan `Alexis` London `Sloane` Laila `Lucia` Diana `Juliette` Sienna `Elliana` Londyn `Ayla` Callie `Gracie` Josie `Amara` Jocelyn `Daniela` Everleigh `Mya` Rachel `Summer` Alana `Brooke` Alaina `Mckenzie` Catherine `Amy` Presley `Journee` Rosalie `Ember` Brynlee
posted by Ocelotank on /AskReddit
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2020.06.08 13:35 Bohrbrain The Gospel of John: The Reminiscences of the Beloved Disciple or a Late Invention?

Out of the other 3 gospels, the Gospel of John is the only one that claims internally to be the account of, at least partially, an eyewitness (cf. 19:35; 21:24). I will try to demonstrate that this claim by the gospel is accurate.
Raymond Brown writes:
The critical rejection of the historicity of John, so familiar in earlier critical exegesis, can no longer be maintained. We may still find writers stating that the Fourth Gospel cannot be seriously considered as a witness to the historical Jesus, but these represent a type of uncritical traditionalism, which arises with age, even in heterodoxy. (Brown, p. 187-188)

Internal Evidence

Archaeology (& Other Indicators) Prove Pre-70 C.E. Historical Data in John’s Narrative
Thanks to focused scientific archaeological work, it is now clear that scholars err in using only the Synoptics as sources for understanding the historical Jesus.
-First, John knows that stone vessels reflect Jewish purification rites. An aside in John 2 is archaeologically significant. The Synoptics do not mention the importance of stone vessels, yet John states that in Cana there were ‘six stone jars standing there for the Jewish rights of purification’ (2.6). This is a major datum that is grounded in Jesus’ time and place. Stone vessels have been found at the two sites vying for this ‘Cana’: Khirbet Kana and Kefer Kana. Stone vessels are designed for preserving the contents from ritual pollution, and they are found not only in the Upper City of Jerusalem but also in many sites of Lower Galilee especially the villages known to the historical Jesus. Almost all the stone vessels date from the time of Herod the Great to 70 ce , although some sites for manufacturing stone vessels continued in Lower Galilee, notably just outside Nazareth. In this one particular example, John is more reliable than the Synoptics and the tradition makes appropriate sense in pre-70 Jewish settings when the Temple authorities were mandating ritual purity for all Jews in Palestine. Moreover, when John reports that the miracle in Cana was ‘the first of his signs’ (2.11), the comment fits well with the Jewish emphasis on signs found in Josephus, Pseudo-Philo (LAB), and in other early Jewish texts.
-Second, John alone has knowledge of Jerusalem’s architecture. John’s description of Jerusalem and its environs is frequently now supported by the latest archaeological discoveries. Many archaeologists only recently are finding that John is indispensible in recreating and imagining pre-70 Jerusalem and the context of Jesus’ life and mind... Only John reports the massive stones in the pavement of Pilate’s palace: the Lithostrotos and Gabatha (Jn 19.13) which is a Hebrew word that does not translate the Greek and must be the name used by Semites in Jerusalem for the place. Now, massive pre-70 slabs of enormous stones are discovered precisely where Pilate’s palace, formerly Herod’s palace, had been located. John appears to report accurately the Bēma , the ‘high seat’ (19.13) where Pilate would sit and render judgment. These descriptions were either ignored or considered embellishments to an exciting narrative. Other details that seem incidental in John’s story are now appearing to be historical, according to archaeological discoveries in Jerusalem. Among them are the following:
The house and courtyard of Annas (18.13), the house of Caiaphas (18.24), Golgatha (19.17), the h. anuth , ‘meat market’, where the large animals for sacrifice were held, a garden tomb (19.17), and a room in which the disciples gathered (20.19-29). John knew that Solomon’s Portico was an ideal shelter from the cold winter blasts (10.22-23). Only John reports that there is a pool with five columned porticoes north of the Temple and a large pool probably south of it. Among early historians of Jerusalem, especially Josephus, only John reports these pools with surprising accuracy. Scholars thus judged these details to be created for theological or christological purposes. Now each pool has been located and each antedates the destruction of the area by Roman armies. The Pool of Bethsaida (Bethzatha) does have five porticoes and the columns can be seen today lying on the ground. The Pool of Siloam (9.1-12) was exposed recently when a sewer pipe burst. This pool appears to be the largest mikveh (Jewish bath for ritual purification) that antedates 70 ce . It had been buried under the debris from the First Jewish Revolt which ended in the burning of Jerusalem including the Temple. In addition, a monumental stairway leads from the Pool of Siloam to the Temple gates.
-Third, John alone knows termini technici characteristic of early Jewish thought before 70 ce . For example, he uses the term ‘Sons of Light’ which has been found in the most important document for understanding the Qumranites, the Rule of the Community. A highly developed dualistic paradigm of light versus darkness or good and evil once thought to be present only outside Palestine is now evident within Jewish Palestinian thought of the second century bce . The Logos concept draws our minds not to Heraclitus and the Stoics but to the Jewish debates over Sophia, Wisdom, and the divine intermediaries.
-Fourth, John preserves Palestinian debates anchored in problematic Hebrew scriptures. Only one example must now suffice. Genesis reports that God completed his creation on the sixth day and rested on the seventh day. Yet, Gen. 2.2 in Hebrew means: ‘And God completed on the seventh day the work he had been doing.’ That means God worked on the seventh day. John seems to know the debates over interpreting this verse to mean that God did not work on the seventh day (the reading of the Septuagint). John, knowing these competing traditions, has Jesus respond, with a surprising knowledge of the Hebrew of Gen. 2.2: ‘My Father is working still, and I am also working’ (5.17). Jesus was working, as his Father, on Shabbat (5.16).
For the above, see (James H. Charlesworth: The Historical Jesus in the Fourth Gospel: A Paradigm Shift? Journal for the Study of the Historical Jesus © Koninklijke Brill NV, Leiden, 2010 DOI 10.1163/174551909X12607965419559
The Gospel of John and Jewish Customs.
Over the last two decades some scholars, especially D. Moody Smith, Urban C. von Wahlde, and Paul N. Anderson, have pointed the way for an improved understanding of the Gospel of John by recognizing that in many ways what is reported in the Fourth Gospel has as strong a case of representing reliable history as comparable sections of the Synoptic Gospels. More and more Johannine specialists rightly are perceiving that the Fourth Evangelist seems to know Jewish customs and the architecture of Jerusalem better, in some cases, than the authors of the Synoptics, intermittently describing features of this city missed by Josephus. Archaeological research and discoveries have also made a significant impact on Johannine studies.
John’s narrator explains Jewish customs and measurement features to distant audiences, seeking to account for developments and turns within the narrative. The capacity of the stone jars used for Jewish purification practices is described (holding about two or three metrētēa—twenty or thirty gallons, 2:6); Jews do not share drinking vessels with Samaritans (4:9); the day being the Sabbath meant no doing of work (5:9; 9:14); the Jewish leaders could not enter the Roman palace if they wished to eat the Passover, thereby avoiding Gentile-contact impurity (18:28); the Jewish leaders did not want dead bodies left on the crosses during the Sabbath, as this would be defiling (19:31); Jesus’ followers prepared his body according to Jewish burial customs (19:40). And, values and weights are noted: the feeding and the perfume were valued at 200 and 300 denarii (6:7; 12:5), and the weight of the embalming spices was a hundred pounds (19:39). Likewise, several distance measurements are referenced, corresponding with known realities: the middle of the lake is described as 25 or 30 stadia (three or four miles, 6:19), Bethany is just under two miles from Jerusalem (15 stadia, 11:18), and the boat to which Jesus presented himself after the resurrection was 200 pēchōn from shore (a hundred yards, 21:8). These sorts of details display first-hand familiarity with Jewish customs, measurements, distances, and other features rendered for distanced audiences somewhat removed from Palestine itself.
(James Chartlesworth with Jolyon G.R Pruszinski, Jesus Research: The Gospel of John, (2019) "Why the Gospel of John is Fundamental to Jesus Research" by Paul N. Anderson, p. 24)

-Accurate Knowledge of Jewish Customs and Practices Not Mentioned Elsewhere in the New Testament
(James Chartlesworth with Jolyon G.R Pruszinski, Jesus Research: The Gospel of John, (2019) "The First Edition of John's Gospel in Light of Archaeology and Contemporary Literature" by Urban C. Von Wahlde, p. 137)

The Jewish Feasts and Questions of Historicity:
At least some of the feasts in gJohn are set in a pre-70 c.e. context, when the temple still stood and temple worship continued to take place, as John’s Gospel is increasingly thought to have been written by someone familiar with these practices and places at first hand (Bauckham 2006, 384). While some features of the Fourth Gospel make it clear that it was written after 70 c.e., the same details suggest that these accounts may have arisen closer to the aftermath of the destruction of the temple—perhaps even in response to this event—than has been recently assumed (see Motyer 1997, passim). At the level of the narrative, the accounts of these feasts are set within the ministry of Jesus. Here are a couple examples:

1.1. Tabernacles (John 7)
John 7 is set in the context of the Feast of Tabernacles... Jeffrey L. Rubenstein's... book (1995) is a detailed attempt to analyze and trace the development of the practice of the Feast of Sukkot throughout the Second Temple and early rabbinic periods. In his analysis of the Second Temple material, he references John 7 and connects it to Zech 14.10. In his later tracing of the development of Tabernacles, Rubenstein discusses the water libation ceremony and the accompanying prayers for winter rains. These become a part of the festival practice at some point. While Rubenstein notes that “no non-rabbinic source explicitly mentions the libation,” many commentators on the Gospel of John use the libation ceremony as a context for, and an explanation of, Jesus’ statement. It is in a situation such as this that we can evaluate the trajectory of thought indicated in John’s Gospel. For example, Rubenstein understands that “Zechariah 14 and John 7 indicate a connection between Sukkot and rain, but neither illuminates the specific rituals” (1995, 121). Jesus’ statement in John 7 may thus illustrate a point between the development of thought in Zech 14 and the later rabbinic sources. This statement in John 7 points toward a developing practice of the libation ceremony. Archaeological evidence has also been adduced to suggest that the libation ceremony is a pre-70 c.e. practice. Anita Engle, for example, has written on the discovery of glass bottles (or amphorisks) with tabernacle symbols on them, which may have been sold as souvenirs to travelers who had come to Jerusalem for the Feast of Tabernacles. This is another example of the possibilities for cross-fertilization of disciplines with relation to this question.... The narrative that includes Jesus’ statement regarding living water is set on the temple grounds, during the Feast of Tabernacles, particularly “on the last day of this feast, the great day” (Ἐν δὲ τῇ ἐσχάτῃ ἡμέρᾳ τῇ μεγάλῃ τῆς ἑορτῆς). Jesus is said to have made a bold and emphatic statement regarding his identity in relation to the meaning and practice of Tabernacles—perhaps the libation ceremony or at least some incipient form of prayer for winter rains based upon the promises and content of Zech 14.

1.2 Dedication (10:22)
For two reasons, the Feast of Dedication had a much smaller role in post-70 c.e. Jewish practice. First, because Dedication is so centered on temple practice and in fact is centered on the existence of the temple itself, it played a much smaller role after the temple’s destruction. Second, the connection with rebellion against the oppressive power became much less popular after 70 c.e. (Schauss 1975, 228–29). Even in Josephus’s writings, the practice of this festival seems somewhat unclear (Ant. 21.323). The casual mention of Dedication and the thematic connections here suggest a setting before 70 c.e. and therefore potentially set within Jesus’ own lifetime...
Although there is no specific statement of memory here, a connection is still implied between the setting of Jesus’ utterance and the subsequent understanding and experience of the disciples after Jesus’ resurrection. Here again we see an apparent gap between Jesus’ teaching and subsequent understanding. In John’s Gospel it is in a postresurrection context that Peter is reinstated and, perhaps most provocatively, commissioned to follow Jesus as a shepherd of subsequent believers in a way commensurate with Jesus’ being the good shepherd of his sheep.

The Gospel of John’s strategy of using the Jewish feasts suggests that they are recollections from before 70 c.e. and further remembrances from a time before the Spirit was understood to be given to Jesus’ believers in a Johannine thought-world. That is, these narratives portray a time before his death and therefore within his lifetime. Again, while this analysis does not prove that these accounts definitively represent the ministry of the historical Jesus, it does suggest that scholars should at least allow the possibility that these accounts might indeed represent actual events from within Jesus’ lifetime.
(Paul N. Anderson, Felix Just, Tom Thatcher, John, Jesus and History, Vol 2: Aspects of Historicity in the Fourth Gospel (Early Christianity and Its Literature), 2009, "The Jewish Feasts and Questions of Historicity in John 5-12", by Brian D. Johnson, p. 122-125, 129-129).

Raymond Brown notes on p. xlii (John I-XII):
For the egregious blunders about Palestine once attributed to John, there is often a perfectly reasonable explanation. We shall try to show in the commentary that theological purpose—not necessarily a naïve assumption about the duration of the priestly office—guided the reference to the “high priest that year” (11:49). The exaggerated role of the Pharisees seems to be more a question of simplified emphasis than of an erroneous concept of their role in government. Anachronistic terminology like “the Jews” for Jesus’ opponents and Jesus’ use of “your Law” (8:17, 10:34) are more reflections of the apologetic tendencies of the Gospel than ignorant blunders...
At the very least, this all tells us that a decent chunk of material in John is ancient indeed. This leads us to the next section
Mimesis or Memory?
Given that John possesses more nonsymbolic illustrative details than any of the other Gospels, one inference among those swayed by John’s theological thrust is to infer that these details have been added, not as indications of first-hand contact with terrain and historical events, but as mimetic imitations of reality. While John’s verisimilitude certainly could have been added to make the story more graphic for later audiences, the fact is that Mark also possesses a good deal of this type of detail alongside John. If the inference is that this was a convention employed by contemporary authors, the case could be a worthy one. After all, Philostratus, in his Life of Apollonius of Tyana, renders a graphic narrative, so it is sometimes assumed that John’s narrative is simply fictive and not rooted in historical memory based upon a contemporary convention.
When analyses of the four canonical Gospels are performed on this very issue, however, the likelihood of such a convention being applied to John’s narrative falls apart, and it does so for three reasons. First, the canonical Gospels are closer to John than narratives about Apollonius two centuries later, so that is the closer genre comparison. Second, when analyses of Mark and the Gospel traditions making use of Mark (Matthew and Luke) are compared, they tend to omit details included in Mark, generalizing the detail instead of adding detail. Matthew and Luke will add units of narrative, but they overall omit names, places, and graphic details, sometimes adding generalizing statements about Jesus’ fulfilling all righteousness (Matt) or teaching his followers and others about the Kingdom (Luke). Therefore, if it is argued that the character of John’s prolific inclusion of detail is to be informed by contemporary parallels, the results point more directly in the direction of first-hand memory as opposed to fictive mimesis. Third, some of these details featured by John and Mark (200 and 300 denarii, green grass / much grass) are not repeated by Matthew and Luke, so if some sort of contact is to be inferred between the Markan and Johannine traditions this points to oral-tradition contact rather than written-tradition influence.
A thorough set of analyses between Synoptic parallels with John 6 and 18-19 shows that John and Mark appear to possess independent memories of Jesus’ ministry, despite impressive contacts. This likelihood is suggested by the fact that there is a good deal of nonsymbolic, illustrative detail in John’s rendering of these events in Jesus’ ministry.
As a result, the strongest critical inference is that despite John’s theological thrust, John’s narrative is a dramatized history rather than a historicized drama.
(James Chartlesworth with Jolyon G.R Pruszinski, Jesus Research: The Gospel of John, (2019) "Why the Gospel of John is Fundamental to Jesus Research" by Paul N. Anderson, p. 28-29)

Dale Allison Jr writes:
The points of general concord between John and the Synoptics, which are scarcely confined to shared sayings and stories, go far beyond the items just enumerated. Moreover, given how different John otherwise is from them (a fact to which I shall return), the agreements are significant. If they did not exist, if John were wholly other, we would almost certainly be faced with a catastrophic memory failure in at least one source; and surely that would make us wonder more than we already do about all our sources. But such agreements do exist, and they are the proof that, no matter how creative and different the Fourth Evangelist was, his work nonetheless incorporates a great deal of tradition, and in fact, I would affirm, much memory
(James Chartlesworth with Jolyon G.R Pruszinski, Jesus Research: The Gospel of John “ Reflections on Matthew, John, and Jesus by Dale C. Allison Jr.” (2019) p. 62-63)
The First Edition of John (~55-65 C.E.?)
As Raymond Brown says, there was a first edition to John. Urban C. von Wahlde, a contemporary mainstream Johannine scholar thinks that the Gospel of John underwent three editions, the first of which was written by an eyewitness, the second of which was written shortly after the first, and the third addition by disciples of the BD after his death, around 90-100CE. He thinks the first edition consisted of:
John 1:19b-c, 22-24, 27-28, 35b-36b, 37-42, 43b-49
John 2:1-3, 5-12
John 2:13, 23
John 3:1-2
John 3:22-23, 25-26
John 4:1b, 3-9, 16-18, 25-30, 39
John 4:43b, 45b-47a, 49-54
John 5:1-9
John 6:1-5, 7-14
John 6:16-17b, 18-21
John 7:2, 26b-27
John 7:31-32, 40-52
John 9:1, 6-17, 24-34
John 10:40-42
John 11:1, 3a, 11b-14, 17-22, 28b-39, 41a, 43b-50, 53-57
John 12:1-2
John 12:9-11
John 12:17-22
John 12:37
John 18:1-5, 5-11
John 18:19-27
John 18:28-29, 33-35
John 18:39-40
John 19:1-6
John 19:13-16
John 19:16b-22
John 19:25
John 19:31
John 19:39-42
John 20:1
John 20:11b-16
John 20:30-31
Summary of the first edition
The examination of the earliest material in the Gospel of John has yielded a clear and consistent picture. There is nothing in this material that is either anachronistic to the ministry or that gives any indication of being unhistorical. The knowledge of Judea and the city of Jerusalem is detailed and accurate and almost always unique to the material we have examined. The fact that this knowledge is revealed even in matters of no consequence for the overall message of the Gospel is another indication of its authenticity.
(James Chartlesworth with Jolyon G.R Pruszinski, Jesus Research: The Gospel of John, (2019)"The First Edition of John’s Gospel in Light of Archaeology and Contemporary Literature?" by Urban C. von Wahlde, p. 136)

Of course, there are parts of John that can be debated, so the list isn't perfect by any means, but it is a good starting point. This is also not to say that the second and third editions don't add credible information (though it is possible that the majority of the time they don't). Indeed, there are numerous blocks of material that appear historical or at least partially historical. (i.e, material that is theologically interpreting history) in what is ascribed Urban's to second edition. One example of material that is late that also seems historically credible is the story of the adulteress:
-Gary Burge comments, “While this story has a problematic textual history, it bears all the marks of being an authentic story of Jesus” (Interpreting the Gospel of John [Grand Rapids: Baker, 1992], 181 n.6).
-Francis Moloney claims that even though the PA “plays no role in the Johannine account of Jesus’ presence in Jerusalem for the feast of Tabernacles, the passage is an ancient and precious witness to Jesus of Nazareth” (The Gospel of John [SP 4; Collegeville, MN: Liturgical Press, 1998],
-Ridderbos suggests that the pericope “evinces the character of an authentic tradition, not that of a fictitious story” (The Gospel according to John: A Theological Exegesis [Grand Rapids: Eerdmans. Dutch original, 1987, 1997], 286).
-Barnabas Lindars claims there is “no reason to doubt its authenticity” (The Gospel of John: Based on the Revised Standard Version [NCB; London: Oliphants, 1972; repr. Grand Rapids: Eerdmans, 1981], 306).
all in (David Alan Black, Jacob N. Cerone, The Pericope of the Adulteress in Contemporary Research (The Library of New Testament Studies Book 551 (2014)

External Evidence & The Beloved Disciple

In Favor of John Son of Zebedee
Acts 4:19-20 (~80-85 C.E.)
19 But Peter and John answered them, “Whether it is right in the sight of God to listen to you rather than to God, you must judge, 20 for we cannot but speak of what we have seen and heard.”
Paul Anderson writes:
Luke explicitly connects the apostle John with a Johannine saying in Acts 4:19-20—a fact that has been totally overlooked on all sides of the debate. Of course, Johannine authorship has been a knotty problem among scholars for two centuries, but one reason for excluding John the apostle from authorship is the view that Irenaeus was the first to make the connection, which he apparently does around 180 CE. This is problematic for two reasons: first, there is no other person connected with the authorship of the Johannine Gospel other than John the apostle, except, perhaps John the elder, both of whom Papias and others claim were buried in Ephesus. Hence the distinctions: “the elder” and “the disciple” (or even “the beloved disciple”) identifying two leaders sharing the same name. Irenaeus may be the clearest one to connect John the apostle with the Fourth Gospel, but may not be the first, as Charles Hill demonstrates.
Verse thoroughly Johannine; this fact has been totally missed within larger discussions, critical and otherwise. While Luke uses seeing verbs over 250 times and hearing verbs over 150 times, this is the only time he does so in this particular order, in the first person plural, and in the past tense, and the closest parallel in the New Testament is 1 John 1:3. When Acts 4:20 is considered in the light of the Johannine writings, Luke’s connecting of John the apostle with a characteristically Johannine saying is unmistakable.
Acts 4:20:
“For we cannot keep from speaking about what we have seen and heard.”
1 John 1:3:
“We declare to you what we have seen and heard so that you also may have fellowship with us.”
John 3:32:
Jesus “testifies to what he has seen and heard, yet no one accepts his testimony.”
Of course, this does not prove that John the apostle spoke in these terms or that Luke was correct in connecting him with a Johannine saying.
(Paul N. Anderson, "Acts 4:19-20—An Overlooked First-Century Clue to Johannine Authorship and Luke’s Dependence upon the Johannine Tradition", p. 9-11 (2010))
Ptolemy (140-160 C.E.), as recorded by Irenaeus (~180 C.E.), also believed that the Gospel of John was authored by the "John, the disciple of the Lord". Irenaeus seems to have thought gJohn was written by John, Son of Zebedee.
Theophilus of Antioch (161-188 C.E.) also appears to attribute gJohn to John, independently and possibly slightly before Irenaeus. He says:
And hence the holy writings teach us, and all the spirit-bearing [inspired] men, one of whom, John, says, "In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God," showing that at first God was alone, and the Word in Him.
P66 (~200 C.E.). No one has established that this papyrus is dependent upon Irenaeus' tradition, as P66 was from Egypt and Irenaeus wrote in Gaul. This Papyrus has the title
In favor of a Separate John
Papias (95-109 C.E.)
We know of a Elder (or presbyter) John figure who lived to the time of Papias' writing (95-109 C.E.). Papias:
But I shall not be unwilling to put down, along with my interpretations, whatsoever instructions I received with care at any time from the elders, and stored up with care in my memory, assuring you at the same time of their truth... If, then, any one who had attended on the elders came, I asked minutely after their sayings,--what Andrew or Peter said, or what was said by Philip, or by Thomas, or by James, or by John, or by Matthew, or by any other of the Lord's disciples: which things Aristion and the presbyter John, the disciples of the Lord, say. For I imagined that what was to be got from books was not so profitable to me as what came from the living and abiding voice.
Notice the difference between the the members of the 12 said, and what the Elder John and Aristion, disciples of the Lord, say. This fits in nicely with John 21:20-23, which implies that the BD lived to old age, since this John Papias speaks about is still alive at the time of his writing.
It is interesting to see that Papias quotes from or has knowledge of 1 John, gJohn (14:2) and Revelation.
[The same person uses proofs from the First Epistle of John, and from the Epistle of Peter in like manner...]

for the first will be taken up into the heavens, the second class will dwell in Paradise, and the last will inhabit the city; and that on this account the Lord said, "In my Father's house are many mansions"

With regard to the inspiration of the book (Revelation), we deem it superfluous to add another word;...Papias, Irenaeus, Methodius, and Hippolytus, bore entirely satisfactory testimony to it.
Even here, the identity of the presbyter John is not known for sure though. Some scholars still argue that the Presbyter John is John Son of Zebedee. The identity of the BD is heavily debated as well, and I'm agnostic. I've seen internal evidence thrown each way in favor and against favoring the BD being John Son of Zebedee. This post does not try and name the Beloved Disciple however.
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2020.06.07 18:19 film_nerd406 The X-Men Season 4 - Apocalypse (PART A)

Season 4 - Apocalypse (PART A)
Executive Producer - Damon Lindelof

Episode 1 - Bad Obsession
Everything opens up on black, and all we can hear is the beating of footsteps in the dirt, getting louder and louder with each stride. Before long, we cut to what's going on, and we see two people walking through the woods, although their faces aren't shown. Throughout the area, we see old cabins with no electricity and the orginal American flag hanging on them. Soon, we realize that this is long before the events of the show, which is clarified when large letters showing the year appear on the screen, which read, "1781." As the two men walk through the area, the people in the town seem to recognize, and are mysteriously horrified to see them, with many running inside and hiding. A burnt cigar is thrown on the ground by one of the men, and the camera slowly pans up to revela who they are: Logan (Aaron Paul) and Victor Howlett (James McAvoy). Two hundred years before he lost his memory and had his bones grafted with adimantium, Logan is still known as James Howlett, but he's not so diffrent in personality. Logan and Victor look quite younger than when we previously saw them, although they're still very much recognizable and seem to be in their mid 20's. Eventually, Logan and Victor stop at a lone cabin, then grimacing as they looking each other in the eyes and burst through the door of the cabin. Inside the cabin sits a man (Michael Shannon), quite elderly for the time but only about halfway through his life in today's standards. The man recognizes Logan and Victor, and we find out that he's actually their father. As the man taunts his sons, Victor nods at Logan, who then approaches his father and puts his fist on his chest. Suddenly, Logan releases his claws, brutally murdering his father beofre walking away, his claws now soaked with blood as Victor sadistically watches. CUT TO BLACK. Everything stays in a void for a couple seconds, with no sound or color, just complete darkness. Out of nowhere, a burst of light takes place, filling the entire screen until the camera pans down from the sky, with the burst of light haven been that of the bright sun. In a small deset, which seems to be somehwere in Egypt, a lone traveler wonders throughout the desert, wearing heavy clothing to protect himself from the unbearable heat. The man walks into a market, and from a date on a newspaper stand, we can make out that it's currently November of 1986, several months after the events of season 3. Eventually, the man finds a place to sit in the shade, immediatly sitting down upon getting to it and takes off the attire covering up his face, revealing that he's actually Nathan Essex (John Cho). Essex takes off his satchel and opens it up, and as he lifts out the items and books inside, we see the reason Essex has come here. These books, items, and papers contain legends of En Sabah Nur, also known as Apocalypse, who according to the legends is a mutant god, destined to bring an age of mutants ruling over humanity. After doing some more research and finding the location of Apocalypse's apparent tomb, Essex puts the items back in his satchel and heads off, confident that these stories aren't just myths. As Essex walks away, we cut to the school, where things are getting back to normal now that Charles Xavier (David Tennant) woke up from his coma. Yet this has come at a price, as the reason for Charles waking up was becuase of Erik Lensherr's (Edward Norton) mental attack using Cerebro, which killed hundreds and left devastating earthquakes around the world. Now, Charles is determined to locate Erik, attempting to focus the majority of his attention on finding his former ally, but he's distracted with taking care of his students and looking after the school. At the same time, the school has new recruits in Alexander Summers (Charlie Heaton) and Remy LeBeau (Lakeith Stanfeild), the first of whom is the brother of Scott Summers (Timothee Chalamet). One night, Alexander has dinner with Scott and Jean Grey (Florence Pugh), and Scott prepares to ask Alexander something when Jean arrives, causing Scott to be interrupted. As this happens, Bobby Drake (Jack Dylan Grazer) is finally reunited with his freinds, the closest of whom is Anna Marie (Sophia Lillis). Both Bobby and Anna have shared greif for the death of Warren Worthington, but unlike Anna, Bobby hasn't been given time to mourn and accept Warren's death, resulting in him still grieving. In a conversation with Anna, Bobby blames himself for Warren's death, to which Anna says that she once thought that herself, but now knows that she's being irrational and nobody is to blame for what happened. Concurrently, Logan is also pleased to be back at the school, but despite everything he does, he continues to be ineffectual at finding inner-peace. Later, Alexander lays in bed, continuing to suffer from insomnia and plauged by voices, which warn him of an, "Apocalypse to come." Although Alexander is terrifed of these voices and believes them to be premonitions of something, he decides not to tell anyone about them, which results in the voices getting worse and worse each day. Meanwhile, Remy is also expierencing similar problems, constantly flashing back to him being tortured by The Hellfire Club at the end of the third season, unable to get the memories out of his head. Because of this, Remy has become reckless and filled with rage, causing most of the X-Men to distrust him. Back with Essex, he comes across Apocalypse's tomb, only to mysteriously find that it's empty. Right at that moment, Essex hears a noise behind him, looking back to see that Apocalypse (Javier Bardem) has already awoken, now menacingly standing at Essex's back. CUT TO BLACK.

Episode 2 - Sweet Child O' Mine
Immediately after the ending of episode 1, Essex, rejoiced to see Apocalypse, kneels down to him, calling Apocalypse a god as he does. Essex asks Apocalypse what he can do for him, who, with a ominous and intimidating yet subtle voice, tells Essex that he is just a human, picking him up by the throat as he does. As he grasps for air, Essex agrees with Apocalypse telling him that he knows he's beneath Apocalypse, but will give anything to help Apocalypse achieve his goal of a world run by mutants. Apocalypse suddenly drops Essex, demanding to know why he shouldn't kill Essex right now. After catching his breath, Essex slowly gets up, telling Apocalypse that, "You're right. Mutants are a higher life form, and I should be killed simply for not being one. But I can guide you. I know it's been thousands of years since you last awoke, and you need someone to show you the world. After that, you can kill me. But let me help you; be your guide." After a moment of consideration, Apocalypse accepts Essex's offer, and a look relief appears in Essex's eyes. As they get out of the pyramid, Apocalypse uses his shape-shifting abilties to disguise himself as a human, ensuring that noone will even suspect him. That night, we see Hank McCoy (David Oyelowo), who continues to undergo extreme amounts of stress, anxiety, and paranoia despite stepping down as headmaster. Because of all of the stress that Hank's is going through, he often suffers from sleep paralysis, experiencing horrific hallucinations while not being able to move his body a single inch. But, although Hank is motsly used to this own, this particular time is much more vivid than the rest, in which a hairy, blue, monstrous creature appears. The creature, which Hank somehow finds eerily familar, slowly approaches Hank, grinning to reveal jagged teeth. The creature then climbs on top of Hank, putting its sharp claws on his face, and right at that moment, Hank fully wakes up, causing the creature to dissapate in an instant. In South Korea, Kurt Wagner (Choi Woo-Shik) works at a small circus, with his skin blue and covered with markings, a sharp tail, and a teleportation trick that nobody can figure out how Kurt does. Unknown to everybody, Kurt isn't wearing makeup, and is actually a mutant with the ability to teleport, knowing that if anybody figures this out he could potentially be killed. Back in New York, Alexander goes to a nearby bar with Remy, wanting to spend time with his freind while also needing to clear out his head. However, Remy begins flashing back to being tortured, and drinks as much alcohol as possible, getting extremely drunk. Alexander, disgusted by Remy's actions, tries to get him to stop drinking, but this is to no avail, resulting in Alexander punching Remy acorss the race. Drunken and enraged, Remy engages in a full fight with Alexander, using his mutant powers as everyone rushes out of the bar. Alexander demands for Remy to stop, narrowly dodging Remy's attacks and reluctantly fighting back, eventually knocking Remy unconscious. Afterwards, Alexander brings Remy back to his room, still in disbelief by Remy's recent actions and saddened to see one of his closest freinds mentally breaking down. As Alexander slams the door to Remy's room, we cut to Logan, who thinks back to what Stryker told him about his brother Victor. Logan comes to the conclusion that if he finds more about Victor he might finally be at peace, and this becomes Logan's new goal, consuming all of Logan's time and energy. That afternoon, Bobby, having a lot on his minds, goes to Hank, who he usually confides in and feels like he can trust. But, as Bobby talks, Hank, consumed by his own frustration and anxiety, becomes suddenly enraged, yelling at Bobby to get out and leave him alone, causing Bobby to feel even more angry and alone. Elsewhere, in a remote village in Africa, we're introduced to Ororo Iquadi (Danai Gurira), who's accepted her impoverished, beleiving that she has nowhere else to go. Currently, Ororo's village is going through a massive drought, and as sees a small child dying of thirst, she reluctantly uses her mutant powers to create a rainstorm, stopping the drought. As this happens, the voices in Alexander's head get louder following Apocalypse fully awakening, and he finally decides to tell Charles about them. Upon hearing about this, Charles attempts to read Alexander's mind, but he's mysteriously blocked out, greatly confusing both Charles and Alexander. Back with Kurt, the circus manager checks in on him, and after seeing that Kurt is still in his "makeup", realizes that Kurt normally looks like this, horryfing the manager, who register that Kurt is mutant. In response, the manager gathers an angry mob of people, who attempt to kill Kurt, chasing him out of town and forcing Kurt to escape into the sewers, who then collapses to the ground before bursting into tears. Several days later, Apocalypse hides out at an abonded warehouse along with Essex, and in return for showing him the modern world, Apocalypse hands Essex a mysterious diamond. All the sudden, the diamond grafts onto Essex's forhead, causing Essex to painfully lose all of his blood, which transfers into the diamond and turns it red. Essex, his skin now pale and vienny, begins to expierence telepathy and telekensis, discovering that at last, he's become a mutant. CUT TO BLACK.

Episode 3 - Dead Horse
Shortly after the events of episode 2, Essex rejoices in his new mutant powers, with this being the thing Essex wanted his entire life but thought he could never get. After testing out his new abilities, Essex kneels down before Apocalypse, asking what he can do in favor of this. Without hesitation, Apocalypse reveals that in order to achieve world domination, he must assemble a group of four mutants, which are known as The Four Horsemen Of The Apocalypse. Apocalypse then makes Essesx the Horseman of War, remarking that this is the first time someone has willingly become a horseman before telling himself, "One down, three left to go." Elsewhere, Scott sits alone in his room, cleary contemplating something with a great amount of thought and consideration. As the camera slowly pans towards Scott, we begin to notice that he's holding something, and before long, we can make out a black, box-like shape. We then cut to over Scott's shoulder, and we see that he's holding a small, black box with ring in it, intended for Jean. However, Scott is starting to have seconds thoughts on this, anxious that she'll reject him or that it's much too soon to be doing this as they've only been dating for about two years. Eventually, Scott decides against proposing to Jean, then putting the ring away and walking out of his room, with many thoughts still running through his head. Back with Apocalypse and Essex, Apocalypse uses his ability to track mutants in order to find the next horsemen, soon detecting a powerful mutant in an African village. Apocalypse, using his powers of flight, gets him and Essex to the village within a matter of minutes and begin searching for the mutant. All Apocalypse knows is that the mutant has weather-controlling powers, and we realize that the mutant is actually Ororo. Concurrently, Ororo watches from the shadows as Essex and Apocalypse, who's shape shifted into his human form, arrive, extremeley suspicous of both of them. Meanwhile, Hank attempts to calm his mind, but instead his rage only gets worse as he flashes back to a painful memory from his childhood. In the flashback, we see a teenage Hank being kicked out by his parents after he devolps monstrously large feet and hands, who call him a beast as they slam the door behind them. At the same time, Hank was forced to deal with the discrimination of not only being a mutant, but also being an African American during the 1950's. This all leads up to Hank suffering his first mental breakdown at the age of 23, and while Hank thought he was getting better, he's now once again having thoughts of anxiety, paranoia, and rage. Additionally, leading up to his mental breakdown, Hank experienced similar visions of a hairy, blue creature, and now that he's having the hallucinations again, Hank begins to worry about his mental health. As this happens, Booby, not able to find anyone to talk to about his problems, instead decides to sit in the school's garden and relfect on what's happened over the past few years. But, as Bobby sits down, he's suprised to find Logan there as well, who he hasn't really had much intercations with thusfar. Not really knowing what to say, Bobby asks Logan what he's doing here, to which Logan vaugly says that he needs to think about some things. The two then sit in silence for a couple seconds until Logan interjects, abrudtly telling Bobby that, "A couple months ago, I found out that I killed my brother." Following this, the two sit in silence for a little bit more before Bobby says, "My freind died because of me. I was in love with him, and I watched him die. I was litterally right there. I could've stopped it. I was so close... but I failed. And now he's dead, all because of me." In response, Logan silently nods, simply saying, "Yeah. I know how that feels. Sucks, doesn't it?" Logan waits for Bobby's response, who then unexpectedly hugs Logan with tears in his eyes, queitly telling him, "Yeah, it does suck." Logan then chuckles, looking into the distance with his arm around Bobby as they both think about the people they've lost. The following day, Jean notices that Scott seems stressed, and when she asks him why, he tells her that for the past few days, something seems to be happening to Alexander, and he's beggining to worry. Trying to calm Scott's nerves, Jean assures Scott that he's just being irrational and paranoid, neither of them knowing what's actually happening to Alexander. In Charles' office, he does everything he can to get through to the voice in Alexander's hand, but despite everything he does, Charles continues to fail every time. Simultaneously, Anna silently sits on her room, thinking back to her good memories with Warren and reminding herself of how happy he once was. Back in Africa, Apocalypse realizes that Ororo is the mutant, transforming back into his natural form as he and Essex face off against her. Having alresdy been supicous of the two, Ororo is prepared for battle and manages to get the upperhand at the beggining of fight, but is quickly overwhlemed and defeated. As Ororo lays beaten on the ground, her eyes suddenly glow white as Apocalypse causes her to rise up in the air, then brainwashing her into the second horseman: Famine. CUT TO BLACK.

Episode 4 - Paradise City
In the warehouse that acts as Apocalypse's base, Ororo slowly wakes up, having no recollection of who she is and only having one thought: to serve Apocalypse. At the same time, Apocalypse is constantly having to block out Ororo's memories and control her thoughts, with Apocalypse concentrating much of his energy on this. Close by, Essex sees a news report about Kurt Wagner being chased out of town, and after witnessiing Kurt's powers, Essex tells Apocalypse that they may have their Horseman of Pestilence. On the other side of the world, Anna sits on the doorstep of the school with a lot on her mind, while also smoking a ciggerate she stole from Logan. All the sudden, Anna's thoughts are interrupted when Remy walks out of the school in front of her, his bags packed and a dissapointed look on his face. Although she already knows, Anna calmy asks Remy what he's doing, to which Remy says that his entire life, he's left like an outcast. Now, he finally thought he had a place where he belonged, but he was wrong. After saying this, Remy prepares to walk out, but Anna gets up and stops him. As she backs Remy away from the gate, Anna tells him that she once felt the same way and considered leaving many times, but now, she truly feels like she belongs here. Holding back tears, Remy says that Anna has no idea what he's gone through, to which Anna says, "I know. But please... stay. Just stay." After a long moment of contemplation, Remy reluctantly decides to stay at the school, then heaidng back as Anna realizes there's other people undergoing the same things as she once did. As this happens, Bobby and Logan continue to share expirences of greif with eachother, helping both of them recover from their guilt, especially Bobby. Despite this, Logan still is desperate to find any information he can about his brother, needing closure and feeling as if things will be diffrent if he has it. In the his room, Logan reflects on all of this, then bursting into a fit of rage of how he killed his own brother, feeling extremley guilty even though he doesn't even remember it. Elsewhere, Alexander tells Charles that the voices in his head are continually getting louder, saying that he's worried this may cause him to lose control of his powers. Alexander then tells Charles that the students need to know what's happening before it could cause a danger to the school, and after some debate, Charles agrees. The following morning, Charles gathers everyone in the school to the confrence hall, telling them what's happened to Alexander and to not to worry, saying this is just information they should know. Upon hearing this, those close to Alexander - such as Scott, Jean, and Remy - goes into a state of shock, with Scott's paranoia taking over and thinking to the worse possible outcome. In a state of worry, Scott visits his brother, who's put himself in isolation out of fear that he could lose control of his powers, which would kill nearly everyone in the school. Scott asks Alexander how long this has been happening for, and Alexander admits that he's been eharing the voices ever since he came to the school. Enraged, Scott demands to know why Alexander never told anyone about this, who stays silent, reuslting in Scott angirly storming out of the room. Soon after this, Remy tearfully visits Alexander, apologizing for his recent actions and concluding by simply telling Alexander, "I just hope you'll be okay." Back with Anna, she thinks back to her conversation with Remy, happy to have helped someone and wanting to be there for people more. After thinking about how depressed Hank has been latley, she goes to comfort him, assuring Hank that everything will get better. However, Hank goes into a state of rage, yelling at Anna and saying, "I don't need anyone's goddamn help, so shut the hell up and leave!" Hurt, Anna quietly leaves the room, and as she does, we cut to Kurt in the sewers, now relying on rats and other small animals for food as he hides from the world. Suddenly, Apocalypse, Essex, and Ororo burst in, and Apocalypse demands for Kurt to come with him. Kurt immediatly tries to escape, prompting Apocalypse to brutally beat him before brainwashing him into the third Horseman, then remarking, "One left to go." Several hours later, as Apocalypse tries to find him, Alexander screams in pain, and Charles rushes him into his office, trying to read his mind one last time. Using the maximum potenital of his powers, Charles manages to get through ot the voices, but his eyes then widen as he quietly says, "No... tihs can't be real... he can't be real." Alexander nervously asks Charles what he's talking about, and a horrified Charles grabs Alexaner, telling him, "Apocalypse... he's here." Right at that moment, the camera slowly pans out of the school to reveal Apocalypse and his three horsemen arriving outside of the school. Apocalypse gives a sadistic smile, telling his three horsemen, "Give them time. Then, we crush them beneath our feet." CUT TO BLACK.

Next: Season 4 Part B
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2020.06.03 16:13 film_nerd406 The X-Men Season 3 - Lost Part (PART A)

Season 3 - Lost Past (PART A)
Executive Producer - Damon Lindelof

Episode 1 - If Tomorrow Never Comes
Everything slowly starts off in black befor abrudtly cutting to a wide shot of a poor, shoddy area. Trash lines the street, and as rats scurry across the floor, the camera slowly pans up to a small apartment building. Eventually, the camera goes to one of the windows, where we see a groggy and tired man (Paul Dano) sitting on his reclining chair and watching television. As the man flips through the television channels, he suddenly stops and widens his eyes as he comes across a shocking news report. From the date of the report, we can see that it's January of 1985. The man's entire attention goes to the news report, and as he does, we notice that a clothing tag on shirt reads, "Jason Wyngarde." Everything cuts to the news report, where we see that's is showing footage of Erik Lensherr's (Edward Norton) attack on Times Square at the end of the first season. -Jason slowly smiles, and a look of inspiration appears in his eyes. Jason begins to stand up, and as he does, his eyes mysteriously glow white. All the sudden, a large explosion occurs outside, followed by Jason bursting into maniacal laughter before promising to bring hell on humanity. CUT TO BLACK. After a couple seconds of darkness, we cut to the cold streets Harlem where a crew is taking down decorations for the New Years of 1986. As this happens, a man walks in front of the camera, and as the camera pans up to the man's face, we can see that this is none other than Logan (Aaron Paul). Logan reaches into his pocket and takes out a ciggerate, which he then puts in his mouth and lights it as he sorrowfully looks into the distance. Throughout the past five months, Logan has been tirelessly searching for his past, but this has been to no avail. Logan heavily suspects that Willaim Stryker (Matthew McCounaghey) may be involved in his past, but the man is nowhere to be found and has completley gone off the radar. On the other hand, Logan remains grateful for now having a moral sense of right and wrong, becoming a much better person and only killing when absolutely necessary. Several hours later, Logan arrives back at his motel room, looking at the little money he has left after spending it all while searching for his past. As he counts the money, Logan bursts into rage, yelling at himself and punching a massive hole in the wall before leaving in a hurry, accidentally leaving his money behind as he does. Right at that moment, everything cuts to the school, where things have become much diffrent ever since Charles Xavier (David Tennant) went into a coma. In the hallways of the school, Anna Marrie (Sophia Lillis) walks towards a room, her footsteps echoing as we pan up to see the stressed but determined look on her face. Soon, Anna reaches an office and enters it where Hank McCoy (David Oyelowo) sits in the headmaster's chair. As Anna sits down acorss from Hank, we realize that Hank has temporarily replaced Charles as headmaster of the school, and just from Hank's demeanor we can tell the amount of stress he's going through. After a breif moment of silence, Anna tells Hank that while she shouldn't be worrying about this, many of the students are leaving the school and aren't getting the guidence they need. Anna continues, saying that as someone with extremley dangerous powers, she's beggining to lose control of them as she isn't learning how to use them following Hank becoming in charge. Trying to keep his frustration hidden, Hank tells Anna, "I apoligze, but you have no idea what I'm going through. I've never been put in a position like this, and..."Hank pauses, then looking down in sadness and tearfully saying that he just wants Charles back, to which Anna says, "He might never wake up, so we all need to be doing the best we can to adjust." After wiping the tears from his eyes, Hank quietly nods before thanking Anna and promising to work on getting things back to normal. The following day, Scott Summers (Timothee Chalamet) and Jean Gray (Florence Pugh) eat breakfast together, now happily dating but at the same time worrying about Charles' fate. As Scott and Jean eat, they see a news report about the X-Men, causing the two of them to give a slight smile. Since the formation of the X-Men, the world has become more accepting of mutants, and while msot people still heavily discriminate against them, it's not to the degree that they used to. Elsewhere, Anna attempts to talk to Bobby Drake (Jack Dylan Grazer), but he ignores her and walks away. Bobby has been acting like this for months now, and Anna has become suspicious. Afterwards, Bobby walks into his room and transforms into Raven Darkholme (Lupita Nyong'o), who's been disguising herself as Bobby and inflitrating Bobby ever since the ending of the second season. As Raven sits down, everything cuts to the middle of a plain, where John Allerdyce (Jesse Plemmons) walks up to a large, underground cage where the real Bobby is being held captive. John is only giving Bobby enough food and water to survive, and would likely be fully torturing him if it Raven didn't command him to not hurt Bobby, showing that she has at least some sympathy. An exhausted and sleep deprived Bobby swears to John that he'll get out of here, to which John chuckles and spits at Bobby before walking away. That evening, Logan finds an old, abonded church, and needing a place to stay for the night after leaving his money at the motel, walks up the front stairs and slowly enters the church. CUT TO BLACK.

Episode 2 - The River
Not long after the ending of episode 1, Logan enters the large yet abonded church, barley suspecting anything and just needing a place to sleep for the night. However, as Logan prepares to lay down on one of the church benches, he suddenly hears voices, followed by footsteps, from across the church. Logan immediatly gets up and hides behind the wall, nervously extending his metal claws as he does. From the amount of voices, Logan can tell that there's at least half a dozen people, and is ready to fight each and every on of them. At that moment, Logan hears a sudden gust of wind near hoim him, then looking back to shockingly see a red mutant (Kang Ho-Song) who's teleported behind Logan. Right as Logan realizes what's going on, the mutant broadens his sharp tail and stabs Logan in the back, causing him to fall to the ground. As Logan lays bleeding on the floor, he looks up before being knocked unconcious by the man, who menacingly glares Logan in the eyes. Back at the school, Hank leaves his office, having finished for the night as he heads back to his room. About an hour later, Hank attempts to full alseep but is unable to do so, instead staring at the celling as thoughts race through his head. Hank has been put under a lot of stress following taking up the position of headmaster, and is also the most emotionally hurt by what's happened to Charles. Hank is unable to manage everything he has to do for the school, and the stress in taking a massive mental toll on Hank, which is getting worse each day. Elsewhere, Logan wakes up to find himself tied up in the middle of the church, his back wound having been bandaged and six people surronding him, including the red mutant. The previously seen Jason Wyngarde, addressing the red man as Azazel and asking Logan why he came in here. Logan tells Jason that he just needed some place to sleep, but a man (Charlie Heaton) who's simply called Alexander, says that Logan is liar. Most of the groups seems to agree with Alexander, except for one particular member named Remy LeBeau (Lakeith Stanfield), who manages to convince everyone not to kill Logan as he may be valuable to the group. Soon, we find out who the group is, including their name and powers. The group calls themselves The Hellfire Club, and is led by Nathan Essex (John Cho). Unlike the rest of The Hellfire Club, Essex is a human but worships mutants, having been the one to bring the group together. The Hellfire Club also consists of Henry Leland (Brendan Gleeson), who can alter the size of any person and object, including himself. Additionally, Jason can create telepathic illusions and has slight telekesis, Azazel can teleport, Alexander can shoot beams of energy out his body, and Remy can move things with his mind. As he witnsesses Alexander's powers, Logan notes the similarity to the powers of Scott Summers, but Alexander angirly denies even knowing who Scott is.-Logan then asks why the group is showing all of this, to which Jason tells Logan, "It's clear you're lost, just like I once was. My entire life I felt like an outcast, believing I should just kill myself. But then, I found Erik Lensherr's teachings, and realized I could be so much more than the world told me I could. Soon, I gathered these people, and now I have a family. So join us, Logan. For your own good." In reponse, Logan spits at Jason, saying, "Why the hell do you think I would want to join your goddamn cult?" Enraged, Jason beats Logan to a pulp, who knows that he needs to get out of here. The following morning, Scott and Jean lay together, talking about what The X-Men and as they do, we learn that the two have become the leaders of the team. Jean tells Scott that despite everything they've done to try to prevent it, people are still hating and fearing mutants, then saying that, "I mean, what's the point of all of this if nothing is changing?" After a moment of thought, Scott puts his arm around Jean and says that some things will never change, but they can at least make things better than were before. Jean silently nods, and as she begins to get up, we cut to a restless Bobby sitting in the dirty, underground cage that he's being held in. Bobby shields his eyes from the light as John removes the cover on top the cage, and John reminds Bobby that he would kill him slowly and painfully if he was allowed to. Several hours later, Jean enters the school's hospital room where a comotose Charles is being kept, constantly watched over by the school's doctors. Jean sits next to Charles, trying to muster up words to stay but instead bursting into tears. Jean asks why this all had to happen, repeatdly telling Charles, "Please just wake up. Please, Charles. Please..." Meanwhile, a tied-up Logan is being guarded by Leland, and upon realizing that Leland is currently the only one in the church, Logan decides that it's time to escape. Using his claws to cut the ropes that are holding him, Logan leaps up and faces off against Leland, who's caught off guard by Logan suddenly getting free. Leland prepares to grow hundreds of feet tall, but before he can, Logan stabs him in the stomach and runs out, leaving Leland bleeding on the ground. CUT TO BLACK.

Episode 3 - Unanswered Prayers
During the beautiful, majestic sunset, Anna walks into the school's garden, wearing a winter coat and carrying flowers in her hand. Eventually, Anna stops upon coming across the grave of Warren Worthington, which she places flower in front of before preparing to talk. After a breif moment of hesiation, Anna tells Warren's grave that this might be the last time she ever visits here. She's done a lot of reflecting since Warren's death, and she thinks she finally knows who she is as well as what the reason this all happened was. Anna says even though she wishes more than anything that Warren was still here, his death has brought everyone in the school together and helped her truly figure out she was. Anna then kneels down, holding back tears as she tells Warren, "Thank you... for everything. I don't know where I'd be without you and..." Not having anything else to say, Anna gets back up, smiling as she thinks back to her memories with Warren, and while she'll never truly get over Warren's death, she's become much accepting of what happened. Deep inside the school, Erik Lensherr sits in a highly guarded prison cell, wearing a collar that disables his mutant abilties similar to the one seen in the first season. Despite his actions, Erik is treated quite well in the prison, having three meals a day and often playing chess with the guards. Nevertheless, Erik wants nothing more than to get out of the prison and continue his mission, completley unknowing to what Raven is trying to do. Meanwhile, Essex, Jason, Azazel, Alexander, and Remy rush back to the church, having just got Leland's pager about Logan escaping. As the five members of The Hellfire Club enter the church, they're shocked to find an unconcious Leland bleeding on the ground, now on the verge of death. Essex demands for Alexander and Remy to get Leland to the hospital and create a cover-up story while also telling Azazel to find and kill Logan, paranoid of him telling others about The Hellfire Club. The following morning, Raven finds herself suffering from insomnia and unable to sleep, frustrated to see the sun coming up. As she transforms back into Bobby, Raven's mind races with images of what Bobby is currently going through, feeling sorry with Bobby. However, Raven tells herself that this is what she needs to do in order to free Erik and acomplish their goal, which she firmly believes in more than anything and is willing to die for. Soon after this, Hank meets with Scott, needing guidance about what he should do and desperatley having to tell someone about the anxiety and stress he's going through.-As the two talk, Hank tells Scott that he's unable to continue being headmaster and can't take the stress and axiety any longer.-In response, Scott says that Hank is the only truly qualified for the job and needs to keep being headmaster, although Scott does offer to help Hank manage the school. Before long, Scott realizes that Hank is ignoring him, and as Scott tries to get Hank's attention, Hank looks into the distance and says, "Charles let me in when I had nowhere left to go. If it weren't for him, I don't know where I would be now. But I'm not Charles. I can't help these students the way that he did... so what the hell am I supposed to do now?" After he looks down in sadness, Scott puts his hand on Hank's shoulder and tells him that for now, they just need to do the best they can and try to adjust. Suddenly, Hank becomes enrgaed, saying that's what everyone has been telling him and it hasn't helped at all, then demanding for Scott to get out of his office. Several hours later, Logan walks down the streets of Harlem, not even questioning that The Hellfire Club sent someone after him as he waits for a taxi. All the sudden, Azazel appears on a rooftop behind Logan, who narrowly avoids Azazel's attack. Logan tries to stab Azazel, but Azazel teleports behind Logan and begins choking him with his tail. Right as Azazel is about to knock Logan unconcious, Logan kicks Azazel backwards and cuts his hand off with his claws, severly injuring Azazel but also causing him to get a boost in adrenaline. Azazel quickly knocks Logan to the ground, holding him down and brutally stabbing his face many times. But, Logan's wounds quickly heal, and he then pushes Azazel in the way of an oncoming taxi. As Azazel bleeds on the ground and bystanders watch in horror, Logan runs away, now realizing that The Hellfire Club is after him and that he needs to get out of Harlem. Elsewhere, John sits near Bobby, smoking a ciggerate as he does. Bored, John asks Bobby if he ever told him about what happened to his parents, but Bobby stays silent. Regardless, John begins talking, revealing that when his pwoers began devolping, he got in an arguement with his parents and killed them in a fit of rage. As Bobby listens in shock, John says that he doesn't have any regret for doing so, saying that his parents deserved what happened to them. That evening, Erik, tired of being in captivity, decides that it's time to escape and choking one of the guards as he's brought dinner. However, right as Erik begins to walk out he's attacked by dozens of guards, who ruthlessly pummel Erik to the ground. As Erik is painfully beaten, the camera slowly pans up to show Erik being tazed and battered until he's knocked unconcious, feeling more powerless than ever before. CUT TO BLACK.

Episode 4 - Friends In Low Places
In a small cafe, Alexander sits across from Remy, with Alexander feeling as if Remy is the only one he can trust as the other members of The Hellfire Club are often unpredictable and sadistic. Remy asks Alexander what he wanted to talk to him about, and after a breif moment of hesisation, Alexander simply questions how they ended up here and with these people.-In response Remy sips his coffee and sadly tells Alexander, "Because everything that could wrong in our lives went wrong, that's how." Following this, the two sit in silence, barley saying a word to eachother before leaving the cafe and going back to the church after making sure nobody can see them. Meanwhile, Logan is now in Manhattan, hoping that The Hellfire Club doesn't send anyone else after him as he barley defeated Azazel. Logan reflects on the past couple of months, thinking about how he hasn't accomplished anything and has instead wasted his money on nothing that matters. Eventually, Logan decides that he needs to finish what he orginally set out to do, which is finding out the truth about his past.-Having a strong feeling that Stryker is connected to his past, Logan becomes determined to find Stryker, seeking out a list of his accosiates who may know where he is. Logan thinks back to the people who were the closest to Stryker, then realizing that this is David North (Rick Yune), Stryker's bodyguard who he's usually seen with at all times. Now, Logan knows that he has to find David, and for the first time in a while, Logan actually has a plan. Back with The Hellfire Club, Essex becomes enraged upon learning that Logan got away once again, screaming at Azazel and punching him to the ground. Luckily, Alexander manages to pull Essex off of Azazel, telling him to stay calm and focus on what needs to be done. From the shadows, Jason watches all of this unfold, dissappointed in everyone for fighting eachother, and noting that Azazel seems to keep something from everyone. Soon after this, Alexander talks with Remy, saying that the group used to be like a family but now everyone is plotting against eachother and going insane. Seemingly having an ephinany, Remy tells Alexander that the group was never a family, Essex has just manipulated them into thinking they were one. At the school, Raven watches a news report about Erik's escape attempt, horrified to see footage of him now in the hospital after being beaten nearly to death by the guards. Raven decides that she has to do something about this, telling herself that she needs to free Erik soon or else something like this will happen again.-That night, Anna lays awake, thinking about how diffrent "Bobby" has been acting latley and becoming paranoid about why he's not acting like himself. Because of this, Anna's powers begin to get worse again, which is shown when she tocuhes a rosebush and it quickly withers and dies. After seeing this, Anna gpes into a state of panic and fear. She's begun to get in control of her powers but now, to Anna's dismay, everything has reserved. The following day, David North quietly eats lunch in his house when there's a sudden knock on his door. David slowly gets up and answers the door, shcoked to see Logan on his doorstep. David attempts to close the door, but Logan barges into David's house, demanding to know where Stryker is.In response, David nervously claims that he's retired, to which Logan extends his claws and demands for David to tell the truth. David eventually gives in, telling Logan that he doesn't know where Stryker is, although he can give him a phone number. With his claws only an inch away from David's throat, Logan says that all he needs is some way to get in contact with Stryker, and so David writes down Stryker's phone number before giving it to Logan. Logan then walks out, and before he does, he tells David, "If this number is fake, I'm gonna come back here, and this time, I'm gonna kill you." As this happens, Scott tells Jean that he's had a lot on his mind recently and there's something he needs Jean to know, something that he hasn't told anyone before. After Jean asks what Scott's talking about, Scott reveals that he has an older brother named Alexander, who has similar powers to Scott but was never really able to control them. From when Alexander was a child it was clear that he had something mentally wrong with him, and when he was a teenager, he used his powers to rob and accidentaly murder a group of people. Scott ended up being the one to stop Alexander's rampage, and Alexander went to juvy, and then jail, until he was about 23. Now, Scott has no idea where Alexander is, then telling Jean that he needed to get that off of his chest. At the same time, Bobby practices his pwoers at night, and we see that he's begun creating a carefully devised escape plan. Elsewhere, Logan walks up to a payphone and enters Stryker's phone number, smirking after he hears Stryker's voice on the other end. CUT TO BLACK.

Next: Season 3 Part B
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2020.05.29 15:14 film_nerd406 The X-Men Season 2 - The Brotherhood (PART A)

Season 2 - The Brotherhood (PART A)
Executive Producer - Damon Lindelof

Episode 1 - Moonage Daydream
Everything starts off in black, when we suddenly hear an immeasurable of tiny raindrops hitting the ground. Right at that moment, we cut to cold, gray sky, where a massive storm is currently taking place. As the camera slowly pans down, we begin to hear many voices, each indistinguishable from the next. A loud wistle then blows in the distance, followed by the sound of a train door opening up. The camera pans towards the train, and as it does, we see horizontal lines of barbed wire. A group of German soldiers stand in front of the train, and it's then when we realize what's going on. POLAND, 1942. As the train doors open, the German soldiers give way to yelling. Behind the train are hundreds upon hundreds of exhausted, starving, and hopeless Jewish people, all bound for the inevitable. Dozens of Jewish men, women, and children are thrown off of the train by the ruthless soldiers and shoved into the mob of people. The camera then begins to focus on a little boy, about the age of seven or eight. From the boy's facial expression, we can see that he's trying to stay optimsitic, although he's struggling to continue doing so. Then, as a the boy looks up at the cloudy sky, the screaming begins. The soldiers push their way through the mob of people, raising their rifles as they do. Soon, it's clear what they're doing, which is dividing everyone into smaller groups. Families try to stay together, but they're shoved apart by the screaming soldiers. As the boy is seperated from his mother, he kicks at the ground and yells out, but nothing changes. The boy is thrown into a fenced-off area, watching as his mother is brutally shot down. With tears streaming down from his eyes, the boy reaches out his hand and screams until his face turns blue. Suddenly, the metal gate begins to bend as the boy reaches out his hand, but he's then knocked out by a german soldier. As the boy lays unconcious on the ground, we're able to make out that a tag on his torn clothing reads, "Erik Lehnsherr." CUT TO BLACK. After a couple of seconds, we fade into the outside of a small, shoddy motel. A man walks by and grabs a newspaper from the stand, and from it, we can see that it's now July of 1985. In one of the motel rooms, Erik Lehnsherr (Edward Norton) wakes up from a vivid nightmare, then looking around and remembering where he is. Next to Erik lays Raven Darkholme (Lupita Nyong'o), a mutant covered head-to-toe in dark blue scales and having yellow eyes. As Raven sleeps, her appearence uncontrollably changes, revealing her shape-shifting abilities. In the same room is John Allerdyce (Jesse Plemmons) and Bobby Drake (Jack Dylan Grazer), the latter of whom having defected from Charles Xavier's school along with Erik. Meanwhile, Charles Xavier (David Tennant) has become increasingly depressed, now permantly stuck in a wheelchair after the massive battle during the first season's finale. As he looks in the bathroom mirror, Charles grabs a razor and shaves off his head, tearfully flashing back to Warren's death as he does. At the same time, Scott Summers (Timothee Chalamet) and Jean Grey (Florence Pugh) have begun fully dating, but their relationship is distracted by their PTSD from the mutant testing facility. As Scott kisses Jean, she gets painful flashbacks of being beaten by guards at the mutant facility, causing her to break down into tears as Scott watches in sadness, feeling the same pain as she is. Anna Marrie (Sophia Lillis) and Hank McCoy (David Oyelowo) are also experiencing severe PTSD, with Anna unable to get images of Warren's tortured and beaten body out of her head. Early in the morning, a tired Hank takes a shower, but as the water goes onto his back, he suddenly flashes back to a group of guards spraying him with a hose. As Hank thinks back to the soldiers beating him to the ground, Hank angrily punches a hole in the wall before breaking down into tears. Soon after this, Charles watches a news report and is upset to see the sheer hatred that the world has for mutants, which has been escalated following the events of season 1. The news report also shows footsge of Erik using the sentinals to kill dozens of innocent people, then reminding everybody that this man is still at large. That night, Erik, Bobby, Raven, and John arrive at a convenient store, and the clerk recognizes Erik and Bobby as fugitves. Seeing that the clerk is about to call the police, John uses his powers to blast the clerk with a large amount of fire, killing the clerk without hesitation. However, this all causes the store to burn down, forcing the four mutants to flee the scene. As they run off, Raven stops at a nearby brick wall and spraypaints the words, "Mutant and proud." Elsewhere, a disgruntled man (Aaron Paul) sits at a bar, impateintly waiting for the bartender. As the bartender asks for the man's name, the man glares him in the eyes and simply says, "Logan." Suddenly, a group of drunken men walk up to Logan, harrasing him and trying to start a fight. Eventually, Logan leaps up, causing the men to cheer. At that moment, three metal claws emerage from Logan's fists, and he ruthlessly kills the men as a the bartender watches in horror. The bartender quickly pulls out a shotgun and shoots Logan with it, but the bullet wound heals within a matter of seconds. With rage in his eyes, Logan kills the man and destroys the secuirty camera before walking out, his metal claws now soaked with blood. CUT TO BLACK.

Episode 2 - Ashes To Ashes
In a cold, snowy forest, Logan runs away from a nearby bar, having just brutually murdered every person inside. Once he's far away enough, Logan stops running, breathing heavily and panting as he leans against a tree, slowly falling to the ground as he does. Logan then looks at his claws, cursing himself and asking how he could've been so stupid to do this. After cleaning the blood off of them, Logan begins to slowly and painfully retract his claws, screaming as he does. It hurts this bad every time, and it's some of the worst pain imaginable. Once his claws are retracted, Logan collapses onto the dirt, holding back tears as he slams is head against a nearby tree. With rage in his eyes, Logan continues to slam his head the tree, repeadtly saying, "Just remember... please. Just remember something." Right at that moment, everything cuts to Erik, Bobby, Raven, and John walking around, all of them with their hoods up and Raven having shape-shifted out of her 'natural form'. As the four mutants cautiously walk throughout the steets in the small town of Hammondsport, they come across the rundown church with a sign reading, "Mutants Welcome." Having nowhere else to go, the four mutants begin to discuss if they should go in, ending after John says that, "Chances are, we can go in there. And if we can't, then we just kill the one guy who's inside." Following this, Erik, Bobby, Raven, and John reluctantly enter the church, and Bobby eyes John with distrust as they do. Inside the church stands an annoyed and saddened preist (Matthew McCounaghey), who suddenly bursts into excitment as people actually enter. The preist runs up to Erik and the other mutants, eagerly shaking their hands and introducing hismelf as, "Willaim Stryker." After the four sit down, Stryker gives them dusty bibles and runs onto his pedastel, and from the way he talks and acts, we can see that he may not fully be mentally stable. During his rambling sermon, Stryker talks about how mutants should be worshipped as gods instead of being discriminted against. Looking up into the sky, Stryker says that god gave them mutants as a gift, and they should be treated with the utmost respect. Erik watches Stryker with a great amount of observation, telling Bobby that, "Someone like this may be exactly what we need right now." Afterwards, Erik approaches Stryker, and reveals who he is, although this everyone else advises against this. Upon hearing who Erik is, Stryker grabs his hand and kneels down to him, pleading Erik to know he can do for him. Looking back at Bobby, Raven, and John, Erik tells Stryker that, "We need someplace to stay for awhile." Meanwhile, Logan walks into a nearby bar, chugging down multiple jugs of beer as a women next to him watches with confusion. The women asks Logan if he's drinking to remember, to which he tells her that, "I'm drinking to remember... to remember anything before two years ago." Logan then continues to drink, and we realize that he's suffering from amnesia, not having any memories before the past two years. That evening, Hank finds Anna sulking in the garden, heavily greving over Warren's death. Hank sits next to Anna, who then looks up at him with tears in her eyes. Anna tearfully says that, "I could've stopped all of this from happening. I could've stopped Warren from leaving. But I didn't. I went with him, for gods sake. What the hell is wrong with me..." In response, Hank looks down in sadness before assuring Anna that this isn't her fault and Warren wouldn't want her to think like this. As she flashesback to the last thing Bobby said to her before he left with Erik, Anna tells Hank, "He would've at the end." Hank tells Anna that they have to move forward, saying that everyone is just as broken up about Warren's death as Anna is, especially Charles. Elsewhere, Erik, Bobby, Raven, and John step out of Stryker's car, who then shows them around his ranch. After showing them all the accommodations they need, Stryker gives the four mutants a place to sleep before exiting, and shortly afterwards, Bobby tells Erik that Stryker is lunatic. Suddenly enraged, Erik angirly says that Stryker is on their side, and right now, that's what they need the most. As this happens, we cut to the school, which the camera begins to mysteriously pan-out of. We then see Logan standing outside the school, looking into the distance before heading towards the gate. CUT TO BLACK.

Episode 3 - Starman
Everything fades into December, 1984. The heroes are being held captive in the mutant testing facility, with the time currently being right after Scott and Jean's conversation in the episode, "And So It Goes." Nobody has seen Warren Worthington in about a week, but despite this, many still have hope, especially Scott and Jean. As they go to work, Scott suddenly attacks one fo the guards, pushing to do the ground as Jean follows suite. Scott and Jean continue to attack the guards, and a massive riot ensues. However, the mutants are quickly defeated, and Scott and Jean are brought before Bolviar Trask (Giancarlo Esposito). Trask spits at the two, calling them abominations and monsters who are somehow allowed to walk this Earth. Trask then motions his hand, and multiple guards barge in, all of whom ruthlessly beat Scott and Jean until they're at the verge of unconciousness. As Trask walks out, Scott overconfidentally yells at Trask, who then runs at Scott and slaps his several times with his gun before raising the gun up to Scott's head. Trask prepares to pull the trigger, while Jean begs for him not too. Enraged, Trask hits Jean with the gun and walks out, telling her and Scott, "Let this be a warning to you. Next time time any of you do something like this again, I will NOT be so merciful!" Trask then walks out, and we see Scott and Jean bleeding on the ground. Back where things left off, Jean suddenly wakes up from a nightmare, and it's inferred that she flashed back to the events that have just been show. Jean checks her watch, annoyed to see that it's four in the morning. Knowing she won't be able to fall back asleep, Jean enters Scott's room to find that he's also still awake. Scott lets Jean come into his room, telling her to shut the door behind her as he asks why she's still up. As she lays down next to Scott, Jean tells him that, "I was about to say the same thing to you. I don't think either of us have slept in awhile." Scott and Jean silently lay together for a couple seconds when suddenly, they hear the gate of the school open up. Scott and Jean quickly rush outside, with Jean telling Scott to get Charles as she goes towards the gate. Soon after this, Jean finds Logan closing the gate behind him, who barley seems shocked to see her. Jean asks Logan how the hell he got in, then seeing the broken keypad and Logan's claws. As Logan lights a cigar, Jean then looks up at him, realizing that Logan is a mutant. Walking past Jean, Logan asks what he's supposed to do now when he sees Scott rolling out Charles. Logan sarcastically claps and begins insulting Charles when suddenly, Charles taps into Logan's mind, startling him. Logan asks Charles what the hell that was, to which Charles rolls his eyes and barley gives a reponse, not able to deal with someone as ignorant at Logan when it's this late at night. Charles tells Scott and Jean to find an empty room for Logan, saying that they'll go over everything in a couple hours from now. That afternoon, Bobby talks to Erik about how he feels like Warren's death is all his fault, to which Erik stays silent. Bobby tries to get Erik's attention, who then quietly says, "Why are we doing this, Bobby? We haven't done anything. We haven't done anything!" Suddenly, Erik stands up and begins screaming, telling Bobby, "All we've been doing for the past five months is sit on our asses! Aren't we supposed to be changing the world?!" Nothing has changed since we started all of this, and we need to do something! We need to goddamn do something about all of this already!" As Erik continues to yell, Bobby slowly backs away, realizing that Erik is becoming mentally unstable, meaning that the one person Bobby thought he could trust is now at the brink of insanity. Meanwhile, similar to bobby, Anna continues to blame herself for Warren's death, and begins flashing back to not only Warren's death, but her boyfreind's death, who she accidentally killed. At the same time, an exhausted Charles meets with Logan, who reveals his metal claws and healing factor. Logan tells Charles about his amensia, and we see that Logan is trying to distract himself from all of his pain through sarcasm, telling Charles that, 'You should probably get that gate fixed." Several hours later, Stryker walks around the ranch, not seeming like his normal, eccentric self and instead acting slightly intelligent and well-kept as he tends to the plants. As Stryker does this, he hears a quiet but noticeable noise, then looking into the distance to see Bobby crying. Stryker approches Bobby and sits down next to him, asking why Bobby is so upset. In response, Bobby says that someone very close to him died and he feels like it's all his fault. Looking down in sadness, Stryker reveals to Bobby that his son died of brain cancer, and he felt that way for years. However, Stryker says he's doing whatever he can to make up for it, and if he can get over his guilt, so can Bobby. Bobby then hugs Stryker, thanking him before wiping away his tears. CUT TO BLACK.

Episode 4 - The Man Who Sold The World
Early in the morning, Anna slowly walks towards the school's beautiful, carrying a single rose in her hand as she holds back tears. Eventually, Anna stops and places a flower in front of gravestone which reads, "Warren Worthington." As she wipes the tears from her eyes, Anna tries to say words to the grave, but is unable to find any. Instead, Anna just stands there, thinking about how someone she loved is suddenly gone, and now her freind will never be able to breath, see, or think again. He's dead, and there's nothing she can do about it. After about a minute, Anna kneels down at the grave and manages to come up with words, saying, "You always liked this place. I guess that why they- they... I guess that's why they buried you here." Anna then stands back up, preparing to say something else but instead walking away, all the while hoping that Warren is in a better place now, and remembering how happy he once was. Several hours later, Charles calls Scott down to a large and extensive basement beneath the school in order to show Scott what he's been working on for the past several months. Charles then unviels his project, which is shown to be a device capable or tracking every mutant in the world at any time. He calls it Cerebro. However, Charles then accidentally reveals his true intentions, which are to use Cerebro in order to locate Erik and Bobby. In response, Scott puts his ahnd on Charles' shoulder and assures his mnetor that the team's fracture wasn't his fault, saying that there's nothing they could've done to stop it. Erik had been going down that route for years now, and it was alawys going to end up like this. With tears in his eyes, Charles says that, "I still could've prevented it. I could've helped Erik, instead of driving him away. And Warren. Oh god. I should've been there for him, but I wasn't. I wasn't..." Charles suddenly bursts into tears, talking about how all of this is his fault as he does. As he looks down in sadness, Scott tells Charles, "We all feel the same way, Charles. But if all we do is sulk here and mourn, there's no way of any of this being better. They're counting on you, so you have to be there, even if you're not in the best place right now. No matter what, you need to be strong, for not only all of them, but yourself too." Upon hearing this, Charles slowly nods before wiping the tears from his eyes and telling Scott, "I'll be up soon. Just give me a couple more minutes." Elsewhere, Bobby is finally beggining to get over Warren's death, now having frequent talks with Stryker, who comforts Bobby and acts as a mentor of sorts. As this happens, Erik becomes frustrated at Bobby, believing he's becoming disillusioned with their cause and that this is all Stryker's fault. Because of this, a rift begins to form between Bobby and Erik while Raven, seeing how much Stryker has done for Bobby, decides to reluctantly talk to him. As Stryker eats a small lunch, Raven slowly walks towards him, then deciding against this. But, as Raven prepares to leave, Stryker sees her and asks what she's doing. After a breif moment of silence, Raven approaches Stryker and tells her that she has a lot of mind, then asking if she talk to him. Stryker asks Raven what's bothering her, to which she reveals that up until a couple months ago, she had no control over her powers, resulting in her appearence changing every minute. Raven goes on to to say that she contemplated suicide dozens of time, and right as she was about to actually do it, she was found be Erik, who took her in and gave her a home. Over the past few months, Erik has taught Raven to control her powers, and even though she has trouble, Raven can control her appearence most of the time. Breathing heavily, Raven then reveals that throughout the past week, Erik has begun to become mentally unstable, and she worries about him going over the edge. After a look of deep thought, Stryker tells Raven that she needs to talk to Erik and see what's on his mind, or else he could indeed go, "Over the edge." Distracted, Raven's hand begins to change in appearence, but Raven soon catches this and reverts her hand before thanking Stryker for his advice and walking away. Meanwhile, Anna finds Logan smoking a ciggerate behind the school, then walking up to him and asking if she can get one.As he looks at Anna, Logan chuckles and refuses, then noticing her gloves and asking why she has them. Anna shrugs at Logan, who then makes an insulting comment, which causes Anna to sarcastically ask Logan, "Why are you such an asshole all the time?" Logan gives a slight laugh before revealing that he has no recollection of his past, to which Anna says, "Well look on the bright side, now you can focus on your future." As Anna says this to Logan, she relates it to her constant guilt and greif over Warren's death. Suddenly, everyone falls down in pain. Inside the school, Charles has hooked himself up to Cerebro, doing everything he can to locate Erik. Back at the ranch, Erik realizes who triggered the mind attack, and runs into his trailer as he screams in his pain. Hearing Charles; voice, Erik yells at him to get out his head as he uncovers a dusty, metal helmet. Erik immeditatly slides it on, and Charles' voice is silenced, resulting in Erik sadistically smiling. CUT TO BLACK.

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2020.05.25 20:51 film_nerd406 The X-Men Season 1 - Beginnings

Season 1 - Beginnings
Executive Producer - Damon Lindelof

Episode 1 - Vienna
Everything opens up on a small, southern town where dozens upon dozens of angry rioters gather in the streets, surronding something although it's not actually seen. As the camera slowly pans towards to the chaotic scene, we begin to hear the cry of baby, which becomes louder and louder as the rioters continue to yell. At first, the words the rioters are saying are indistive, but it's not long before we hear what they're saying. What they're repeatdly chanting over and over again: "Kill all Mutants!" The camera goes into the crowd and we see a slight of glimpse of two people being circled by the rioters. Finally, we get a look at what's happening. A fearful mother fights off a group of rioters as she holds a deformed baby in her hands. However, not only is this child severley deformed, it's skin is horrifcally and unctroallably streching. This child was born with genes; these cursed abilties. This child is a Mutant. Suddenly, the mother is knocked to the ground and the rioters take hold of the baby. The mother attempts to run back but she's shot in the leg, then screaming in pain. The rioter with the gun then prepares to shoot the baby as the mother helplessly watches in horror, bleeding out on the ground as she does. But, right as the rioter prepares to pull the trigger, a winged figure (Noah Jupe) swoops in and grabs the baby, saving it. The figure rises up, and as he holds the baby in his arms, the rioters throw rocks at him in an attempt to kill him. The figure looks into the mother's eyes, and despite all the choas, we manage hear the figure say the words, "She'll be safe now. I promise." The mother silently nods, prompting the figure to fly away as the local police arrive to calm down the rioters. FADE TO BLACK. Cut to a large, polished room where a group of congressmen sit in their seats, cleary waiting for someone to arrive. Before long, Senator Bolivar Trask (Giancarlo Esposito) confidently walks into the room, carrying a breifcase in his hands. Trask greets each and every congressmen, making himself look as best as he can in front of them.Eventually, Trask sits down and opens up his breifcase beofre pulling out several files. From the date on the files, we see that it's currently around December of 1984. Trask starts off by saying that, "Everyone's biggest fear right now seems to be the Soviets, but what if I told you there was a threat far more dangerous right in our own country?" Upon seeing everyone's curiousity, Trask smiles and continues, telling everyone, "You may be wondering what I'm talking about. Well, the awnser is plain and simple: mutants." Trask explains to the congressmen the threat that mutants pose to America, and we can see that while most of the congressmen know what he's talking about, there's still many that haven't even heard of mutants. Trask shows examples of all the destrutction mutants have caused, saying they need someway to stop mutants. Trask then proposes an idea: a group of robotic soldiers with the sole purpose of detaining, or even eliminating, mutants. However, the congressmen compare Trask's idea to genocide, saying they need some other way to handle this issue. While Trask tries to convince the congressmen to change they're mind, none of them agree with Trask's 'Sentinal Program', and Trask is then sent out.Immediatly after Trask walks out, his entire composure goes from determined to frustrated, angirly throwing his breifcase to the ground. Trask is suddenly approached by mutant activists Charles Xavier (David Tennant) and Erik Lehnsherr (Edward Norton), both of whom are mutants themselves. The two tell Trask that they've heard rumors about him illegally kidnapping and experimenting on young mutants, to which Trask strenrly says, "Well those are just rumors, but even if they were true, you're kind deserves it." Erik starts to yell at Trask, but Charles manages to calm Erik down and the two leave the room before telling Trask that they'll be keeping tabs on him. Elsewhere, in a quiet, rural neighborhood, seventeen year old Anna Marie (Sophia Lillis), walks downstairs with her bags packed tears in her eyes. Anna places her hand on a nearby houseplant, then looking down in sorrow when it withers and dies. Anna then leaves the house in disarray, barley looking back as she does. Throughout the next couple days, Anna hitchhikes around time and ends up at a gas station. As Anna tries to control her powers, she accidentally kills a dog as the store clerk wathes in horror. Upon realizing Anna is a mutant, the clerk and prepares to shoot her without hesitation. Right at that moment, Anna is saved by two young mutants, Scott Summers (Timothee Chalamet) and Jean Grey (Florence Pugh). Scott and Jean assure Anna that they're just like her before disarming the clerk and urging Anna to come with them, who reluctantly accepts the offer. CUT TO BLACK.

Episode 2 - Movin' Out
Not long after the events of episode 1, Anna sits in a pickup truck with Scott and Jean, having little-to-no idea where she's going. As Scott drives the car, Anna barley says a word, eying both Scott and Jean suspiciously depsite having been saved by the two of them several minutes prior. Anna cautiosly slides her hand towards the car door as she stares at Scott's silver visor that keep his optic blasts at bay. Suddenly, Anna eyes widen as the car comes to a stop outside a lavish mansion. The sign in front of the mansion reads, "Charles Xavier And Erik Lehnsherr's School For Gifted Youngsters." Scott enters a passcode into the fence outisde of the school, then getting back in the car as it opens. Anna slides her hand away from the car door, no longer fearing for her safety. We then cut to Scott, Jean, and Anna standing at the doorstep of the mansion, waiting for a response after Scott rings the doorbell. Soon, Charles Xavier walks out, greeting Scott and Jean before remarking that it looks like they have a new student. Anna continues to stay silent when suddenly, she hears a voice in her head. It's not long before she realizes that it's Charles voice, who then explains to Anna what this school is before he stops reading her mind. From this, we learn that Charles and Erik have worked for over a decade to create a safehaven for mutants, where they learn how to use and control their powers. Soon after this, Anna meets with Charles and Erik, who give her a map of the school and her classes. Charles and Erik tell Anna that the people who took her here are some of their most trusted students, both of whom have been at school since they were kids and have chosen to stay during addulthood. Anna also witnesses Erik's mangetic abilities as he uses his mind to lift a metal pen towards Anna so she can select her classes. The following day, Anna tours around the school and goes into her classes, although she ignores most of them and believes that nobody can help her with what she's going through. Unknown to Anna, one of her professors Hank McCoy (David Oyelowo) takes note of this, and confronts her about it after class. Hank assures Anna that everyone here has gone through the same thing, saying that he used to wake up to find his feet and hands had become monstourous, a deformity he'll have to life with the rest of his life. However, a tearful Anna takes off her gloves and touches a nearby rosebrush, which completely dies within a matter of seconds. Anna then looks back at Hank, telling him that, "Well you don't have to live with the fact that every goddamn thing you touch dies!" With that, Anna puts back on her glvoes and silently walks away with tears streaming down from her eyes. Elsewhere, Trask decides that he needs to solve the problem of mutants on his own, depsite if the government agrees with him or not. Throughout the next couple of days, Trask uses his fortune to get top-quality mechanics to begin the Sentinel Program, but it seems to be a failure. Back with Anna, she meets Warren Worthington, who's shown to be the winged figure from the beggining of the first episode. Anna becomes aquinted with Warren, who's charisma causes her to laugh and feel genuine happinees, which is something she hasn't expirienced in a long time. Warren is also accompained by his closest freind Bobby Drake (Jack Dylan Grazer), who can create ice from thin air.Despite her freindship with him, Anna feels like Warren is keeping something from her, espeically when the other students seem to stay away from Warren and keep quiet around him. Meanwhile, Trask's mechanics give up, and as Trask yells at them, they simply tell him that there's nothing they can do. Enraged, Trask kills one of the mechanics, then threateningly telling the rest of the them, "We're done when I say we're done...." CUT TO BLACK.

Episode 3 - Honesty
Early in the morning, Anna hangs out with Warren and Bobby within the premices of the school when suddenly, Warren is called into the mansion by Erik. Confused by Warren's frequent dissapearences, Anna finally decides to ask Bobby about why this is happening to Warren, but Bobby refuses to say anything about the topic. However, Bobby eventually gives in and reveals the shocking truth to Anna. From Bobby, Anna is shockingly learn that Warren is actually an escapee from a mutant testing facility owned by Bolivar Trask. Following Warren's escape, the government found out about Trask's testing facilities and was forced to shut them down. Despite this, Charles, Erik, and mostly everyone else at the school believes that this facilities are still active. However, even if the facilities really are shut down, Warren is still a fugitive and will be detained if he's found, meaning that he's not able to leave the premices of the school. After learning this, Anna realizes the true extent of America's hatred towards mutants, and ponders if she may actually be better off in this school than anywhere else. Several hours later, even though Bobby tells her not too, Anna tells Warren that she knows everything about what happened to him. Upon hearing this, Warren's charisma immediatly goes away as he becomes much more serious. From the look in the eyes, we can see the pain that Warren is experiencing by flashing back to the years he spent in the testing facility. After a moment of silence, Warren sits down with Anna and quietly talks about what happened, saying that, "I can't ever leave here, Anna. Because if I had to go back there, I don't think I could get out again." A single tear falls from Warren's eyes as he looks down in sadness. Anna, sympathying with Warren, puts her hand over his and begins to talk about her past. Confiding in Warren, Anna tells him that, "When I was sixteen I killed somebody." Warren looks up at Anna, who grasps Warren's hand tighter as she continues to talk. "He was boyfreind. It was around the time my 'powers' started to come up, but I didn't really think much of it. Then we were kissing and I put my hand on his face... and he dropped dead." Holding back tears, Anna quietly says, "I tried to wake him back up... I did everything I could. But as I touched his chest, his body started disapating. Oh god, Warren. What have I done?" With that, Anna bursts into tears, and as Warren tries to comfort her, she tells him, "He wouldn't have died if it weren't me. He would still be here if it weren't for me!" As he puts his arm around her, Warren tells Anna, "You're right. And that's the burden we have to live with. How many people do you think Scott's killed? Or Jean? Or even Xavier? We've all hurt people, Anna. All of us. But we have to move on. And once we do that, we can learn how to stop ourselves from hurting anyone else."After she stops crying, Anna tells Warren that, "You're the only one I ever told that. My family and everyone else thinks that he died of a heart attack. Nobody knows it was me... except for you now." Thoughout the next couple of days, Anna and Warren continue to grow closer, with Anna feeling like Warren is the only person who truly gets what she's going through. As this happens, Scott meets with Hank, who he admires and looks up to. Scott reveals to Hank that he's been in love with Jean ever since he met her and needs to know if she feels the same way. In response, Hank says that there's no way he could know that and Scott needs to figure it out for himself. Meanwhile, Trask sits in his office when suddenly, he gets a call from his receptionist telling him that there's someone here to meet him. Confused, Trask asks for the person's name, to which the receptionist says, "Erik Lehnsherr." Following this, Trask tells his receptionist to let the man in, wanting to see what Erik has to say.As Erik enters the office, he interupts Trask before he can even open his mouth to speak, telling him that, "I know you've continued the Sentinal Program." With anger in his eyes, Trask tells Erik that, "And I know you have Warren Worthington. You bring him back to me... and all of this stops." In a fit of rage, Erik crushes every metal object in the room, resulting in Trask calling security. As Erik is dragged out of the room, he threatens to kill Trask before the door slams shut. CUT TO BLACK.

Episode 4 - My Life
Following the ending of episode 3, Charles confronts Erik about him being dragged out by security and using his powers to intimidate Trask. Scolding Erik, Charles says that they can't make such fools of themselves as what Erik just did has only furthered the opinion people have currenlty have about mutants. As he holds back his rage, Erik says that what these people think of them doesn't matter; all that matters it stopping them, even if it requires a more radical approach. Upon hearing this, Charles tells Erik they can't resort to this, to which Erik says, "We do what ever the hell works, alright?! The whole point of this is to protect our kind, not those savages!" A quick altercation ensues, ending after Erik angirly leaves the room, slamming the door behind him as he does. Meanwhile, Warren rushes into his dorm with Anna, telling her that it's urgent. As Warren closes the door, he puts on a metal headpeice, telling Anna that it'll stop Charles from being able to read their minds. Before Anna can even open her mouth to speak, Warren puts a metal headpeice on her head as well, confusing Anna, who demands to know what this is all about. After making sure nobody can hear them, Warren says that Anna's taught him to live life and reveals he's going to leave the mansion. Anna tells Warren that he'll get caught, to which Warren says, "I'll be disguised, and there'll be know way Trask can find us. Besides, it'll only be a couple of hours." While she doesn't fully agree with him, Anna decides to go with Warren as she wants to make sure he won't get hurt or captured, knowing that Warren is over confident and needs someone to keep him in check. Soon after this, Warren confronts Bobby about his plan, pleading for Bobby to come with him. Despite this, Bobby refuses to help Warren, telling him that he's insane for even thinking of this and will be caught by Trask. Following this, the two freinds get into a bitter arguement, with Bobby telling Warren that, "You're not normally like this, Warren. That girl is messing with your head!" An enraged Warren yells at Bobby, saying that Anna is the first person in a hwile that he truley trusts before telling Bobby, "Why do you think I never even go near you anymore, Bobby? Because you're a shit freind!" Bobby prepares to stay something back to Warren, but he instead slowly walks away, barley looking back at Warren as he does. Several hours later, Charles meets with Scott and Jean about the impending Sentinal threat, firmly believing that they should deal with this diplomatically even if Erik disagrees. Charles says that if they use fear and intimdiation to stop Trask, they're no diffrent than the enemy, then telling Scott and Jean that the need to find some other way to combat these people. However, Scott is too distracted by trying to figure out if Jean has feelings for him and ends up barley paying attention to Charles, resulting in him barley talking. As this happens, Anna and Warren steal the keys to Scott's truck, then enthusiastically driving off, although Anna is extremely nervous about Warren getting caught. Wearing sunglasses to conceal his face and a trenchcoat to hide his wings, Warren heads into a nearby arcade with Anna close behind him. Warren wondrously wanders throughout the arcade, telling Anna, "I haven't done this in years..." Unknown to Warren and Anna, a store clerk recognizes Warren's face from a wanted poster, then calling the police as he watches the boy. Soon after this, Warren and Anna continue to hang out in the arcade when suddenly, an entire SWAT team bursts through the doors of the arcade. A massive battle ensues, which Charles horrifically watches on the news. In response Charles sends Scott, Jean, and Hank to aid Warren and Anna, doing everything he can to prevent Warren from being taken captive. Back with Warren and Anna, they struggle to fight off the soldiers when Scott, Jean, and Hank arrive on the scene. In the ensuing chaos, the entire area becomes a battleground between the five mutants and the soldiers, resulting in a massive amount of destruction. During the height of the battle, Warren's trenchcoat is ripped off, revealing his wings to the bystanders. As Warren sees how horrified everyone is by him, he turns himself in to the soldiers, stopping the battle. Seeing that Anna, Scott, Jean, and Hank are distracted, the soldiers surrond them and put devices on their necks take disable their mutant powers. The soldiers then put the five mutants in handcuffs and arrest them as the crowd cheers for the soldiers, repeadtly shouting, "Kill all mutants!" CUT TO BLACK.

Episode 5 - And So It Goes
Several hours after the shocking events of episode 3, Anna, Warren, Scott, Jean and Hank wake up in nearby cells, still wearing the collars that disable their powers. It's not long before the five mutants collectivally realize they're being held captive in one on Trask's mutant testing facilities, causing Warren to go into a full panic attack. As Warren rocks and forth on the floor, he quietly says that, "This is all my fault... all of it. How could've I have been so goddamn stupid? How..." Anna opens her mouth to speak but is unable to find words, then instead looking down in sadness as she watches Warren. As Anna rubs her neck, her eyes widen upon rembering the collar on her neck. Anna slowly slides her gloves off and puts her hands on his back only for nothing to happen. Anna steps in shock. She's been waiting years for her powers to finally go awya, but not like this. Now, Anna silently slides into a corner, having nothing else to do than thinking about her reckless actions. Elsewhere, Trask uses the destructive battle from episode 3 to get the government on his side, who now support the Sentinal Program. Having all the funding and technology he needs, Trask is able to truly begin to devolp the Sentinals, having finally accomplished his life-long goal. At the school, Charles and Erik argue about what do next, with Erik saing that they need to do everything they can to free not only their proteges, but every mutant being held in captivity. While Charles tries to argue against using violence, he seems to be the only one in favor of this as more and more of the students start to support Erik. Meanwhile, Bobby blames himself for Warren's capture and convinces himself to tell Charles and Erik that he knew about Warren's plan. Upon hearing this, Charles and Erik become infuriated, demanding to know why Bobby never told them about this. However, Bobby has nothing to say in response, and only remains silent as he's scolded and yelled at by Charles and Erik. Despite this, Erik does seem to be more supportive of Bobby, and confronts him afterwards. In an attempt to get Bobby on his side, Erik says that Bobby's mistakes were in the past and they instead need to focus on freeing Warren and the other mutants. Back in the testing facility, Trask enters the cell block with dozens of guards surronding him. As he looks at Trask with rage in his eyes, Hank asks Trask why he's doing this, demanding to know the reasons behind his hatred of mutants. Trask glares at Hank, saying that mutants are a threat that need to be controlled, then ordering several guards to ruthlessly beat Hank. As the camera pans back to Trask, we see Hank screaming in pain as he's pummeled on the ground. Hank attempts to fight off the guards, but he's then tazed until he falls unconscious. After this, Traks enters Warren's cell and motions his hand, cuaisng a group of guards to drag Warren away, who cries out as Anna watches in horror. As Warren's screams echo throughout the entire cell block, Jean and Scott lean against their cells, which happen to be alongside each other. A single tear falls from Jean's eyes as she asks Scott, "How the hell did things go so wrong?" In response, Scott quietly looks up into Jean's eyes and tells her, "We tried to do the right thing, and somehow we ended up here. But we'll get out of here. I know we will." As she wipes the tears from her yes, Jean silently slides her hand through the cell and grasps Scott's hand, who's face then becomes determined with hope. Right at that moment, we cut to two weeks later. Anna lays tired in her cell, when suddenly, she hears footsteps nearby. Anna looks to horrifcally see a nearly unconcious and beaten Warren being thrown into his cell by a group of guards. As Anna steps back in shcok, we see that Warren's wings have been clipped and his face is covered with scars, now being barley recognizable. Warren collapses onto the ground, we see the even more grousome scars on his bare back, most of them resembling whip marks. Anna burst into tears, barley even able to look at Warren, who she knows will never mentally recover from this... and neither will anyone else. CUT TO BLACK.

Episode 6 - Say Goodbye To Hollywood
Late at night, a traumatized Warren lays shaking in his cell, constantly flashing back to being beaten and tortured by Trask. The camera slowly pans out from Warren, and we get an even closer look at his scars. His wings are almost entirley gone, with the edges now bleeding. Most of the Warren's back is covered with whip lashes, and we see that his back has also been burned by a searing clothing iron. As we hear Warren crying, everything cuts to a view of his eyes. Warren's left eye is swolen shut, and scars cover his entire face. Warren is unable to get he noises and images of him being tortured out of his head, and as Warren lays awake, everything slowly fades to black. ONE WEEK LATER. As the doors in his cell block open, Warren slowly limps out with the other mutants, who are led by guards throughout the prison. Anna, Scott, Jean, and Hank are still in disbelief about what's happened to Warren, who's barley spoken a word throughout the last week. We also see that Scott has been beaten, although it's never shown where these bruises came from. Hank quietly chats with Scott about an escape plan, which is all Hank has thought about since he was imprisoned. He's the only one that hasn't lost hope. Meanwhile, Bobby has become much closer with Erik, now seeing him as a father figure of sorts. As he talks to Erik, Bobby reveals his troubled past, and it's revealed that Bobby was verbally abused by his parents for having mutant powers. Eventually, Bobby's parents attempted to kill him, who barley managed to get away and ended up coming across the school. Afterwards, Bobby looks down in sadness, and in repsonse, Erik assures Bobby that, "They were wrong. You're a mutant, and that means you're better than any of them." As Erik looks into the distance, he continues by saying, "They should worhip us, yet we allow them to crush us underneath their boots. To hell with them, Bobby. To hell with them." Bobby looks up at Erik and asks why he means, to which Erik tells Bobby, "We're going to stop Trask... and then we're going to show those people who's in charge." Elsewhere, Trask has finally completed the sentinals and now prepares to show them off to the public, with one singular goal: to exterminate the mutant kind. As this happens, we see that the imprisoned mutant have been forced to build the sentinals, and Trask has killed anyone who doesn't comply. Anna talks to Hank about how she deserves this for hurting so many people, but Hank once again says that her powers are a gift, even if it doesn't seem like it. Finally willing to listen to Hank, Anna hears what he has to say. Hank optimistically says that once they get out of here, Anna can learn how much energy she actually takes from people, and if that person is a mutant, she can take a small portion of those powers and use them. While Anna is oposed to the idea, she still enjoys hearing about it and gives her hope for the future. However, Anna is too focused on Warren to think about this, and she's willing to do everything it takes to get back to normal. That evening, Warren sits in his cell when Trask arrives. Warren begs for Trask to not do anything else to him, who spits in Warren's face. Trask looks Warren is the eyes and tells him that he's gotten what he deserves before having a group of guards drag Warren away, who tries to do everything he can to escape. The following morning, Anna awakes with Trask's words to Warren repeating in her head: "It's time for your grand moment." In another cell, Hank attempts to disable the collars when suddenly, a loud noise is heard outside. The prison guards run out but right as they do, they're impaled by several sharp spikes of ice. Erik and Bobby then enter through the doorway, ready to free the mutants and kill anyone who gets in their way. CUT TO BLACK.

Episode 7 - Only The Good Die Young
Immediately after the ending of episode 6, Erik and Bobby barge into the mutant testing facility, wreaking havoc as they do. Bobby has used the full extent of his powers to turn his entire body into rock-hard ice, his eyes now glowing white as he and Erik make their entrance. The prisoners quickly get up upon seeing this, and a glimmer of hope appears in each-and-every one of their eyes. Nearly every guard in the facility rushes to the scene, all of them ready to shoot and kill Erik and Bobby. However, as the guards fire the bullets, Erik uses his magnetic powers to control the bullets and kill every single one of the guards, making it so the facility no longer has any defenses. Despite that they're being rescued, Anna, Scott, Jean, and Hank watch in horror as their mentor and colleague ruthlessly kill the guards. As he steps over the dozens upon dozens of corpses in the room, Erik opens the cells and rips off the collars, freeing the mutants in the facility. Following this, Erik and Bobby search for Warren, Anna, Scott, Jean, and Hank, with Bobby desperatley looking for Warren.As Anna sees Bobby looking for Warren, she sadly walks up to him and prepares to put her hadn on his shoulder before rembering that her powers are now back. Holding back tears, Anna tells Bobby about what Trask did to Warren and that he still has him. With tears streaming down from his eyes, Bobby screams in rage and destroys everything in the room, then falling to his knees. As this happens, Erik gathers Scott, Jean, and Hank, and a single tear falls from his eyes as he sees their beaten faces. Several days later, the mutants in captivity ajust to life back at the school while Bobby searches for Warren throughout the city. Anna completley blames herself for all of this, saying that she aided Warren and didn't do anything to convince him that what he was doing was dangerous. At the same time, Hank begins teaching again, but he's unable to focus as flashbacks of the facility flood his mind. Additionally, Charles and Erik have begun to become bitter enemies, with Charles in shock that Erik would kill all of those people. In an arguement, Charles tells Erik that, "Those people were simply following orders, Erik! Did you think they were just gonna sit there and let you free everyone?!" Enraged, Erik says, "Men following orders is the excuse for every atrocity in history. I've been at the mercy of people following orders for decades, but not this time." As he says this, Erik slowly closes his eyes, painful memories clearly appearing in his heads. Before walking out, Erik quietly says to Charles, "Never again... never again." Meanwhile, Jean cries in Scott's arms, asking how this could've happened and how people can be so terrible. After Jean says this, a moment of silence occurs before Scott tells Jean, "I don't know. But you have people who care about you... and I have you." Jean looks into Scott's eyes, suddenly kissing him as she does. Scott then smiles, having finally gotten the love of his life. Elsewhere, a large crowd of civilains and government officials wait for the unveiling of the Sentinals, which is taking place in the middle of Times Square. Soon, Trask walks out with an army of sentinals behind him. As Traks greets the crowd, several guards carry out a chained-up Warren Worthington, who's brought to the front of the stage. Trask uses Warren as an example of how monstourous mutants really are, encouriging the cheering crowd to throw things at Warren. As Warren is hit with a wave stones and broken bottles, Charles watches the entire thing on the news from his office. Finally realizing what he has to do, Charles gathers up Anna, Bobby, Erik, Scott, and Jean, telling that it's time for them to take a stand. CUT TO BLACK.

Episode 8 - Piano Man
Right where the last episode left off, Trask unveils the sentinals to the world with a beaten and chained Warren by his side, who the crowd throws hard objects at as they yell and cheer. Meanwhile, Charles uses his personal jet to get himself, Erik, Anna, Bobby, Scott, Jean, and Hank to Times Square in order to free Warren and hopefully stop Trask. Erik once again contemplates killing Trask, and as he does, Anna silently stares at Bobby, not able to talk to him after she watched him kill without remorse or hesitation. Upon hearing Erik say this, Charles tells Erik that this would only reafirm people's beliefs that mutants are monsters that must be destroyed. At the same time, we can see that using the maximum potential of his powers has taken a great physical toll on Bobby, who is currently struggling to stay conscious. Soon after this, the jet arrives in Times Square, catching the attention of the bystanders as well as Trask. As everyone watches, a hatch in the jet opens and the seven mutants walk out, all of them suited up in body armor and determined to free Warren. Bobby stops in his tracks as he sees the chained and tortured Warren, now fully realizing what Trask has done to Warren. Charles orders for Trask to let Warren go, who then sends a group of soldiers after the team. Using their powers, the mutants fight off the soldiers, while Bobby runs towards Warren. Seeing Bobby, Trask activates the sentinals, and everyone present goes silent as the sentinals rise up into air. The sentinals begin shooting powerful explosives at the mutants, and all of them run away and take shelter. In the ensuing chaos, a larhe chunk of rubble falls onto Charles lower back and legs, severley injuring him. Suddenly, the sentinals stop moving completley, causing everyone to go into a state of confusion, especially Trask. Right at that moment, the camera slowly pans up to reveal Erik rising into the air and using his powers to control the sentinals. Erik looks at the crowd in front of them, sadistically telling them that, "It's time for all you to get what you deserve." With that, Erik has the sentinals fire at the crowd. Charles yells at Erik to stop, but his voice is unable to be heard over the screams and gunfire. Before long, dozens of people are dead, with more and more dying every second. A stray bullet hits Warren's chains, allowing him to escape.However, as Warren limps away, he hears a whimpering Trask bleeding out on the ground, having gotten shot in the stomach by one of the sentinels. With rage in his eyes, Warren slowly walks over to Trask and reaches into his pocket, taking his handgun. Feeling the gun being pressed against his head, Trask looks up at Warren to see him grasping the gun in his hands with his finger on the trigger. Smiling, Trask begins to taunt Warren, talking about how he's nothing but a monster and telling him that. "Shoot me with that gun, Worthington. Exactly. You don't the gut-" BANG. Everyone stops what they're doing as they hear the gunshot go off, all of them turning their heads to the source of the sound. Anna's eyes widen as she sees the sight in front of her: a dead Bolivar Trask with Warren standing atop of him, holding a smoking gun in his hands. After breathing heavily, Warren falls to his kenes and lets out a horrifying, remorseless laugh. Warren is completley broken, no longer resembling any part of his former self. As he stares at Trask's dead body, Erik becomes distracted and ends up losing control of one of the sentinals, which then raises it's arm towards Warren. Seeing what's happening, Erik screams and tries to gain back control, but it's too late. The sentinal blasts out a burst of energy, which shoots Warren right in the chest. With the other mutants silent, Bobby quickly runs up to Warren's mutilated corpse, cradling his freind in his arms as tears stream down from his eyes. Erik raises his fist and tears apart the sentinals, destroying Trask's vision once and for all. However, Trask's legacy will continue, and Erik tells Charles that in this war between mutants and humans, he can no longer live by Charles' methods. Holding back tears, Erik says that Trask has demonstrated that mankind will alawys be against them, and if they don't act soon, something similar to what happened to Warren will happen again. A greif-stricken Bobby agrees with Erik, standing aside him as they look at the chaos and destruction around them. Bobby holds out his hand to Anna, who tearfully refuses to side with Bobby and Erik. In response, Bobby looks Anna right in the eyes, telling her that, "This is what Warren would've wanted. I've known him long enough to see that." With that, Bobby and Erik leave the scene, and Hank grabs Anna, saying that they need to leave. In the aftermath, the world become even more divided on mutants. Many hate mutants, but a terrifingly large amount of people seem to be worshipping Erik. In a small village, a group of mutant inspired by Erik kill everyone around them as they chant the words, "Mutant and Proud." Elsewhere, Charles is shown to be in a wheel chair, now being paralyzed from the wasit down after having his legs nearly crushed by rubble. As the camera pans out of the school, we see that Erik's name has been crossed out of the sign outside, which now reads, "Charles Xavier's School For Gifted Youngsters." CUT TO BLACK.

Next: Season 2 - The Brotherhood
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2020.04.24 03:00 portlane David Guasco (May 30, 1944 - April 16, 2020)

David Frank Guasco
May 30, 1944 - April 16, 2020
After a long illness, David Guasco passed away April 16, 2020 in Vancouver, Wash.
David was the son of Frank and Ethel Guasco. He was born in Astoria, Ore., May 30, 1944 and raised in Portland. He graduated from Central Catholic High School in 1962 and the University of Portland in 1966. He served proudly in the U.S. Air Force, retiring as a Major after 21 years. He subsequently earned an MBA from the University of Puget Sound in Tacoma and went on to teach math at Central Catholic High School for 12 years. David and his wife Marlene later relocated to Sunriver, Ore., where he served as an ordained acolyte in the Sunriver Catholic Church, was a 4th Degree Member of the Knights of Columbus and supported Habitat for Humanity both in building homes and growing the local chapter.
David is survived by his wife of 23 years, Marlene Amato Guasco; his two sons from a previous marriage, Michael (Suzanne) and Edward (Amy); Marlene's three children from a previous marriage, Lisa Amato (Arnold) Craig, Thomas (Cynthia Walton) Amato and Douglas Amato; and eight grandchildren, Joseph, Amelia, Anna, Sophia, Ian, Zachary, Erin and Kelsey.
Remembrances may be made in the form of a donation to the general fund at Central Catholic High School or your local chapter of Habitat for Humanity.
A celebration of life will be held at a later date.
Please sign the online guest book at
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2020.04.06 00:51 rwatkins829 Lucas's Complicated Love Life

Lucas gets a bad rap in the OTH fandom because of his love life. That's really it. The rest of the complaints are overblown and unfair. He's your average American teen boy. He has spats with friends and his relatives, but they are momentary and somehow get blown out of proportion. It all really comes down to his love life and much of it was due to outside circumstances dictating story direction and bad writing that didn't come out of character. This isn't to say Lucas would never make even a big mistake. Of course not, but of all the main characters, I feel like his was the least understood by the writers. In season 1, things were fine. The triangle feels in character for all involved. Lucas is young, inexperienced in more ways than one, still figuring out love and relationships, and is only just getting to know Peyton. When she turns him down at the party, for all he knew, that was it. Given what he knew about Peyton, there was little reason for him to think she was anything but sincere about not wanting anything emotional. He tries to move on and sadly it's too quickly and with Peyton's best friend. Ultimately he's a victim of bad timing, ignorance, and poor judgement. There was no graceful way out of the situation once he starts dating Brooke unless he were to break things off with both of them.
It's season 2 where things take a turn for the ridiculous. He dates Anna and things are going well. After the triangle from hell the previous season, he's learned his lesson and wants to take things slow with his new girlfriend. All good. It shows growth and maturity. Now here's where things go catawampus. After a weird night at the beach house where Anna comes on a little too strong, Lucas spends a night presumably talking with Brooke and all of a sudden he feels so strongly about a girl he never showed strong feelings for and didn't spend much time with that he goes over to his current girlfriend's house and not only breaks up with her, actually tells her he has feelings for someone else, someone who was slipping away, who it turns out is not Peyton but Brooke? Ugh. It would be one thing for him to have feelings for her develop over the year as they get to know each other, but no, all of a sudden he's in love with her. And the series has the gall to make it seem like they were the will they/won't they couple set up from the beginning like they were the Jim/Pam or Ross/Rachel of the series. No acknowledgement of his feelings for Peyton, except for the box of Peyton's stuff which apparently was to remind himself of how badly he screwed things up with Brooke? It would've been one thing if it were a box of her stuff or even a mix. No, it's all Peyton's. We all know why. It's not because it was in character for Lucas, it was because Chad was with Sophia. I really wish the actors didn't dance around this issue when discussing the series. Thankfully the writers came to their senses by the end of season 2 and it ends as it should – Lucas and Peyton on the beach together.
I wanna take a moment to talk about Peyton's love life for a second because it illustrates how pivoting from a plan can make sense. While Jeyton isn't a favorite of mine, they have cute moments and some good chemistry. I can see why Peyton would be smitten with Jake, but still acknowledge it's also mostly a case of transference. She wants a family and loves Jenny. Jake's a (mostly) good dad and being with them would give her the thing she wants the most. It all stems from character. Hell even the misdirect in season 3 where she goes to Savannah to be with him only to realize she is truly in love with Lucas made way more sense than anything Lucas and Brooke ever did. If they went with Brucas and Jeyton endgames, as much as I wouldn't like it, at least Jeyton makes some sense.
Alright, digression over. Season 3 is mostly a return to form. Lucas has some feelings for Brooke and pursues a relationship with her, but there were always seeds there was something more between Lucas and Peyton. Not only that, the seeds were planted early for Lucas and Brooke's eventual break up. Sadly, the one big issue I have with Lucas in this year was his insistence they were meant to be together. Really? They have him go from 0 to 60 in no time flat. Even Haley and Nathan's feelings developed slower. It's only next season that Lucas feels completely like himself, in full control and understanding of his emotions. Some might chuckle given Lucas's response to Peyton telling him she was in love with him was "Oh!" However, look at things from his perspective, how would he know she felt that way? She was hung up on Jake for about a year. It doesn't last long because the next night he has his moment of clarity, he had always been in love with Peyton Sawyer. This is the moment where I wish the writers had Lucas finally understand his emotions and love because when Peyton and he are together for the rest of the year, they are truly in love. It's not just mushy high school love but real love.
Sadly it doesn't last. I know this is seemingly a small thing, but I wish the breakup had been after 2 years, not less than one. While I get Lucas's reasons, the time spent apart doesn't feel like enough to justify the split. In the meantime, Lucas falls in love with Lindsay, but not before he kisses Brooke while drunk, which feels out of character. Lucas waited an appropriate amount of time before throwing himself in a relationship with Lindsay and doesn't even have his first date until he believe Peyton didn't show up in LA to at least talk about reconciliation. What followed was a mature relationship where despite the obstacles of careers and distance, they made it work. Lucas knew what love felt like, so I'm certain he wouldn't have even thought about giving her Keith's ring unless he felt genuinely in love. I do believe he loved her. It's when Peyton returns that Lucas comes off as clueless. Clearly his feelings for Peyton were always going to win out. That much is certain, but instead of Lucas understand how on the face ridiculous it would be to throw away a 2 year grown up relationship for his high school girlfriend whose shared history is complicated to say the least, he's written as oblivious. I love their big fight when Peyton throws the books at him. It's mostly well written and well acted, but Lucas's side of the argument could've easily been stronger had they not had him say something so blatantly untrue as to strain credibility that he could actually believe it even in the heat of an argument. What I wish he said was what many Peyton haters have said about her over the years – she wants what she can't have. She wanted Lucas only when she or he were with other people. It's not true, but there's some credibility to it. The big issue I have with after he's left at the altar. This is when he looks completely oblivious. Why does the show insist that Lucas doesn't know how he really feels? Even though he clearly in love with Peyton, it's dumb (and I can't believe in character) that his issue is played as "he doesn't know he's really in love with Peyton." Even if he is in love with her, so what? Should he throw away everything for an uncertain future? The last straw was Lucas proposing to Peyton at the airport. Instead of having him learn and grow, he makes a big gesture, which got him in trouble in the first place. It's true that Lucas went with safe choices and it bit him in the ass. What he needed to do is learn there are no safe choices with love. Instead of dramatizing Lucas working this out, OTH went with "destiny". I can deal with all of these love triangles and if it weren't for my love of Lucas and Peyton together, I would've written this off a long time ago. Instead it's a source of frustration because there was so much to say about love, romance, and insecurities getting in the way of healthy long term relationships. Why is it Naley is written as having the big talks in high school? It's ridiculous and unfair. They wouldn't have the maturity and experience to be having those conversations. Leyton should've been having the same sorts of conversations Naley had in season 3. As much as I love Lucas in season 6, as he finally grew up, there was SUCH a missed opportunity here.
End rant.
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2020.02.14 11:00 DestroyerOfDates Frederick Douglass Day




Other Events Your Might Like

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2019.12.23 10:00 perochan Red Velvet - 'The ReVe Festival' Finale (Repackage Album)

Red Velvet - 'The ReVe Festival' Finale (Repackage Album)

Red Velvet - 'The ReVe Festival' Finale

Release Date: December 23, 2019
Track Lyrics by Composed by Arranged by
01. Psycho / Audio Kenzie Andrew Scott, Cazzi Opeia, EJAE, Yoo Young Jin Andrew Scott, Yoo Young Jin
02. In & Out Kenzie Kenzie, Moonshine, Cazzi Opeia Moonshine
03. Remember Forever Lee Suran, Jang Yeo Jin Louise Frick Sveen, Royal Dive Royal Dive
04. 눈 맞추고, 손 맞대고 (Eyes Locked, Hands Locked) SUMIN SUMIN SUMIN, Jeong Dong Hwan
05. Ladies Night Park Ji Yeon (MonoTree) Choo Dae Kwan / DK Choo (MonoTree), Andreas Oberg, Maja Keuc Choo Dae Kwan (MonoTree)
06. Jumpin' Kenzie Kenzie, Caesar & Loui, Ylva Dimberg Caesar & Loui
07. Love is the Way Gu Tae Woo, Shin Hye Sun (Jam Factory) Ryan S. Jhun, Denzil 'DR' Remedios, Nermin Harambasic, Rodnae 'Chikk' Bell, Courtney Woolsey, Charite Viken Denzil 'DR' Remedios
08. 카풀 (Carpool) Kenzie Sophia Ayana, Léon Paul Palmen, Nathan Cunningham, Marc Sibley Sophia Ayana, Léon Paul Palmen, Nathan Cunningham, Marc Sibley
09. 음파음파 (Umpah Umpah) / Audio Jeon Gan Di Christoffer Lauridsen, Andreas Oberg, Allison Kaplan Christoffer Lauridsen, Andreas Oberg
10. LP Seo Ji Eum Ryan S. Jhun, Hanif Hitmanic Sabzevari, Dennis DeKo Kordnejad, Pontus PJ Ljung, Anna Isbäck Ryan S. Jhun, Hanif Hitmanic Sabzevari, Dennis DeKo Kordnejad, Pontus PJ Ljung
11. 안녕, 여름 (Parade) Seo Ji Eum Fredrik Häggstam, Johan Gustaffson, Sebastian Lundberg, Ylva Dimberg Trinity
12. 친구가 아냐 (Bing Bing) Kim Soo Jin (Jam Factory) Will Simms, Ylva Dimberg, Neil Athale Will Simms, Ylva Dimberg, Neil Athale
13. Milkshake Kim Bo Eun (Jam Factory) Moonshine, Cazzi Opeia, Per Kristian Ottestad Moonshine
14. Sunny Side Up! Jeon Gandi Moonshine, Ellen Berg, Cazzi Opeia Moonshine
15. 짐살라빔 (Zimzalabim) / Audio Lee Suran Olof Lindskog, Daniel Caesar, Ludwig Lindell, Hayley Aitken OLLIPOP, Caesar & Loui
16. La Rouge (Special Track) JQ, Ahn Young Joo (makeumine works), Mola (makeumine works) Simon Petren, Andreas Oberg, Maja Keuc, Hwang Chan Hee, hongttochi Simon Petren
STREAM ON Spotify / Apple Music / YouTube Music / MelOn
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2019.11.21 14:50 OziHedgie Still looking for a pet? I gotcha covered :D *really* have a LOT OF TIME on my hands whilst on leave XD
I'm still looking for a 6th bby, but if you haven't yet filled that slot on a main or on your side accounts, I hope this list helps ya out some =D
EDIT: Am adding to this list every couple of days as I continue my search for my own 6th bby :)Most of the ones I'm listing with petpets have had them for well over 2500+ days, which I'm using as a guide to how long the pet's been stuck in the pound; it's probably not accurate, but that's how my search parameters are set.
Feel free to comment if you've adopted any of the ones listed, or have found your own decently named babies on your searches; I'll update the main post where I can :D
EDIT 2: I'm dividing them into categories to make it easier for people to search...and because of my OCD [TOTAL WIP]
EDIT 3: ...have culled the lowercase/bad pet names & removed pets already adopted.
EDIT 4: Am starting to wish I'd taken notes of dates to begin with, lol...

RW (or closest to!) named / Undetermined amount of time in Pound
- Angel_Micheal (Blue Techo w/ 22HP) [No petpet]
- Arielle_J (Blue Yurble w/ 21HP) [No petpet]
- BlueBethAnn (Fire Gelert w/ 21HP + Ugga-Ugga) [sick] [No petpet]
- BruceHai (Camouflage Bruce w/ 17HP) [No petpet]
- BRooKii (Yellow Yurble w/ 44HP) [No petpet]
- ColinTerrenceDecree (Halloween Korbat w/ 56HP) [!] [No petpet]
- Kiki_Goldestein (Green Ogrin w/ 17HP + Blurred Vision) [sick] [No petpet]
- Killereve (Yellow Scorchio w/ 35HP) [No petpet]
- Kricket_____ (Green Eyrie w/ 21HP) [No petpet]
- Kylie_McManus (Red Nimmo w/ 31HP) [No petpet]
- Liia_Beck (Green Bori w/ 17HP) [No petpet]
- Lily_Robin_Pheobe (Yellow Eyrie w/ 27HP) [No petpet]
- LinTylor (Red Tuskaninny w/ 19HP) [No petpet]
- LoganLamont (Green Quiggle w/ 39HP) [No petpet]
- Lola_Nicole (Green Grarrl w/ 18HP) [No petpet]
- Luc_Benzene (Water Buzz w/ 20HP) [No petpet]
- Matt_____ (Red Blumaroo w/ 19HP) [No petpet]
- Meggieribbon (Green Uni w/ 22HP) [No petpet]
- Miss_Mollee (Green Xweetok w/ 38HP) [No petpet]
- Mr_futuristic (Red Usul w/ 28HP) [No petpet]
- MrSwoo (Female Blue Pteri w/ 37HP) [No petpet]
- MrsAppel (Red Shoyru w/ 22HP) [No petpet]
- MrsSkipper (Red Bruce w/ 17HP) [No petpet]
- MrsTodd (Green Pteri w/ 52HP) [No petpet]
- Pretty_Katie (Green Uni w/ 32HP) [No petpet]
- Professor_Keshk (Green Uni w/ 49HP) [No petpet]
- PuppyLilli (Green Ogrin w/ 20HP) [No petpet]
- Rock_Flynn (Red Shoyru w/ 16HP) [No petpet]
- Silly_Andy (Green Ogrin w/ 22HP) [No petpet]
- SIVER_jean_paul (Biscuit Acara w/ 28HP) [No petpet]
- SkySamm (Red Scorchio w/ 24HP) [No petpet]
- Solomon_kun (Blue Eyrie w/ 17HP) [No petpet]
- Sophia_griffon (Electric Eyrie w/ 16HP) [No petpet]
- SophieLynna (Green Techo w/ 19HP) [No petpet]
- Sweetmadison (Blue Eyrie w/ 18HP) [No petpet]
- Sweet_Viki (Christmas Ogrin w/ 31HP) [No petpet]
- Tonu_Travis (Blue Orgin w/ 24HP) [No petpet]
- TownsendHarris (Red Pteri w/ 61HP) [No petpet]
- Trevan_Morganan (Green Moehog w/ 50HP) [No petpet]
- _Soloman_ (Yellow Eyrie w/ 17HP) [No petpet]
- __Kayn_Hireck__ (Green Ogrin w/ 24HP) [No petpet]
- __Jullianna__ (Yellow Pteri w/ 34HP) [No petpet]
- __Wallace (Red Bori w/ 16HP) [No petpet]
- _____Gabe_____ (Green Gelert w/ 18HP) [No petpet]

RW (or closest to!) named / Alphabetical
- A_Miss_Beatriz (Blue Aisha w/ Snuffly) [5 months]
- Anna_Felicitas (Blue Bori w/ Drackobunny) [9 years, 2 months]
- Angel_Schmidt (Blue Peophin w/ Ghoti) [8 years, 6 months]
- Anne_Lay (Red Usul w/ Mallard) [8 years, 2 months]
- Annie_Hsu (Red Usul w/ Stego) [8 years, 1 month]
- Blissymay_Lisa (Green Usul w/ Tyrowbee) [9 years, 8 months]
- BrianaD (Yellow Uni w/ 25HP & Spyder) [4 years, 9 months]
- Brianolio (Red Ogrin w/ Tapira) [9 years, 4 months]
- BrianXQ (Red Eyrie w/ 24HP & Grackle Bug) [1 year, 5 months]
- BrionJ (Green Uni w/ Cobrall) [8 years, 7 months]
- Chester_Love (Blue Zafara w/ 39HP & Horus) [5 years, 6 months]
- ClintEX (Blue Eyrie w/ 16HP & Meepit) [2 years, 2 months]
- Coco_Chanel__ (Blue Bruce w/ Puppyblew) [12 years, 9 months]
- Dot_buddy (Red Gelert w/ Ghoti) [8 years, 7 months]
- Douggiepie (Red Ogrin w/ 64HP & Tenna) [10 years, 1 month]
- Fran_da_Silvassauro (Green Gelert w/ 19HP & Altachuck) [2 years, 7 months]
- l__Connor__l (Green Pteri w/ Spyrabor) [10 years, 1 month]
- JuliannK (Yellow Ogrin w/ Abominable Snowball) [9 years, 8 months]
- JuliosMC (Blue Korbat w/ 30HP & Zomutt) [10 years, 1 month]
- Leo_K (Green Gelert w/ Altachuck) [12 years, 1 month]
- Lolima_Fly (Christmas Shoyru w/ Spyder + Chickaroo) [sick] [8 years, 2 months]
- Lori_II (Blue Bori w/ Dribblet) [9 years, 9 months]
- LuccCarl (Green Shoyru w/ Warf) [8 years, 4 months]
- Lucy_Verona (Red Usul w/ Mazzew) [2 years, 9 months]
- Marty_Pino (Blue Ogrin w/ Zomutt) [7 years, 5 months]
- Mauricio_Edgar (Yellow Eyrie w/ 26HP & Quetzal) [
- MelodieJonas (Green Bruce w/ Tapira) [
- Meng_Lim (Red Shoyru w/ 21HP & Airax) [
- Melani_Frok (Yellow Bori w/ Tapira) [
- Merolie_princess (Yellow Eyrie w/ Leeble)
- Minijustine (Blue Kyrii w/ Catamara) [10 years, 1 month]
- MissFinks (Yellow Pteri w/ Quetzal) [10 years, 2 months]
- MissWintress (Blue Scorchio w/ Fangy) [6 years, 4 months]
- Misty_Shore (Green Pteri w/ 16HP & Chuchuana) [
- Mr_Clause (Christmas Bruce w/ Fir) [
- Mr_FireStone (Green Uni w/ Altachuck) [10 years, 6 months]
- Mr_Fortifier (Yellow Yurble w/ Wherfy) [3 years, 2 months]
- Mr_Harisson (Yellow Bori w/ Biyako) [
- Mr_Nash (Female Blue Lupe w/ Searex) [11 years, 7 months]
- Mrs_Ciara (Blue Bori w/ Spyder) [
- Mrs_Dawn (Red Nimmo w/ Chuchuana) [10 years, 2 months]
- Mrs_F (Red Eyrie w/ 17HP & Grackle Bug) [
- Mrs_Kira (Blue Usul w/ Angelpuss) [9 years, 6 months]
- Mrs_Krueger (Green Kougra w/ Airax) [11 years exactly]
- Mrs_McBurnie (Red Peophin w/ Grackle Bug) [5 years, 4 months]
- Mrs_Melina (Red Xweetok w/ Altachuck) [8 years exactly]
- Nixi_VI (Red Shoyru w/ 21HP & Tapira)
- NorthlakeBlvd (Green Xweetok w/ Altachuck) [11 years, 4 months]
- NurseSouji (Blue Ixi w/ 21HP & Goople) [
- Poppy___Moore (Yellow Bori w/ Uggatrip) [
- Pretty_Emilia (Blue Usul w/ Bearog) [
- Pretty_Lucas (Green Ogrin w/ Tapira) [
- Professor__ (Red Uni w/ 19HP & Hippalop) [9 years, 6 months]
- ProfxBlonde (Green Bruce w/ 22HP & Nebularis) [
- Rodney_Allen_Rippy (Green Ogrin w/ 30HP & Ownow) [7 years exactly]
- Romo_San (Red Pteri w/ Cobrall) [12 years, 3 months]
- Rony_tony (Red Xweetok w/ Boween) [
- Rosalie_Rani (Yellow Eyrie w/ 18HP & Grackle Bug) [
- RosalynZombie (Green Scorchio w/ 20HP & Drugal) [8 years, 8 months]
- RowynWinslow (Blue Scorchio w/ Stego) [
- RoyceG (Yellow Ogrin w/ Abominable Snowball) [
- Ruby_abbie (Red Zafara w/ Grackle Bug) [3 years, 6 months]
- Shin_Soohyun_ (Red Quiggle w/ 27HP & Grackle Bug) [1 year, 5 months]
- Shiori_ (Christmas Bruce w/ Angelpuss) [
- SilverColin (Green Pteri w/ Altachuck) [11 years, 2 months]
- Silver_Melony (Blue Uni w/ Ghoti) [
- Sophia_Bernadette (Blue Bruce w/ Angelpuss)
- Spike_Wing (Green Scorchio w/ Snuffly) [
- StefanyGerm (Blue Pteri w/ 23HP & Niptor) [
- Stevie_Kun (Blue Eyrie w/ Wadjet)
- Sunny_DeMoney (Green Grarrl w/ Minitheus)
- Susie_Salmon_ (Yellow Shoyru w/ Angelpuss) [
- Sweet_Nini (Blue Uni w/ Altachuck) [12 years, 8 months]
- TonyNoris (Yellow Quiggle w/ 23HP & Grackle Bug) [8 months]
- Toria_Marie (Blue Ogrin w/ Grackle Bug + IQ) [4 years, 9 months]
- Ty_M (Blue Eyrie w/ Walein) [
- __Kerrie__ (Yellow Nimmo w/ Ghoti) [
- __Kaitlyn__ (Red Pteri w/ Tapira) [
- __Rudolph (Green Uni w/ Greeble) [
- __Marianna (Glowing Buzz w/ 17HP & Puppyblew) [

Royal/Nobility named / Undetermined time in Pound
- King_Howard (Gold Blumaroo w/ 28HP) [No petpet]
- King_Tuskaninny_VIII (Green Tuskaninny w/ 20HP) [No petpet]
- Prince_Raynor (Female Blue Techo w/ 16HP) [No petpet]
- Princesa_Lolla (Blue Pteri w/ 23HP) [No petpet]
- PrincessLae (Red Ogrin w/ 17HP) [No petpet]
- Principessa_Royal (Glowing Cybunny w/ 21HP) [No petpet]
- Prinses_Anastasia (Christmas Usul w/ 47HP) [No petpet]
- Royal_Stars (Red Ogrin w/ 24HP) [No petpet]
- Sir_Bliss (Blue Xweetok w/ 16HP) [No petpet]
- Sir_Christmas (Blue Korbat w/ 26HP) [No petpet]
- Sir_Lutari (Green Tuskaninny w/ 18HP) [No petpet]
- Sir_Packard (Red Wocky w/ 24HP) [No petpet]
- SirThormund (Yellow Ogrin w/ 27HP) [No petpet]
- STARRYPRINCE (Yellow Techo w/ 24HP) [No petpet]

Royal/Nobility named / Alphabetical
- Duke_Rubio (Blue Ogrin w/ Duocorn)
- King_Abel (Red Chia w/ Tiny Giant Squid)
- King_Nathan (Blue Kougra w/ Quetzal)
- King_Nelson (Christmas Bruce w/ Raindorf)
- LordBlum (Yellow Scorchio w/ 17HP & Baby Blu)
- Lord_jordan (Yellow Peophin w/ Cybit)
- Lord_Krum (Blue Scorchio w/ Tomamu)
- LordSimone (Red Xweetok w/ Tencals)
- PrinceKylerien (Green Meerca w/ 55HP & Barlow)
- Princess_Edel (Blue Usul w/ Tapira)
- Princess_Emeraldia (Green Ogrin w/ Snorkle)
- PrincessWee (Blue Xweetok w/ Ghoti)
- Sir_Blackie (Green Uni w/ Icklesaur)
- Sir_Chillo (Yellow Ogrin w/ 29HP & Searex)
- SirHogan (Blue Scorchio w/ Chuchuana)
- Sir_Laven (Green Ogrin w/ Buzzler)
- SirLeun (Red Uni w/ Hopso)

Interestingly named (well, IMO anyway XD) / Undetermined time in Pound
- ASzeto (Yellow Ogrin w/ 21HP) [No petpet]
- BigReif (Green Shoyru w/ 20HP) [No petpet]
- Blandinne (Red Ogrin w/ 37HP) [No petpet]
- Blashodu (Red Meerca w/ 28HP) [No petpet]
- Bloomie_Blu (Red Quiggle w/ 27HP) [No petpet]
- BoeseKokosnuss (Green Techo w/ 32HP) [No petpet]
- Bored_Page (Green Bruce w/ 19HP) [No petpet]
- Brizyngr (Blue Ogrin w/ 26HP) [No petpet]
- Brukih (Red Nimmo w/ 37HP) [No petpet]
- Buziitazhs (Yellow Shoyru w/ 31HP) [No petpet]
- Chyllander (Green Ogrin w/ 47HP) [No petpet]
- ClinClinck (Yellow Scorchio w/ 28HP) [No petpet]
- Cotta_Vila (Red Mynci w/ 41HP) [No petpet]
- Count3rshade (Yellow Techo w/ 30HP) [No petpet]
- Freewayd (Red Mynci w/ 27HP) [No petpet]
- FloogieDigguns (Green Ogrin w/ 35HP) [No petpet]
- Frofrozee (Blue Ogrin w/ 21HP) [No petpet]
- JulyGt (Yellow Techo w/ 18HP) [No petpet]
- Jutyyy (Green Techo w/ 61HP) [No petpet]
- Lepaoya (Green Tuskaninny w/ 16HP) [No petpet]
- Lluccax (Green Ogrin w/ 26HP) [No petpet]
- Lottiies (Yellow Ogrin w/ 23HP) [No petpet]
- Lumaroosan (Red Ogrin w/ 17HP) [No petpet]
- Lutarianol (Red Tuskaninny w/ 19HP) [No petpet]
- Merofleda (Green Ogrin w/ 30HP) [No petpet]
- Mintziiee (Yellow Techo w/ 32HP) [No petpet]
- MioFamilia (Red Peophin w/ 26HP) [No petpet]
- Mirliton_sue (Red Bori w/ 19HP) [No petpet]
- Missamaya (Red Ogrin w/ 20HP) [No petpet]
- Mollingya (Yellow Mynci w/ 31HP) [No petpet]
- Monako_Bunny (Red Uni w/ 23HP) [No petpet]
- Moximom (Red Techo w/ 17HP) [No petpet]
- Mummyfried (Red Xweetok w/ 20HP) [No petpet]
- Murtagh_Dragon (Green Eyrie w/ 16HP) [No petpet]
- Mylabre (Yellow Nimmo w/ 23HP) [No petpet]
- Pizzicat (Yellow Ogrin w/ 18HP) [No petpet]
- RindleH (Green Ogrin w/ 18HP) [No petpet]
- Rockrang (Green Ogrin w/ 17HP) [No petpet]
- RomiPupu (Green Techo w/ 24HP) [No petpet]
- Ruffian_Too (Red Shoyru w/ 18HP) [No petpet]
- Ryliiin (Yellow Techo w/ 22HP) [No petpet]
- Secretrainer (Yellow Ogrin w/ 28HP) [No petpet]
- Seelenklau (Yellow Scorchio w/ 29HP) [No petpet]
- Sellmashy (Blue Pteri w/ 38HP) [No petpet]
- Selmiinho (Green Tuskaninny w/ 33HP) [No petpet]
- Sevsnap (Blue Nimmo w/ 27HP) [No petpet]
- SE_WitchWeekly (Green Zafara w/ 27HP) [No petpet]
- SkibidiDooBop (Red Mynci w/ 34HP) [No petpet]
- Sharkfin_ (Red Techo w/ 18HP) [No petpet]
- Shark_Dark_Beach (Red Shoyru w/ 17HP) [No petpet]
- SniperRafael (Blue Bori w/ 22HP) [No petpet]
- Spetsas (Red Techo w/ 33HP) [No petpet]
- Starry_Burst (Red Nimmo w/ 22HP) [No petpet]
- StregaNorn (Green Techo w/ 54HP) [No petpet]
- Stuckarp (Green Pteri w/ 46HP) [No petpet]
- Supriyan (Green Scorchio w/ 20HP) [No petpet]
- Sweet_smithey (Yellow Ruki w/ 32HP) [No petpet]
- Swimming_Petals (Checkered Grarrl w/ 31HP) [No petpet]
- Tin_Dragon (Christmas Blumaroo w/ 33HP) [No petpet]
- Tusquynn (Blue Scorchio w/ 22HP) [No petpet]
- __Lota__ (Red Tuskaninny w/ 39HP) [No petpet]

Interestingly named (well, IMO anyway XD) / Alphabetical
- Artemissss (Red Uni w/ 27HP & Dragoyle)
- Billibuddy (Yellow Pteri w/ 26HP & Altachuck) [7 years, 6 months]
- Blue_Rain (Blue Xweetok w/ Buzzer)
- BoogEyh (Yellow Bori w/ Chuchuana)
- CocoaKyrii (Red Kyrii w/ Tuceet)
- ChucklesChuck (Red Kougra w/ Altachuck) [Today is their birthday, 25/11!] [10 years, 9 months]
- Clybest (Green Scorchio w/ 29HP & Whinny)
- Cosmo_san (Green Shoyru w/ Quetzal)
- Dino_Velvet (Yellow Tuskaninny w/ 31HP & Dartail)
- Dragonedra (Yellow Ogrin w/ Pile of Soot)
- Dragon_Leks (Yellow Shoyru w/ Chuchuana)
- DRAGONPELIGRO (Yellow Shoyru w/ Chuchuana)
- Dragons_Bain (Red Ogrin w/ 18HP & Tapira)
- DrSlothGegner (Green Quiggle w/ 25HP & Grackle Bug)
- Friaeflyer (Yellow Pteri w/ Bluna)
- Fredast (Blue Scorchio w/ 27HP & Dua)
- Green_Pinto (Green Kacheek w/ Mallard)
- Grundeletty (Green Ogrin w/ Angelpuss)
- Korvus_Skurr (Yellow Ogrin w/ Altachuck) [11 years, 3 months]
- KouBn (Blue Shoyru w/ 31HP & Angelpuss)
- Linfardo (Yellow Tuskaninny w/ Duocorn)
- Luli_Velk (Blue Xweetok w/ Abominable Snowball)
- Luna_Nargle (Red Nimmo w/ 31HP & Grackle Bug)
- LuxGlamur (Red Ruki w/ 25HP & Baby Space Fungus)
- Lyshq (Red Ogrin w/ 23HP & C430 Autobot)
- Minnttay (Blue Ogrin w/ Altachuck) [9 years, 6 months]
- Ninja_Lendario (Red Nimmo w/ Airax)
- Pretty_Marine (Glowing Buzz w/ 48HP & Nebularis)
- Pretty_Yen (Yellow Uni w/ Baby Blu)
- ProtoPunks (Red Xweetok w/ Altachuck) [7 years, 1 month]
- Rey_Bufasa (Green Wocky w/ 33P & Abominable Snowball)
- Rikujou_ (Green Wocky w/ Spyder)
- RizzaGoldenBreeze (Yellow Wocky w/ Dartail)
- Rock_Roch (Red Peophin w/ Lurman)
- Rooslemania (Green Ogrin w/ 23HP & Tapira)
- Rukihall (Green Ruki w/ Stego)
- Rukilame (Red Ruki w/ Mallard)
- RukiRye (Blue Blumaroo w/ 16HP & Teemyte)
- Sekikatsuba (Green Ogrin w/ Quetzal)
- SharpSting (Blue Korbat w/ Biyako)
- Shibloon (Blue Tuskaninny w/ 27HP & Crocalu)
- Shinigami_Iceblade (Blue Kau w/ Arkmite)
- Shining_Jade (Green Shoyru w/ Warf)
- SilverSentiment (Red Nimmo w/ Buzzer)
- Sithe_The_Dragon (Yellow Shoyru w/ Angelpuss)
- SkyLark_____ (Zombie Eyrie w/ Flerper)
- Spideybelle_Sweetums (Green Ruki w/ Symol)
- Storm_Legendz (Blue Tonu w/ Raindorf)
- SweetySacha (Blue Nimmo w/ Bluna)
- Sythian_Keltair (Green Ruki w/ Tapira)
- TigeryLlama (Yellow Orgin w/ Tenna)
- TootlePie (Green Ogrin w/ Tapira)
- TuskaTusked (Green Tuskaninny w/ Altachuck) [6 years, 8 months]
- Tyrannian_Rex (Skunk Grarrl w/ 23HP & Gulper)
- _Soze_ (Blue Xweetok w/ Mallard)
- _Tricksy_ (Blue Xweetok w/ Gallion)
- __Grohmann__ (Yellow Bori w/ Chuchuana)
- __Tonda__ (Yellow Shoyru w/ Spyder)
- __Topacio__ (Blue Ogrin w/ Shocket)

Everything else (including fandoms, numbers, etc) / Undetermined time in Poud
- Angelstiger (Red Ruki w/ 28HP & Neomonia) [sick] [No petpet]
- ArkunD (Glowing Bruce w/ 30HP) [No petpet]
- Arms_Keep_Peace (Red Yurble w/ 20HP) [No petpet]
- AvvieBug (Yellow Ogrin w/ 53HP) [No petpet]
- BloodxxHound (Red Pteri w/ 40HP) [No petpet]
- BloomersBoo (Green Wocky w/ 16HP) [No petpet]
- Blornition (Green Grarrl w/ 50HP) [No petpet]
- Bluemaroo_Boo (Desert Blumaroo w/ 16HP) [No petpet]
- Blue_rules_world (Yellow Acara w/ 29HP) [No petpet]
- BluwyBloo (Green Peophin w/ 32HP) [No petpet]
- BonyGrrrrr (Yellow Grarrl w/ 17HP) [No petpet]
- Bright_Eyes_Is_Mine (Blue Usul w/ 26HP) [No petpet]
- BreezyWeekes (Yellow Korbat w/ 28HP) [No petpet]
- BuBbLe_Roo (Red Aisha w/ 30HP) [No petpet]
- BucoPick (Green Wocky w/ 37HP) [No petpet]
- Bull_Demon_King (Green Tonu w/ 18HP) [No petpet]
- Cherry_cheecksismine (Blue Bruce w/ 48HP) [No petpet]
- Chombitera (Blue Uni w/ 20HP) [No petpet]
- Christmas_Like (Christmas Bruce w/ 16HP) [No petpet]
- Chrysaor_The_Brother (Starry Grarrl w/ 27HP) [No petpet]
- Chumbieee (Green Yurble w/ 20HP) [No petpet]
- Cocoaaaaaa (Blue Scorchio w/ 28HP) [No petpet]
- Coco_mailyie (Yellow Techo w/ 24HP) [No petpet]
- CodifyPremades (Green Eyrie w/ 16HP) [No petpet]
- Cosmo_FlowerGirl (Blue Grarrl w/ 24HP) [No petpet]
- Don_phan (Yellow Acara w/ 24HP) [No petpet]
- Du_Volldepp (Snot Blumaroo w/ 22HP) [No petpet]
- FlorenceMachine1 (Yellow Blumaroo w/ 22HP) [No petpet]
- FurryBubble (Yellow Ogrin w/ 20HP) [No petpet]
- Furryyyy (Red Wocky w/ 21HP) [No petpet]
- Grarrl__o__Grarrl (Red Grarrl w/ 16HP) [No petpet]
- JumboJebboJebo (Starry Grarrl w/ 19HP) [No petpet]
- Kikonoutsuki (Green Grarrl w/ 33HP) [No petpet]
- Kuuusco (Green Pteri w/ 16HP) [No petpet]
- Lila___xD (Yellow Eyrie w/ 26HP) [No petpet]
- Lil_Layla_2000 (Yellow Acara w/ 20HP) [No petpet]
- Lilo_Bluigi (Starry Grarrl w/ 23HP) [No petpet]
- LookAlikeItems (Green Blumaroo w/ 42HP) [No petpet]
- Lost_Chia (Red Bori w/ 40HP) [No petpet]
- MeguBabo (Red Yurble w/ 32HP & Neomonia) [sick] [No petpet]
- Melodramatic_Cutie (Red Tuskaninny w/ 31HP) [No petpet]
- MePeeps (Yellow Grarrl w/ 21HP) [No petpet]
- Mercuriohh (Yellow Scorchio w/ 20HP) [No petpet]
- Messimesses (Green Usul w/ 17HP) [No petpet]
- Milky_Way_1 (Red Bori w/ 49HP) [No petpet]
- Moespottoe (Red Ogrin w/ 29HP) [No petpet]
- Morcus_Forcus (Blue Eyrie w/ 17HP) [No petpet]
- MyHassan (Red Uni w/ 27HP) [No petpet]
- My_Idgy (Blue Quiggle w/ 22HP) [No petpet]
- NonMem (Blue Grarrl w/ 16HP) [No petpet]
- Noopalopis (Red Bruce w/ 22HP) [No petpet]
- PinkAmos (Red Uni w/ 19HP) [No petpet]
- PoogleShontai (Blue Peophin w/ 18HP) [No petpet]
- Pure_Crucifix (Blue Scorchio w/ 19HP) [No petpet]
- Roflshimp (Green Ruki w/ 43HP & Mallard) [No petpet]
- Rokkunero (Green Scorchio w/ 20HP) [No petpet]
- RoooooooBooooooo (Blue Ogrin w/ 30HP) [No petpet]
- RUCBERT (Yellow Eyrie w/ 16HP) [No petpet]
- RunnerKun (Green Eyrie w/ 44HP) [No petpet]
- RYQUAn (Green Gelert w/ 24HP) [No petpet]
- Semihat (Yellow Techo w/ 32HP) [No petpet]
- Sharkle_got_Pwned (Cloud Grarrl w/ 26HP) [No petpet]
- ShinySandSlash (Striped Bori w/ 34HP) [No petpet]
- Shnuir (Yellow Korbat w/ 31HP) [No petpet]
- Sindel1 (Blue Eyrie w/ 16HP) [No petpet]
- Sopiil (Blue Grarrl w/ 22HP) [No petpet]
- Speareyesneo (Yellow Eyrie w/ 18HP) [No petpet]
- SpideJ (Blue Grarrl w/ 25HP) [No petpet]
- Spotted_Camo (Blue Tuskaninny w/ 20HP) [No petpet]
- Spot_the_puppydog (Green Eyrie w/ 16HP) [No petpet]
- Squishys_Hissi_Fit (Green Grarrl w/ 20HP) [No petpet]
- StarryRhino (Red Korbat w/ 28HP) [No petpet]
- STARKAL (Yellow Grarrl w/ 16HP) [No petpet]
- SteelLigarZero (Green Bori w/ 18HP) [No petpet]
- SweetIda (Red Korbat w/ 19HP) [No petpet]
- Sweet_Retha (Brown Eyrie w/ 21HP) [No petpet]
- Sweet_Runner (Yellow Ixi w/ 38HP) [No petpet]
- SweetSmilinIxi (Yellow Bruce w/ 17HP) [No petpet]
- Sweet_Swimmers (Yellow Korbat w/ 33HP) [No petpet]
- Susuwatari_ (Green Korbat w/ 32HP) [No petpet]
- Tomaquet (Blue Tuskaninny w/ 30HP) [No petpet]
- Tonuckie (Red Korbat w/ 18HP) [No petpet]
- ToNu_KaRu (Blue Tonu w/ 26HP & Achy Head) [sick] [No petpet]
- Toon_Mon (Red Grarrl w/ 26HP) [No petpet]
- Tortuguita_ (Starry Grarrl w/ 36HP) [No petpet]
- Tripp_Kun (Yellow Scorchio w/ 38HP) [No petpet]
- TroTop (Yellow Acara w/ 16HP) [No petpet]
- TwoFaceJoker (Yellow Usul w/ 17HP) [No petpet]
- _Spiritomb_ (Blue Ogrin w/ 35HP) [No petpet]
- _Swift_Shadow_1000 (Blue Techo w/ 33HP) [No petpet]
- _Typical (Green Grarrl w/ 16HP) [No petpet]
- __Mareep__ (Blue Usul w/ 16HP) [No petpet]
- __Nil (Green Grarrl w/ 21HP) [No petpet]
- __PIB__ (Green Eyrie w/ 49HP) [No petpet]
- __Piplup (Green Gelert w/ 24HP) [No petpet]
- __Shia_ (Yellow Grarrl w/ 40HP) [No petpet]
- __Wonka__ (Red Scorchio w/ 20HP) [No petpet]
- ___Minoru___ (Red Bruce w/ 23HP) [No petpet]

Everything else (including fandoms, numbers, etc) / Alphabetical
- ArrowYa (Blue Eyrie w/ 27HP & Barbat)
- Big_Ching (Starry Grarrl w/ Drackonack)
- BlumerBoo (Blue Blumaroo w/ Tapira)
- Bori_______ (Red Bori w/ Quetzal)
- BoriNeverMade (Blue Blumaroo w/ 16HP & Quetzal)
- BritIsAwesome (Red Korbat w/ Ghoti)
- Bruninhahh_ (Red Acara w/ 17HP & Biyako)
- Chiaaaaaa (Yellow Chia w/ Scarabug)
- Chicaeagle (Red Eyrie w/ 16HP & Ghoti)
- Choco_Chia (Yellow Chia w/ Quetzal)
- ChocolateDropss (Yellow Uni w/ 24HP & Primella)
- Chombynho (Blue Usul w/ 51HP & Walein)
- Christmas_Fuzzie (w/ 48HP & Babith)
- Clawson2 (Blue Bori w/ Khnum)
- CometaIce (Blue Eyrie w/ 21HP & Frogarott)
- Coral_20000 (Christmas Flotsam w/ Cobrall)
- Cristhy_Ribas (Red Usul w/ Tenna)
- Cute_Cuddly_Cybunny (Yellow Bori w/ 36HP & Peadackle)
- CUTIE_KAKE (Red Acara w/ Chuchuana)
- DIOMAR (Blue Eyrie w/ Angelpuss)
- Drig_C (Red Korbat w/ Tencals)
- DonnerThUnDeR (Green Eyrie w/ 17HP & Grackle Bug)
- Florida9 (Green Bruce w/ Angelpuss)
- FOFO_ALEX (Green Tonu w/ Stego)
- FoodyMoodey (Blue Orgin w/ 39HP & Sludgy)
- Foxy_Looking_Thing (Red Pteri w/ Scado)
- GredW (Blue Eyrie w/ 16HP & Grackle Bug)
- Greeen_Dreamy (Green Uni w/ Altachuck) [8 years, 7 months]
- Green_Madden (Blue Ogrin w/ Chuchuana)
- GreenWisher (Green Xweetok w/ Altachuck) [8 years, 2 months]
- Griffin_Ontario (Green Eyrie w/ Dartail)
- GrucerDoo (Green Ogrin w/ 25HP & Roburg 3T3)
- ll_Lake_ll (Blue Gelert w/ Puppyblew)
- JuL_BLue (Blue Bori w/ Pile of Soot)
- Kittyliley (Yellow Ixi w/ Altachuck) [11 years, 7 months]
- KoKkor (Green Korbat w/ Magaral)
- Koko_koosje (Blue Eyrie w/ 16HP & Grackle Bug)
- Komo_ (Green Korbat w/ Chuchuana)
- Kotamax_51 (Blue Ruki w/ Baby Blu)
- Kuty_Gnorbu (Yellow Gnorbu w/ Hermiteese)
- Kyoto__ (Blue Eyrie w/ Niptor)
- Kyouran_Kazoku_Nikki (Red Scorchio w/ 20HP & Surzard)
- Le__Chauve_Souris (Red Korbat w/ Lil Frankie)
- LILIAMON (Blue Grarrl w/ Airax)
- Lion_Camo (Green Yurble w/ Uggatrip)
- Little__Bow__Peep (Blue Usul w/ Mibblie)
- Lizie_cookie (Red Grarrl w/ 20HP & Altachuck) [7 years, 4 months]
- LollipopGreeny (Blue Acara w/ 20HP & Drackobunny)
- Luck_D (Red Korbat w/ Grobrin)
- Luna_Depression (Red Uni w/ Tapira)
- Lupecutio (Green Tuskaninny w/ 19HP & Dribblet)
- Meesssssa (Yellow Yurble w/ Walking Carpet)
- Mega_Tyranitar (Green Bori w/ Mallard)
- MellonSieben (Yellow Eyrie w/ 22HP & Altachuck) [1 year, 1 month]
- Menegroth_ (Blue Korbat w/ Barbat)
- MeuChiaDahora (Yellow Bruce w/ Tanizard)
- Mewn_Rokkie_ (Blue Eyrie w/ Stego)
- MigiotoKanon (Yellow Usul w/ 20HP & Splime)
- Mizi_Unipao (Green Wocky w/ Altachuck) [9 years exactly]
- MisterBonyClub (Blue Grarrl w/ Niptor)
- Moon_princess_girl (Yellow Acara w/ Quetzal)
- MORNING_START_ (Blue Xweetok w/ Baby Blu)
- My_Melrose (Blue Shoyru w/ Angelpuss)
- Pink_Snow (Blue Uni w/ Angelpuss)
- Poogles_Nightmare (Blue Tuskaninny w/ 44HP & Cadro)
- Poor_Bowling (Green Korbat w/ Angelpuss)
- PortBlueSeagulls (Blue Zafara w/ Tapira)
- Prissymissyforever (Green Usul w/ Angelpuss)
- Rindu_Miku (Red Korbat w/ Ghoti)
- Scraatz (Red Ogrin w/ 17HP & Tapira)
- Senators_ROCKS (Blue Ruki w/ Ghoti)
- Setsuko_san (Green Bori w/ 20HP & Gikerot)
- Sharizard_Drago (Red Scorchio w/ Altachuck) [7 years, 8 months]
- SkyGelert (Red Bori w/ Mallard)
- Snobilikatmon (Green Ogrin w/ Warf)
- SOPAYO (Green Eyrie w/ 16HP & Roburg 3T3)
- Sweet_Mountain (Red Usul w/ Walein)
- SWEETSAGER (Yellow Xweetok w/ Cobrall)
- Sweetybao (Blue Korbat w/ 17HP & Taigar)
- Sweety_Loop (Blue Bori w/ Uggatrip)
- Surface_ (Red Korbat w/ Tenna)
- Syuri_Sanyo (Red Eyrie w/ Altachuck) [12 years, 9 months]
- TigerTeethRoar (Red Eyrie w/ Grackle Bug)
- Tokay_Tokay (Red Wocky w/ 28HP & Symol)
- TomatEEEE (Christmas Bruce w/ 21HP & Baby Fireball)
- Toxi_Web (Red Eyrie w/ Angelpuss)
- Tricky_Tusky (Green Tuskaninny w/ Altachuck) [6 years, 9 months]
- Tropiwe (Red Bruce w/ 36HP & Ghoti)
- Twlght_NwMoon_Eclpse (Green Korbat w/ Mibblie)
- _Snivy_ (Blue Usul w/ Pile of Soot)
- _Soooo (Blue Korbat w/ Abominable Snowball)
- _Sunna_ (Electric Bori w/ 31HP & Skree)
- __Oshawott__ (Blue Shoyru w/ Quetzal)
- ___BluBlu___ (Blue Blumaroo w/ N-4 Info Retrieval Bot)
- ___Yurble___ (Blue Yurble w/ Ghoti)
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2019.11.11 04:19 DarshDarshDARSH Name list from a First Communion ceremony in Massachusetts

I was cleaning out my car over the weekend and found the program from a First Communion I recently attended in my map pocket.
I know there is much concern here lately about lists like this. I won’t identity the name of the church, the town (or even the diocese) that the church is in, or the date of the ceremony. All I will say is that it was from this past spring.
These kids are about 8 or 9, so mostly 2010 and 2011 births I believe. I am also changing the spelling on a couple of the ‘Ewe-Neikh’ names to a more standard spelling (for an extra layer of anonymity).
The program combines the girls and boys into one big list, so your guess is as good as mine. I also can’t say whether nor not NN’s are used for some of them. I only personally know one of the kids on the list and I won’t say which one...
Not one John, Michael, Andrew, Christopher, Peter, Philip, James, Joseph, Patrick, etc., surprised me. My First Communion program (mostly 1975 and 1976 births) would have been littered with those names, lol.
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2019.10.20 19:57 cazx13 The spirits in my house are getting stronger

So, I've lived in my house for my entire life. When I was younger, nothing really ”weird” happened. According to my mum and dad I started sleepwalking at a young age, but I wouldn't exactly be asleep, if that makes any sense. They told me, at the incredibly early.hours of the morning, around 4 am, I would walk into. my parent's bedroom, my eyes open but didn't say a word, I'd just stand and stare at my mother while she slept.
As a child, I didn't really believe in the paranormal as a whole, until my dad (who was very much into the paranormal) played the ouija board with his group of friends and psychics, going out to known haunted locations, and performing his own evp’s after experiencing lots of things in the house, nearly every day. It became part of his life but eventually made him stop, as it made him mentally unwell.
I 100% believe those sessions brought something evil into my house, worse than I already was before. A short backstory to the house, before my mum and dad moved in, the house was occupied by an elderly woman, who had a seizure at the top of my stairs. Keep in mind, this woman used to sleep in my bedroom which I occupy currently. This is a major factor to my story.
Many small occurrences happened throughout the years in my house, such as; small things falling over, glasses smashing, toilet rolls being thrown down the stairs whilst my brother and I were sleeping, TV being switched on and off, and the occasional footsteps. All that was ”normal” until I turned into a teenager.
My first ”scary” encounter was a few days after my thirteenth birthday, I was having a sleepover with my best friend at the time, Sophia. Being only thirteen, we were obsessed with horror films, so we put on the film, ”Others” in my bedroom. Everyone else in the house was downstairs watching TV, Everything was fine, until a black shadow caught the corner of my eye, on the room nearest my door. I visualised the shadow climbing up my wall and then onto my ceiling and climbed over towards the bed Sophia and I were on. I screamed as it got closer to us, scaring Sophia, and ran out of the room downstairs, Sophia being too shocked to move at my sudden outburst. I refused to sleep upstairs in my room after that, so we both went downstairs and started to put the blankets on the sofa, until my dad warned us not to stay downstairs, as that’s where everything happens. Confused, we ignored him and continued to get ready for bed. I went to shut the kitchen door, when the key flew out and cut my leg. This sounds extremely fale, but I can assure you it's not. I still above the scar to this date, and I'll never forget that night.
As I grew older, I lost contact with Sophia and got a new set of friends, friends who are extremely close to me right now, I see them almost every single day. I’ve known Ethan and Ellie for five years now, and Ava for almost two years now. With this group, this is where a lot of shit started happening.
I’ll update later, I’m going to gather some pictures and videos I can share on here. I’m not sure who the fuck wants the read this, but I don’t even care anymore, I’m uploading my experiences to make myself feel somewhat more sane.
Okay, moving onto the more recent events. I obviously don't have any photos of when I was younger, but I do have some for this part. It started when we finished our GCSE’S (UK final exams), when my parents said I could have a party with some friends to celebrate the end of high school.
So I did, I had the people stay at my house that night. Everything was good until the next morning. Possibly not the wisest idea, but I introduced my friends to the little things that happen in the house and told them about the woman who previously owned the house, obviously they were a little taken aback, but found it interesting overall. It was until my friend Anna suggested we use the oujia board to communicate with anything in my house. So we did, all five out of the ten decided to play the board, whilst others watched. Allegedly they communicated with their grandparents, but I'm not too sure how true that statement is, as I thought one of them were pushing on the shot glass we used. Nothing happened until a few days after, everyone was in bed, at this point my friends haven't been here since the party.
I have a dog, a labrador cross Staffie, and this behaviour is very much unlike him. Normally if he’s ever sense anything he’d just run out of the room, or start whining, but that’s about it. That night was different, this is what made me think something wasn’t very friendly.
(To make sure I don’t forget anything, here it what I wrote up and sent to my dads friends who were very much into the paranormal, in hope for any advice.
Around late Decembeearly January time, the family was sat in the conservatory. I was in the kitchen on my computer, until my brother Mikey heard some knocking from above us. My mum and I refused to agree with them that something was happening, and blamed in on the neighbors having a drum kit. (Which my mum later told me and my dad that she only said that so Mikey wouldn’t be scared.) They don’t have a drum kit. But the knocks came in groups, above the kitchen in Mikey’s room. Knocks continued to happen and wouldn’t stop, so Dad went up to go investigate, only to find nobody in the house, but Mikey’s wardrobe door was wide open, which Mikey couldn’t recount if he had opened or shut it. Once again, next doors house is a detached house like ours, and their “drum kit” would have been heard louder in my room. Not upstairs in our house.
03rd Jan- mum woke up 5:55 scared, and told my dad that someone is breaking into the house, heard the doorbell go on. (The burglar alarm) Heard heavy footsteps/ movement downstairs. Dad checked the security footage and at 6:AM on every camera in the house including the garden went blurry and grey- but only on his IPad. The camera then froze; before continuing on to 06:012. Some camera’s had chips in the quality, especially in the living room. All this happened at exactly 6:00AM on the dot, when mum heard the door and he footsteps.
05th Jan: I woke up at 5:50 AM to the sound of my dog growling and shaking. I woke up and asked him what was wrong, since he isn’t usually like this behaviourally. The dog started growling at the wall closest to my door, where he cowered on my bed next to me. We both heard humming from outside my bedroom door, but I’m putting this onto the YouTube video my brother left on accidentally. He was shaking violently and whining. I was now terrified messaged my dad multiple messages, telling him what’s happening. The dog then started growling, before jumping off the bed and pacing up and down the side of my bed, like he was guarding me from whatever was happening. I tried petting him to calm him down but he only just growled, so I left him be and tried to get back to sleep.
I put my covers over my head to try and drown out his growling, but only heard heavy boot like footsteps coming from downstairs.
It was at this point I messaged my mum, frantically telling her somethings wrong with the dog, as he quickly jumped onto my bed and climbed up to the window and looked out, like he does when someone is knocking at the door- except nobody was outside. He jumped off the bed again, now shaking violently- before peeing himself next to the door, where he had currently been growling at. He was panting and wanted to leave my room.
I was too scared to let him out myself at this point, so I called my mum- who quickly came in and tried to calm him down. But as soon as she opened the door, the dog ran down the stairs and cowered at the front door, like he wanted to leave. Now.
The dog is very close with my mum, so this is very unusual for him. Security footage caught his tail being very low, and wagging hysterically. Something we’ve never seen him do. He then ran into the utility room, where my mum followed him. The dog then puked , but it was a very big pile, very watery which we first thought he had a bad diet, until we realised he’s only eaten his normal dog food, so something has obviously frightened him.
After going through the security footage for this morning, (which was exactly the same as the previous nights with the freezing, then skipping, the Blurry quality) we went into the living room, which is unusual as we aren’t a morning family- apart from my mum.
My dad moved towards the kitchen door, as I was showing him a picture of the dog from earlier this morning. On the security footage, you can see my dads arms are no where the table. And nobody else was, the cat was on the fireplace, away from the tables and the dog was next to my mum. I was on the sofa, Mikey on the floor.
My grandads box of hearing aids got knocked off the table behind my dad, which he immediately noticed and asked what just happened, you can’t see it on the security footage- as the angle is different. Taking into consideration that the hearing aid box was no where near the edge, always has been.
Other little things have happened since then. Like tapping at windows, my friends and I have all done EVP’s in my house, which at times have been successful, but most of the time not. We’ve done more Oujia sessions, yet again probably not. Best idea, but we can’t change time.
The most convincing evidence for not only me, but my friends aswell, would be an image we captured, in the room behind us, we’re able to see the figure of a pale person, possibly hunched over in the same spot where the woman died in my house. I’ve tried to edit the picture, to try and blame it on the quality, but it remains there through anything. In the picture, which I’m scribbling out the faces for privacy reasons, right after taking that, my friend Ava claims she felt uncomfortable.
I’m not sure how “real” this next experience is, as I was outside at the time, having a conversation about my ill grandfather with my family, whilst all eight friends were sat in my living room. They claim that they were being quite loud, laughing and joking around, when the door handle started aggressively moving, creating a loud sound which made them all stop and stare at the door, thinking it was one of us, telling them to be quiet, as the ambulance was here. But we were all outside. Nobody else was in the house. They claimed hat they started to become loud again, before the incident happened for the second time.
The security cameras in my house, (Which were put up for safety reasons, and because my grandad is ill, so to keep an eye on him is always helpful when monitoring his sleeping pattern and health, have captured hundreds of orbs, especially in the living room, where my dads ouija sessions were conducted,so if this is possibly connected, I’m not completely sure.
This leads us up to October 2019, still living in the house, recently things have gotten a little bit more “active” , if you could say.
Only yesterday at the time writing this, my friend, Ava decided that we use the ouija board again. I trust Ava, she’s completely hooked on the idea of the paranormal, and I know she wouldn’t fake the experiences, so when we connected through with someone, it felt quite odd. Like my fingers were hovering over the board, yet felt cold and strained at the same time. After the board finished, everything was fine until we sat in my room just watching videos on YouTube. Well that was until we started hearing heavy footsteps from downstairs, and of it doesn’t sound crazy, little coughs or humming from the floor below. We performed another EVP in my house, and I swear we heard the name ”Ava” come through around twenty minutes into the session, however this could well be our imagination, but I'm not convinced.
I'm not going to collect all the photos and videos I can to share, but here was the most recent update. Yet again, I know some of of his doesn't sound very believable, but I believe there is another realm, and there are ways to contact the passed, everything and anything is possible. I can't say anything I posted about was 100% paranormal, because there is always the chance that it could just be a coincidence, but if you believe or have had paranormal experiences before, then you know how real and frightening It can feel. But, I can promise that I haven't altered the story to make it more dramatic, I've only left out the little details, like knocking and other experiences, as right now they are too personal for me to say, but I probably will when I get my hear around it myself.
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2019.09.02 17:53 WIBTAhgkgkgk WIBTA If I bust an affair between my non exclusive tinder date and a taken man

To start off, I am 24 years old man. My Tinder profile explicitly tells that I'm looking for long time serious relationships (that's quite normal at where I live).

2 months ago I met this 21 years old girl (let's call her Anna) who felt like the most trustworthy girl ever. You know the feeling when you instantly click with someone? Well we got that. However she said that she doesn't want to rush into relationship, which seemed perfectly OK. After all we knew each other for only 1 month at that point. Basically we talked almost 24/7, except when me or her were seeing our friends.

She was talking a lot about our future and seriously gave the feeling that she was interested in long term relationship. However, every time she was seeing her "friends", I had a small bad feeling that they're not just friends since she literally moved here 6 months ago. But I didn't talk to her about this, since after all we were not exclusive.

However 1 week ago, I started to talk that I'm getting super tired of Tinder, and would like to make things exclusive, at least for a month or so to see how it works for us. She started to act strange and basically said that she would like to continue same way as we have done so far. I felt that maybe I should just start dating again, but keep her as a friend for a while to see where it goes.

Last friday I was out with my friends, updated my Tinder profile and arranged couple dates for next week and she was out with her only friend (let's call her Sophia) that I really knew to be a real long term friend and a woman.

At one point during the evening, Anna sent me a message that she most likely fucked up her friendship with Sophia.

I asked what's wrong and Anna told me that the reason why she didn't want to make things exclusive was that she was seeing an another man who fulfilled some fetishes that she had (and never told me about them) At this point I was seriously wondering why the fuck would she tell me this.

We arranged a meeting for next day, where she basically tried to reason with me. The reason she told me, was that she was ready to go exclusive and felt that being completely honest was only way to regain my trust. She told me the guys name, where they met. He's 42 years old (Let's call him Dan) that she met in her hobby like +5 years ago. Then I asked why did Sophia get angry about this.

Dan has been in serious relationship for 9 months now. Sophia apparently doesn't like that at all.

I can't have a relationship with someone who doesn't see what's wrong in enabling an affair for that long time.

However on Annas defence, she didn't really cheat on me. We didn't have anything exlusive going on. On the other hand I feel that I wasted 2 months of my life to get blatantly misled.

So Reddit: WIBTA if I digged up Dans GF and told her what Dan is doing with Anna?
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2019.08.10 02:32 hodsct59 My Choices For Arlington Million Day 8-10-2019

I am going to like a lot of horses that will get good odds in today's races. You can use your own judgement whether you will want to take a risk or not, but that is really my best game. I struggle the most when I try to put too many favorites in the mix or when the races results in a lot of favorites doing what they are supposed to do. While I am use to waiting until my horses runs the way I expect them to, I can also understand others who might get impatient. The rewards always outweighs the frustration but it took me years to figure that part out. And it will anyone else also that plays the races the way I do. But value is what will eventually determine whether you win or lose over the long run, another fact that I spent years before I realized it.
1st Race:
7)Contendress(9-2) Has made two starts, first race tried to contest the early pace and faded. 2nd race, laid off the pace and tried to make up late ground but finished fairly even. Now adds blinkers and looks fast enough to outbreak the favorites if the blinkers helps. The unknown is the other first time starters who shows speed in their works. Her sire, Competitive Edge, a son of Ky Derby winner Super Saver, broke his maiden in his first start, in wire to wire fashion finishing clear by 10+ lengths at Saratoga in 109 4/5.
4)Mysteriously(8-1) First time starter that has some good works for debut. Both sire, Tiznow and broodmare sire, Bernardini, were better in middle distance races, her 2nd dam, Burmilla, a daughter of Storm Cat, won her first two starts, both at 6 furlongs and both in 110 flat at two different tracks. With her, the break will be the key.
3)Josephine Baker(9-5) has made one start and set an uncontested pace but faded when challenged. However, her trainer is leading the trainer standing comfortably this year and will have to include. Also will run with lasix for the first time in her 2nd start and both her works since were more likely maintenance breezes to keep her fit.
1)Chez Paree(3-1) Has made one start and contested the pace throughout but could not get by the wire to wire winner while clear of the rest. Two works since that effort, including her last which suggests she should take a step forward. Broodmare sire, Defrere, was always overshadowed by his full brother, Dehere, a champion 2 YO Colt and sire of Take Charge Lady, among others, but both were known for siring foals that had high speed. Definitely not out of it, but will have more front running speed to contend with.
Bets: $5 Ex Box 4-7($10), $1 Tri Box 3-4-7($6), .10 Super Box 1-3-4-7(2.40), $1 Super Key 7 with 1-3-4 with 1-3-4 with 1-3-4($6). Total Risk $24.40.
2nd Race:
6)Lyman(20-1) has made one start and trailed the field. However, he tossed his head at the start, was leaned on in the early stages by the runaway winner and simply gave others to much of a head start, especially in a race that was that quick. Now two more works since, one easy and the other that shows he has some fronting speed. A better break and a cleaner trip should put him over the top.
1)High Heater(6-1) First time starter. Trainer is 10% lifetime winning trainer and normally prepares his trainees with a series of slow works. To me, that six furlong work just before his first effort should give him plenty of wind. High Heater has shown flashes of speed in a couple of his works and his bloodlines suggests he should be high speed. His sire, Creative Cause, broke his maiden in his debut at the old Hollywood Park in 56 4/5 seconds for five furlongs and took the Best Pal S in his 2nd start in a 115 3/5 for 6 1/2 furlongs.
5)Top Justice(12-1) Another first time starter. He has some good works for his debut, including a 6 furlong work like my second choice that should help. While his trainer has a 8% lifetime winning percentage in his ninth year as a trainer, he trains mostly cheap stock and spots them aggressively, and has banked more than $7M without a big name runner. Top Justice sire, Danza won a maiden race in his first start, the Arkansas Derby in his 4th career start and finished 3rd to California Chrome in the 2014 Ky Derby, his career finale.
9)Fast Dreamer(9-2)Another first time starter. He also has some good works and bloodlines. However, trainer stop on him for almost a month before putting in his two best work for his first start. But the stoppage as he was approaching being ready always raises a red flag, because it usually indicates a minor ailment or sickness, so I will include underneath mostly.
Bets: $10 WP 6($20), $5 Ex Box 1-6($10), $1 Tri Box 1-5-6($6), .10 Super Box 1-5-6-9($2.40), .50 Super Key 6 with 1-5-9 with 1-5-9 with 1-5-9($3). Total Risk $41.40.
3rd Race:
6)Detour(15-1) She has made for starts and has not placed in any. However, her trainer has been trying to get her back on grass since her first effort and looks like he might get that opportunity here. Her last two was switched to the AWT which is probably not the surface she wants. Her sire, Bellamy Road, smashed the stakes record in the 2005 Wood Memorial and came 1/5 second off Riva Ridge's track record set when he was 4 YO in 1973. Detour's female family has quite a bit of grass influence. Three works since her last effort for a trainer who has more success on grass than the AWT.
3)Just A Look(12-1) First time starter that has some good works and nice bloodlines for grass. Dam won 3 of 7 lifetime starts, all three on grass, including a listed stakes, with a late kick in Southern California. While her works has been a little inconsistent for my taste, her trainer will sneak a live one through, on occasion.
7)Meghan(5-1) She has made 4 lifetime starts, with one third her only board finish. However, she has had the same problem as my top choice, in that her trainer has tried to get her back on grass after her first effort, and in fact, this makes the four race in a row that they faced each other. While she has beaten my top choice all three times, it was by a nose, nose and 1/4 length, on surfaces she should have had a small advantage on.
5)Quality Too Spare(6-1) She has made three starts, with a third in her last her best effort. While I normally try to find a trainer who has a little more success than this one(no wins yet), she has enough speed to clear early and could hang on for a minor reward, depending on what how bad the others might fade.
Bets: $10 WP 6($20), Ex Box 3-6($10), $1 Tri Box 3-6-7($6), .10 Super Box 3-5-6-7($2.40), .50 Super Key 6 with 3-5-7 with 3-5-7 with 3-5-7($3). Total Risk $41.40.
4th Race:
7)Blue Sky Kowboy(20-1) Has made 3 starts this year after an seven month break. Won his 2nd start, though it was restricted to state bred and was his first other than grass win and then ran poor against in a state bred stakes race, also moved to the AWT from grass. Though his recent stats shows otherwise, trainer has more than held his own with grass runners throughout his career. Just believe he is ready to give his best effort this year.
6)My Bariley(4-1) Has made 4 starts since his last winning effort, with two against graded stakes horse and another in a stakes which he has previously won. Also holds a recent class edge against these with a good work since his last effort. The one to beat.
8)Cuestion De Tempo(5-1) Has made 4 starts since an eight month break, with his last arguably the best effort since he returned. He has recorded two good works since his last and a mile fits him better than others in here.
3)Marzo(9-2) Has made 5 starts this year, winning his fourth start as an odds on favorite, most likely because others seen his yearling purchase price of $1M. However, that buyer(Coolmore) has long decided he did not have the ability they originally thought he had and decided to cut their losses and move on for $35K. That win was in a conditioned allowance, so I doubt he can do much better than a minor share, though his trainer has turned around the fortunes of several horses. This, so far, does not look like one of those times, though.
Bets: $10 WP 7($20), $5 Ex Box 6-7($10), $1 Tri Box 6-7-8($6), $3 Tri Key 6-7 with 6-7 with 8($6), .10 Super Box 3-6-7-8($2.40). Total Risk $44.40.
5th Race:
8)Jazz Channel(5-1) Made one start on AWT and showed speed to top of stretch before tiring slightly. Now switches to grass which is the surface she should prefer most. One maintenance work since that effort should help make the forward move necessary to compete in this race. Her sire, English Channel, ran his best races on grass and most of his foals seems to like grass much better than AWTs or dirt. Her broodmare sire, Bernardini is better known for his abilities on dirt and his best foals has followed suit, though a few had shown they like the grass more.
9)Summer Day(12-1) First time starter. Has the workout pattern that has proven most beneficial to me. Both her sire, Sky Mesa, and her broodmare sire, Empire Maker, were G1 winners on dirt but never tried the grass. However, both their pedigrees suggests they could possibly have been even better on that surface, judging by the foals they have produce. Trainer normally only wins a few every year from limited runners, but Summer Day's 2nd dam, G3 SW Summer Mis, was his top runner and her daughter, Summer Again, spent her career in Illinois under his care, though neither was tried on grass.
5)Fall Moon(12-1) First time starter. Also has the workout pattern that seems to work best, working consistently every 7 days. Her sire, Lea, was a G1 SW on dirt and a G3 SW and G1 Placed on grass. However, he has Giant's Causeway and Galileo cross, so both surfaces have suited him. Broodmare sire, Quality Road, also was a G1 SW on dirt but his foals have performed well on both, especially around the mile distances.
2)Aunt Dorothy(9-2) Made one start and finished third. Pedigree fits nicely against these. One work since that effort which was a little too fast for my liking, but trainer tends to make right call more often than not, especially for grass. About a second slower and would have been my second choice and biggest perceived threat to my top choice.
Bets: $10 WP 8($20), $5 Ex Box 8-9($10), $1 Tri Box 5-8-9($6), .10 Super Box 2-5-8-9($2.40), $1 Super Key 8 With 2-5-9 with 2-5-9 with 2-5-9. Total Risk $44.40.
6th Race:
1)Buttered Noodles(8-1) Has made one start. Tracked front runners, made a bid for the lead at the half then flatten out and faded on the AWT. Has two good works, including a 6 furlong work that is rarely seen in racing today, but used to be an angle as effective as first time lasix when a vet had to determine if bleeding occurred during a race or workout. Buttered Noodles's sire is City Zip, sire of known sprinters/milers on all surfaces. His dam, Flowerbomb, is 1/2 sister to Materiality and My Miss Sophia. She won twice in 14 starts, both at 1 1/16 mile, an AWT maiden race and N/W 2 allowance on grass.
Recklessness(15-1) Has made one start. Broke slowly and pick up horses while not making a dent into the runaway winner margin but just missed catching the runner up. Even good works before that effort proved futile. No works since but returns in 2 weeks, so another work would have been a little too much. A better start is expected. His sire, Midshipman, won the G1 Del Mar Futurity & G1 BC Juvenile Dirt, beating Pioneerof The Nile in the latter while landing 2 YO Champion Colt Award and is a 1/2 brother to the dam of Frosted. His dam made one start on grass and like her son, broke slowly and made up a little ground. 2nd dam won 5 of 18 starts, all at mid distances on dirt including a small stakes race.
9)Mister Not Funny(12-1) Made one start in the same race as my top choice. His works before that effort signaled a mid pack finish was most likely and that is where he finished after break slowly and waiting until the stretch to give his best effort, in a distance much to short and likely not best surface either. He goes with first time lasix in here and a surface and distance that he should perform better in, off two similar works as before his first effort. Still, improvement is expected and could surprise.
7)The Gray Blur(5-1) Made one start and exits out of the race as two of my other choices in here, which I normally will not even consider putting that many together from same effort. However, he ran an even race and basically was eliminated at the start with a less than ideal break for him. His sire, Fast Anna, hails from the same sire line(El Prado) and dam line(Kitten's First) as Kitten's Joy. The Gray Blur's dam line will also help him on this surface. Two works, including a solid one and the addition of blinkers could be all he needs to take this field from gate to wire. Beware!
Bets: $10 WP 1($20), $5 Ex Box 1-3($10), $1 Tri Box 1-3-9($6), $3 Tri Key 1 with 3-9 with 3-9($6), .10 Super Box 1-3-7-9($2.40), .50 Super Key 1 with 3-7-9 with 3-7-9 with 3-7-9($3). Total Risk $47.40.
7th Race:
4)Rustic Rick(30-1) He returned from a 7 month break, took a few races to get in his best form and then sprung a major upset two starts back in his fourth effort since his return. Has three lifetime efforts on grass, all at one mile, but was asked to face much too tough in his last in his first start against winner. This will be his first time getting a firm turf with competition that simply matches his ability at best. His sire, Country Day, won several sprint grass stakes but also finished 2nd in the 2011 BC Turf Sprint. Dam, Ric Rac, won 4 of 19 lifetime starts, all 4 on grass at either a mile or 1 1/16 mile. No works since his first effort against winners, but returns in two weeks.
2)Jackfruit(20-1) Also broke his maiden 2 back on the AWT and then entered against winners in the same type class level in next. But he finally gets the surface he was really bred for, though he takes a couple steps up in class. His sire, Get Stormy, was a multiple G1 SW, earning more than $1.6M in his racing career. Dam, Ride 'Em Cowgirl, won her only stakes in an off the turf on the AWT, but also ran 2nd in a grass stakes race. This family traces much deeper than these two, but this is enough to let me come to my decision on whether to include or not.
12)Bird(30-1) Made one start and broke his maiden in same class as my 2nd choice. He has a pedigree that suggests he will perform pretty good on grass also, though not as close up in his bloodlines as my choice above him. Sire, Gio Ponti, was a multiple G1 SW on grass and two time grass champion in the U.S. Bird's 3rd dam, Oh What A Dance, produced Heavenly Prize, a G! champion herself and producer of Pure Prize and Good Reward, both foals of Storm Cat and better known for their grass runners.
3)True Loyalty(6-1) He will be working on his fourth start since a 10 month break, with improvement noted in his last. This is one of my angle horse that I will normally not bet against, but I like the others as good or better. While he has no works since his last and comes into this race off a three week break, that is borderline for me to consider him. Exercise helps horses first to get in racing shape and then to maintain that fitness.
This will be one race that I will be sure to box a dime superfecta and "waste" $2.40. It this type of payoff potential that I have always mentioned over and over. The potential for a dime super returning $7-8K makes it a bet I will not let pass me by, but others can.
Bets: $10 WP 4($20), $5 Ex Box 2-4($10), $1 Tri Box 2-4-12($6), .10 Super Box 2-3-4-12($2.40), $1 Super Key 4 with 2-3-12 with 2-3-12 with 2-3-12($6). Total Risk $44.40.
8th Race:
2)Dazzling Truths(20-1) Made four starts this year with a third his best effort. Here is a horse that actually proves what wotks can do to your fitness and form. His workouts pattern has been spotty and ineffective. 2 works in 23 days to prepare for first start in almost 5 months. Then wheeled back in 9 days and 18 days, which is ok but on outer edge of moving a horse forward. Then a 53 day layoff with 2 works a month apart and he ran flat. So the only reason I will use him in here is most seems like they would rather sprint and he wheels back yet again in 11 days, which is enough time to recuperate but still have what conditioning he got from his last effort left. Edge in a wide open field.
4)Can't Hide From Me(7-2) Unbeaten in three starts but now changes barn and has one slow work since his last effort. Not sure he wants a mile distance but his connections picked a good spot to find out. However, while field is fairly weak, he is be facing his toughest test yet.
1)Sovereign Impact(20-1) Claimed out of his last start by connections who tends to get the best results from their trainees. He has won 2 sprints, one at 5 furlongs and one at 6 furlongs, both on Indiana Downs speed favoring track that often helps front runners look better than they actually are. Has had very little impact in races away from that track. One fairly decent work since the claim.
11) Dabo(5-1) Only one in field that has proven that this distance is within his scope, but both wins have came in races restricted to state breds. His maiden win at 6 furlongs came against open breds and his last to first effort saw him beat my top choice in the first start of his career. He has several good efforts while overmatched in Turfway Park 3 YO preps for the Ky Derby. Sharp right now as he wheels back in two weeks.
Bets: $5 Ex Box 2-4($10), $1 Tri Box 1-2-4($6), .10 Super Box 1-2-4-11($2.40). Total Risk $18.40.
9th Race:
6)Magic Wand(3-1) Wanted no part of Enable in last, but not many does. She has some races that makes her a contender for the win. Only difference,is she has tried the boys in top races on several occasions over here and ran respectable in them. like her stablemate, she contested Europe's biggest 3 YO fillies races last year.
1)Fleeting(5-2) Making first U.S. start after running in top 3 YO fillies races in Europe. Nicely bred horse who is bred along the same lines as the favorite in here. Only trainer that could possibly give Brown fits with his own handling of his fillies stars, though he is better in Europe when he does not have to travel half way around the globe.
7) Sistercharlie(8-5) Most likely will be odds on and I will try to beat. Makes 2nd start this year but like usual, Brown had her fit for her first test. 2 more good works and looks like that race took nothing out of her. Won this race last year in a contest between 3 Brown's trainees. One to beat.
5)Remember Daisy(30-1) Gets the acid test now but has shown some ability in her career. Though not likely to beat the top three, I will try to beat the rest in here with this one. No works since last, but trainer has farm nearby and probably has used it to keep her fit.
Bets: .50 Super Box 1-5-6-7($12), $3 Super Key 6 with 1-5-7 with 1-5-7 with 1-5-7($18). Total Risk $30.
10th Race:
7)Valid Point(5-1) Has not started since early June but has the best workout pattern since, and Brown is the one I first started noticing it with. Unbeaten in two starts and bred well enough to make it three, especially since the distance has been shorten to a mile on grass.
5)Ry's The Guy(15-1) Broken his maiden two back and then won his first level allowance race in his last and first effort on grass. As his bloodlines suggests, he put in his best performance to date when entered on the correct surface. Definitely not out of this and could surprise. Sire, Distorted Humor, performed in top level on dirt throughout his racing career, but as a sire is better known as an off track specialist or grass sire. Broodmare sire, Royal Academy, won the mile BC Turf Mile in his last start and when on to be a leading sire in several countries for several years. He is a 1/2 brother to Terlingua, the dam of Storm Cat.
1)Clint Maroon(20-1) After three straight win on grass, his last two had good possibilities why he did not win. His first of those two was a little further than his bloodlines suggests would be his best distance and in his most recent start, he stumbled at the start and then had to circle 6 wide to get into contention, giving his opponents a decided edge. Since that start, he has switched barns and has turned in three good works. His sire, Oasis Dream, was a sprint champion in Europe while his broodmare sire, El Prado is sire of both Medaglia D'Oro and Kitten's Joy. Another that is in with a good shot at an upset.
6)Fog Of War(3-1) Has made 2 starts this year with the second a significant improvement over his first start. However, he will need to take his class up another level or two to compete against these. His sire, War Front, is leading miler grass sire since the death of Scat Daddy. His dam, Say, a royally bred daughter of Galileo out of G1 SW Riskaverse has yet produced anyone close to either parent. Therefore, I will bet the three I like better and make this one beat me.
Bets: $5 Ex Box 5-7($10), $2 Ex Box 1-5-7($12), $3 Tri Box 1-5-7($18), .50 Super Box 1-5-6-7($12), $1 Super Key 7 with 1-5-6 with 1-5-6 with 1-5-6($6). Total Risk $58.
11th Race:
8)Captivating Moon(20-1) Made one start this year, finishing third in the prep for this race. Ran against good 3 YOs last year while never quite getting over type. New year and a freshening while giving him more time to mature could definitely be the answer. Two nice works since and he should be ready for the next step forward.
1)Robert Bruce(7-2) Made two starts this year, the first simply an out to get him fit. The second start saw him run 2nd to his stablemate, though he had the post position that tends to struggle compared to his stablemate who got another super trip from a post that tends to get good trips on Belmont inner turf course.
3)Bricks And Mortar(8-5) Is the favorite and deserving so. However, he is due for a not so good trip that will test his ability to overcome adversity that has taken many good runners down a notch or two. He is winding down his career as his breeding rights was sold to Japan and he departs after his last race this year, supposedly the BC Turf. Best U.S turf horse in training until someone knocks him down a notch.
4)Catcho En Die(30-1) Has made three starts this year and clearly been off form. However, he ran 4th in this race last year but was moved up to third via a dq of original third place finisher. Now on his fourth start since returning, including his first against the top two choices in here, I look for him to stick around because this field is similar to last year's field, with two horses dwarfing the others and he comes in not having a hard fought win he was coming off of, like last year.
Bets: $10 WP 8($20), $5 Ex Box 1-8($10), $1 Tri Box 1-3-8($6), .10 Super Box 1-3-4-8($2.40), $1 Super Key 8 with 1-3-4 with 1-3-4 with 1-3-4($6). Total Risk $44.40.
12th Race:
7)Comic Kitten(15-1) 4 starts this year with 2 seconds. But after a mini break of two months, she was entered in an allowance race that the winner slowed the pace down to a crawl and was able to hold her safe in a final time that was on the pedestrian side for grass especially. She needed two more efforts to recover, including drawing the rail on Saratoga turf course, where winners rarely make an impact from. Now she is working on her third try since that good first effort try and look for her to come alive. She has the same monstrous Sadler's Wells cross as Enable, though thru two different sons and grandsons.
2)Aunt Hattie(20-1) Has made 6 starts this year. Working on her fourth effort since her last winning effort with her last being her best effort, indicating she is regaining top form. One work since that effort should help her to retain her form. Her sire, Camelot, came the closest to sweeping the English TC since Nijinsky turned that hat trick in 1970. Her broodmare sire, Danehill, represent the same sire/dam family cross that has produced many top European G1 winners and champions.
10)Art Of Almost(5-1) 5 starts this year, breaking her maiden in her third start, then a conditioned allowance in her fourth start before finishing 3rd against a good G2 field of older mares, just missing second. 4 good works since that effort should have her in her best form.
3)Lightscameraaction(20-1) 3 starts this year, winning her most recent effort, but with some room for improvement. She showed some promise as a 2 YO and will most likely show more promise as she reaches peak conditioning. 2nd dam, Cross Traffic, was a multiple G1 SW and her best son, Cross Traffic, a son of Unbridled's Song, also won the G1 Whitney H and finished 2nd in the G1 Metropolitan Mile.
Bets: $10 WP 7($20), $5 Ex Box 2-7($10), $1 Tri Box 2-7-10($6), .10 Super Box 2-3-7-10($2.40), $1 Super Box 7 with 2-3-10 with 2-3-10 with 2-3-10($6). Total Risk $44.40.

By my calculation, I have listed $483 worth of bets I will make at Arlington tomorrow. So my goal this week will be to cash tickets worth around $1500. Anything more will be like gravy on top, and anything less will make me try harder again next weekend.
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2019.08.02 21:25 Lamyenie Roughly translated banner/event list based on CN

Hello. I'm following what Kaminali did in this post and have attempted to translate (via Chrome auto translate so potential mistakes) a list of upcoming banners/events. Currently I've gone thru the Aug 1 update. Feel free to let me know how to do this better (first time for such a post)!
CN Date GL Date (approx) Banner Special Event GoF Class Heart Confession
02/28/2019 08/08/2019 Sigma/Lamda New SSRs Bozel shard event re-run Sigma Angelina
. Apex Arena Lamda Narm
. Purchase Points refresh Jessica Imelda
. Escapted Treasure Level 65 Anna
. Secret Store equipment Liffany (Accessory) Lewin
. Secret Store equipment Jugler (Helmet) Leticia
. Split Fixed Damage into Fixed (Barb type) and Percent Damage (Lava Golem), change boss immunities to only Percent immune
. Add 3 maps to world arena
CN Date GL Date (approx) Banner Special Event GoF Class Heart Confession
03/07/2019 08/15/2019 AltemulleLuna/Lanford Focus Banner, 1st SSR guaranteed to be one of these 3 if unowned Egbert - Hermit [Lightning Strike, Summon Flame Bower; Dark Elf Shooter, Guard Infanty]
. $ Purchase - Happy Enchanting Gift Pack (Enchanting Scrolls, etc.)
CN Date GL Date (approx) Banner Special Event GoF Class Heart Confession
03/14/2019 08/22/2019 Shelfaniel/Angelina Rate up, not focus Special event for those who have completed chapter 35 of main story
. Swimsuit skins on sale again Point redemption event
CN Date GL Date (approx) Banner Special Event GoF Class Heart Confession
03/21/2019 08/29/2019 No new banner Macho Card Draw - choose 1 of 6 skins (Bozel, Cherie, Luna, Tiaris, Liana, Leon)
. $ Purchase - Happy Enchanting Gift Pack (Enchanting Scrolls, etc.)
. Eternal Temple bosses no longer immune to Fixed Damage (only Percent Damage)
CN Date GL Date (approx) Banner Special Event GoF Class Heart Confession
03/28/2019 09/05/2019 WileGizlof New SSRs Rachel
. New SR - Serena Listell
. New Time Rift - Allows Matthew, Almeda and Grenier to achieve 6-StaSSR rank Liffany
. Add 2 maps to Apex/World Arena
. Apex Arena - can playback battles and share report via chat
. Purchase Points refresh
. Secret Store equipment Rachel (Armor)
. Secret Store equipment Emerick (Helmet)
. Secret Store Sonya (Skin)
. Display equip/enchants to chat
CN Date GL Date (approx) Banner Special Event GoF Class Heart Confession
04/04/2019 09/12/2019 Ledin/Elwin/Landius Focus Banner, 1st SSR guaranteed to be one of these 3 if unowned Elwin Secret Realm event, collect props to exchange for items Liana - Hermit [Meditation, Summon Sky Shooter; Big Elf, Wizard]
. $ Purchase - Professional Master Gift Package (Rune Stones/Class Mats)
CN Date GL Date (approx) Banner Special Event GoF Class Heart Confession
04/11/2019 09/19/2019 Lambda/Liana/Rachel Focus Banner, 1st SSR guaranteed to be one of these 3 if unowned Gizlof
. $ Purchase weekend only - Burgers, etc Wiler
. Scott
. Lester?
. Laird?
CN Date GL Date (approx) Banner Special Event GoF Class Heart Confession
04/18/2019 09/26/2019 No new banner Macho Card Draw - Listill skin
. $ Purchase weekend only - Masters Training Package and Weekend Fitness Package sold each weekend moving forward Daily Task event
CN Date GL Date (approx) Banner Special Event GoF Class Heart Confession
04/25/2019 10/03/2019 Sakura/Kanzaki Limited Time Crossover Sakura Wars SSRs Labor Day (May 1-May 7/Oct 9-Oct 15?) Gates of Fate chances doubled Sonya
. Limited Time Crossover Sakura Wars SR - Alice (only available via event starting the following week) Labor Day (May 1-May 7/Oct 9-Oct 15?) Login rewards and $ Purchase Sophia
. New SR - Angelica *only obtainable in new story chapters, not in character draws Feraquea
. Story expanded to Chapter 47
. Purchase Points refresh
. Secret Store equipment Cherie (Armor)
. Secret Store equipment Hein (Helmet)
. Eternal Temple Blessing added, complete higher level and lower levels will auto get blessed
CN Date GL Date (approx) Banner Special Event GoF Class Heart Confession
05/02/2019 10/10/2019 Bernhardt/Elwin/Leon Focus Banner, 1st SSR guaranteed to be one of these 3 if unowned Sakura Wars Limited secret realm event, collect props to exchange for items including SR Alice
. Limited Time Skins available - Alice, Temple Knight, Bone Rhino
CN Date GL Date (approx) Banner Special Event GoF Class Heart Confession
05/09/2019 10/17/2019 Equipment Summon Limited time SSR Equipment Daily Login (May 8-14/Oct 16-22?) 20 gems, 10000 Gold Sakura Sakura
. Spirit Sword Wild Eagle (weapon) Infantry/Cavalry - ATK/Crit +1.5%, after attack dispel enemy buff and apply debuff Kanzaki Kanzaki
. Huatuan Uniform (armor) Fly/ArcheWateAssassin - DEF/MDEF + 1%. Before ranged attack deal fixed damage to enemy (0.5x hero's MDEF) Alice Alice
. Red Ribbon (helmet) Fly/ArcheWateAssassin - HP +2%, after action if HP < 50% then restore 20% HP Serena Serena
. Bear Doll (accessory) Received Heal +3%, Single target buff duration extended 1 round Aaron?
. New Secret Realm Twisted Challenges Rohga
CN Date GL Date (approx) Banner Special Event GoF Class Heart Confession
05/16/2019 10/24/2019 Zerida/Jugler Rate up, not focus Macho Lotto - Landius Skin Tiaris - Unicorn Knight [Fireball, Sacred Missle; Assault hussars, Catapults]
. $ Purchase - Professional Master Gift Package (Rune Stones/Class Mats)
CN Date GL Date (approx) Banner Special Event GoF Class Heart Confession
05/23/2019 10/31/2019 Claret/Alustriel New SSRs Clear Chapter 47 to unlock Yulia's story SR Fana?
. Purchase Points refresh Anna
. $ Purchase - Heart of Hearts Gift Pack
CN Date GL Date (approx) Banner Special Event GoF Class Heart Confession
05/30/2019 11/07/2019 Luna/Cherie, Narm Rate up, not focus Charm of Seven Notes Secret Realm Event, exchange activity points for Almeda skin and more Serena - Shield Sword Commander [Defense Support, According to the defensive; Reload the infanty, Reload the calvalry]
. Limited time skins available - Matthew, Luna, Liana
. $ Purchase - Summer Dress Guide (skin coupons, etc.)
CN Date GL Date (approx) Banner Special Event GoF Class Heart Confession
06/06/2019 11/14/2019 Lanford/Listill/Wiler Focus Banner, 1st SSR guaranteed to be one of these 3 if unowned Goddess Trial, Aniki Gym, Angelica's Training, Bonding Realm Daily Bonus +1 Claret
. Limited Time skins available - Cherie, Lana Daily Login rewards Alustria
. $ Purchase - Heart of Hearts Gift Pack Keith
. Pierre
CN Date GL Date (approx) Banner Special Event GoF Class Heart Confession
06/13/2019 11/21/2019 No new banner Macho Card Draw - Zerida Skin
. Daily Activity point event - Egbert Skin
CN Date GL Date (approx) Banner Special Event GoF Class Heart Confession
06/20/2019 11/28/2019 Omega/Yulia New SSRs Lamda
. Secret Realm Sweeping available 5x daily Jessica
. New Secret Realm Challenge Boss, obtain "Proficient Stones" to enhance equipment mastery
. $ Purchase - Cath Sword Package (Enchanting Scrolls, etc.)
. $ Purchase - Creation Surprise Package (Rune Stones/Class Mats)
. Purchase Points refresh
. Secret Store equipment Lanford? (Helmet)
. Secret Store equipment Freya (Helmet)
CN Date GL Date (approx) Banner Special Event GoF Class Heart Confession
06/27/2019 12/05/2019 Gizlov/Sigma/Lamda Focus Banner, 1st SSR guaranteed to be one of these 3 if unowned Fireworks Secret Realm event, collect props to exchange for Vargas skin, avatar frame and more
. Limited Time skins available - Tiaris, Freya
. $ Purchase - Fashion Week Guide (skin coupons, etc.)
. Clock of Forgiveness upgraded to 9 uses
CN Date GL Date (approx) Banner Special Event GoF Class Heart Confession
07/04/2019 12/12/2019 Liana/Lana/Zerida Focus Banner, 1st SSR guaranteed to be one of these 3 if unowned Omega
. $ Purchase - Heart of Hearts Gift Pack Yulia
. Apex Arena Season 2 Angelica
. Honor Store opens
CN Date GL Date (approx) Banner Special Event GoF Class Heart Confession
07/11/2019 12/19/2019 No new banner Daily Task event
. $ Purchase - Enchant Package (Enchanting Scrolls, etc.) Macho Lotto - Jugler Skin
. $ Purchase - Heart lock treasure box (Rune Stones/Class Mats)
CN Date GL Date (approx) Banner Special Event GoF Class Heart Confession
07/18/2019 12/26/2019 Yusuke/Kurama Limited Time Crossover Yu Yu Hakusho SSRs Daily Login rewards Angelica
. Story expanded to Chapter 50, obtain "stone of dreams" to re-job matthew Leticia
. $ Purchase - S1 Apex Arena Memorial Gift Pack (skin coupons, class stone packs, enchant scroll packs, etc.)
. Limited Time skin available - Bernhardt
. Purchase Points refresh
. New feature: if you draw a hero with boosted rates on a banner that is already 6 stars you get a "time and space essence" that allows you to trade the fragments of that hero for other boosted rate hero(es) on that same banner.
. Secret Store equipment Ledin (Weapon)
. Secret Store equipment Almeda (Weapon)
. New maps added to [Secret Time Limit Activity - Collaboration], level 65 enemies
CN Date GL Date (approx) Banner Special Event GoF Class Heart Confession
07/25/2019 01/02/2020 Claret/Tiaris/Luna Focus Banner, 1st SSR guaranteed to be one of these 3 if unowned Yusuke Almeda - God [Group Therapy, Breath of the Holy Dragon; Wizard, Templar] Yusuke
. Limited Time Crossover Yu Yu Hakusho SR - Kazuma (only available via event) Kurama Grenier - Bow Rider [First Counterattack, Iron Helmet; Cyclone Rangers, Heavy Centurion] Kurama
. Kazuma Kazuma
CN Date GL Date (approx) Banner Special Event GoF Class Heart Confession
08/01/2019 01/09/2020 Hiei/Toguro Brothers Limited Time Crossover Yu Yu Hakusho SSRs
. Limited Time skin available - Hiei
. New Time Rift chapter opens
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2019.08.02 17:04 Lamyenie test

CN Date GL Date (approx) Banner Special Event GoF Class Heart Confession
02/28/2019 08/08/2019 Sigma/Lamda New SSRs Bozel shard event re-run Sigma Angelina
. Apex Arena Lamda Narm
. Purchase Points refresh Jessica Imelda
. Escapted Treasure Level 65 Anna
. Secret Store equipment Liffany (Accessory) Lewin
. Secret Store equipment Jugler (Helmet) Leticia
. Split Fixed Damage into Fixed (Barb type) and Percent Damage (Lava Golem), change boss immunities to only Percent immune
. Add 3 maps to world arena
CN Date GL Date (approx) Banner Special Event GoF Class Heart Confession
03/07/2019 08/15/2019 AltemulleLuna/Lanford Focus Banner, 1st SSR guaranteed to be one of these 3 if unowned Egbert - Hermit [Lightning Strike, Summon Flame Bower; Dark Elf Shooter, Guard Infanty]
. $ Purchase - Happy Enchanting Gift Pack (Enchanting Scrolls, etc.)
CN Date GL Date (approx) Banner Special Event GoF Class Heart Confession
03/14/2019 08/22/2019 Shelfaniel/Angelina Rate up, not focus Special event for those who have completed chapter 35 of main story
. Swimsuit skins on sale again Point redemption event
CN Date GL Date (approx) Banner Special Event GoF Class Heart Confession
03/21/2019 08/29/2019 No new banner Macho Card Draw - choose 1 of 6 skins (Bozel, Cherie, Luna, Tiaris, Liana, Leon)
. $ Purchase - Happy Enchanting Gift Pack (Enchanting Scrolls, etc.)
. Eternal Temple bosses no longer immune to Fixed Damage (only Percent Damage)
CN Date GL Date (approx) Banner Special Event GoF Class Heart Confession
03/28/2019 09/05/2019 WileGizlof New SSRs Rachel
. New SR - Serena Listell
. New Time Rift - Allows Matthew, Almeda and Grenier to achieve 6-StaSSR rank Liffany
. Add 2 maps to Apex/World Arena
. Apex Arena - can playback battles and share report via chat
. Purchase Points refresh
. Secret Store equipment Rachel (Armor)
. Secret Store equipment Emerick (Helmet)
. Secret Store Sonya (Skin)
. Display equip/enchants to chat
CN Date GL Date (approx) Banner Special Event GoF Class Heart Confession
04/04/2019 09/12/2019 Ledin/Elwin/Landius Focus Banner, 1st SSR guaranteed to be one of these 3 if unowned Elwin Secret Realm event, collect props to exchange for items Liana - Hermit [Meditation, Summon Sky Shooter; Big Elf, Wizard]
. $ Purchase - Professional Master Gift Package (Rune Stones/Class Mats)
CN Date GL Date (approx) Banner Special Event GoF Class Heart Confession
04/11/2019 09/19/2019 Lambda/Liana/Rachel Focus Banner, 1st SSR guaranteed to be one of these 3 if unowned Gizlof
. $ Purchase weekend only - Burgers, etc Wiler
. Scott
. Lester?
. Laird?
CN Date GL Date (approx) Banner Special Event GoF Class Heart Confession
04/18/2019 09/26/2019 No new banner Macho Card Draw - Listill skin
. $ Purchase weekend only - Masters Training Package and Weekend Fitness Package sold each weekend moving forward Daily Task event
CN Date GL Date (approx) Banner Special Event GoF Class Heart Confession
04/25/2019 10/03/2019 Sakura/Kanzaki Limited Time Crossover Sakura Wars SSRs Labor Day (May 1-May 7/Oct 9-Oct 15?) Gates of Fate chances doubled Sonya
. Limited Time Crossover Sakura Wars SR - Alice (only available via event starting the following week) Labor Day (May 1-May 7/Oct 9-Oct 15?) Login rewards and $ Purchase Sophia
. New SR - Angelica *only obtainable in new story chapters, not in character draws Feraquea
. Story expanded to Chapter 47
. Purchase Points refresh
. Secret Store equipment Cherie (Armor)
. Secret Store equipment Hein (Helmet)
. Eternal Temple Blessing added, complete higher level and lower levels will auto get blessed
CN Date GL Date (approx) Banner Special Event GoF Class Heart Confession
05/02/2019 10/10/2019 Bernhardt/Elwin/Leon Focus Banner, 1st SSR guaranteed to be one of these 3 if unowned Sakura Wars Limited secret realm event, collect props to exchange for items including SR Alice
. Limited Time Skins available - Alice, Temple Knight, Bone Rhino
CN Date GL Date (approx) Banner Special Event GoF Class Heart Confession
05/09/2019 10/17/2019 Equipment Summon Limited time SSR Equipment Daily Login (May 8-14/Oct 16-22?) 20 gems, 10000 Gold Sakura Sakura
. Spirit Sword Wild Eagle (weapon) Infantry/Cavalry - ATK/Crit +1.5%, after attack dispel enemy buff and apply debuff Kanzaki Kanzaki
. Huatuan Uniform (armor) Fly/ArcheWateAssassin - DEF/MDEF + 1%. Before ranged attack deal fixed damage to enemy (0.5x hero's MDEF) Alice Alice
. Red Ribbon (helmet) Fly/ArcheWateAssassin - HP +2%, after action if HP < 50% then restore 20% HP Serena Serena
. Bear Doll (accessory) Received Heal +3%, Single target buff duration extended 1 round Aaron?
. New Secret Realm Twisted Challenges Rohga
CN Date GL Date (approx) Banner Special Event GoF Class Heart Confession
05/16/2019 10/24/2019 Zerida/Jugler Rate up, not focus Macho Lotto - Landius Skin Tiaris - Unicorn Knight [Fireball, Sacred Missle; Assault hussars, Catapults]
. $ Purchase - Professional Master Gift Package (Rune Stones/Class Mats)
CN Date GL Date (approx) Banner Special Event GoF Class Heart Confession
05/23/2019 10/31/2019 Claret/Alustriel New SSRs Clear Chapter 47 to unlock Yulia's story SR Fana?
. Purchase Points refresh Anna
. $ Purchase - Heart of Hearts Gift Pack
CN Date GL Date (approx) Banner Special Event GoF Class Heart Confession
05/30/2019 11/07/2019 Luna/Cherie, Narm Rate up, not focus Charm of Seven Notes Secret Realm Event, exchange activity points for Almeda skin and more Serena - Shield Sword Commander [Defense Support, According to the defensive; Reload the infanty, Reload the calvalry]
. Limited time skins available - Matthew, Luna, Liana
. $ Purchase - Summer Dress Guide (skin coupons, etc.)
CN Date GL Date (approx) Banner Special Event GoF Class Heart Confession
06/06/2019 11/14/2019 Lanford/Listill/Wiler Focus Banner, 1st SSR guaranteed to be one of these 3 if unowned Goddess Trial, Aniki Gym, Angelica's Training, Bonding Realm Daily Bonus +1 Claret
. Limited Time skins available - Cherie, Lana Daily Login rewards Alustria
. $ Purchase - Heart of Hearts Gift Pack Keith
. Pierre
CN Date GL Date (approx) Banner Special Event GoF Class Heart Confession
06/13/2019 11/21/2019 No new banner Macho Card Draw - Zerida Skin
. Daily Activity point event - Egbert Skin
CN Date GL Date (approx) Banner Special Event GoF Class Heart Confession
06/20/2019 11/28/2019 Omega/Yulia New SSRs Lamda
. Secret Realm Sweeping available 5x daily Jessica
. New Secret Realm Challenge Boss, obtain "Proficient Stones" to enhance equipment mastery
. $ Purchase - Cath Sword Package (Enchanting Scrolls, etc.)
. $ Purchase - Creation Surprise Package (Rune Stones/Class Mats)
. Purchase Points refresh
. Secret Store equipment Lanford? (Helmet)
. Secret Store equipment Freya (Helmet)
CN Date GL Date (approx) Banner Special Event GoF Class Heart Confession
06/27/2019 12/05/2019 Gizlov/Sigma/Lamda Focus Banner, 1st SSR guaranteed to be one of these 3 if unowned Fireworks Secret Realm event, collect props to exchange for Vargas skin, avatar frame and more
. Limited Time skins available - Tiaris, Freya
. $ Purchase - Fashion Week Guide (skin coupons, etc.)
. Clock of Forgiveness upgraded to 9 uses
CN Date GL Date (approx) Banner Special Event GoF Class Heart Confession
07/04/2019 12/12/2019 Liana/Lana/Zerida Focus Banner, 1st SSR guaranteed to be one of these 3 if unowned Omega
. $ Purchase - Heart of Hearts Gift Pack Yulia
. Apex Arena Season 2 Angelica
. Honor Store opens
CN Date GL Date (approx) Banner Special Event GoF Class Heart Confession
07/11/2019 12/19/2019 No new banner Daily Task event
. $ Purchase - Enchant Package (Enchanting Scrolls, etc.) Macho Lotto - Jugler Skin
. $ Purchase - Heart lock treasure box (Rune Stones/Class Mats)
CN Date GL Date (approx) Banner Special Event GoF Class Heart Confession
07/18/2019 12/26/2019 Yusuke/Kurama Limited Time Crossover Yu Yu Hakusho SSRs Daily Login rewards Angelica
. Story expanded to Chapter 50, obtain "stone of dreams" to re-job matthew Leticia
. $ Purchase - S1 Apex Arena Memorial Gift Pack (skin coupons, class stone packs, enchant scroll packs, etc.)
. Limited Time skin available - Bernhardt
. Purchase Points refresh
. New feature: if you draw a hero with boosted rates on a banner that is already 6 stars you get a "time and space essence" that allows you to trade the fragments of that hero for other boosted rate hero(es) on that same banner.
. Secret Store equipment Ledin (Weapon)
. Secret Store equipment Almeda (Weapon)
. New maps added to [Secret Time Limit Activity - Collaboration], level 65 enemies
CN Date GL Date (approx) Banner Special Event GoF Class Heart Confession
07/25/2019 01/02/2020 Claret/Tiaris/Luna Focus Banner, 1st SSR guaranteed to be one of these 3 if unowned Yusuke Almeda - God [Group Therapy, Breath of the Holy Dragon; Wizard, Templar] Yusuke
. Limited Time Crossover Yu Yu Hakusho SR - Kazuma (only available via event) Kurama Grenier - Bow Rider [First Counterattack, Iron Helmet; Cyclone Rangers, Heavy Centurion] Kurama
. Kazuma Kazuma
CN Date GL Date (approx) Banner Special Event GoF Class Heart Confession
08/01/2019 01/09/2020 Hiei/Toguro Brothers Limited Time Crossover Yu Yu Hakusho SSRs
. Limited Time skin available - Hiei
. New Time Rift chapter opens
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2019.07.27 15:48 bilalsardar786 Today Reality Tv Stars You Hadn't Recognize

No matter how addicted you could be to reality television, often it's hard to acknowledge a reality celebrity when they shall away have spent time from the limelight. It's effortless to forget why these famous faces had been normal people before their small-screen debuts — like Kelly Clarkson, an aspiring backup singer who only attempted out for American Idol it would pay her bill that is electric or Carly Waddell, who had previously been just another girl that is all-American to get love on The Bachelor because she thought.

Mama Is Half the Fact Celebrity She Utilized to Be June

In accordance with TMZ, the system mixed the show after reports surfaced that Mama was secretly dating registered sex offender Mark McDaniel, who served jail time for molesting Anna Cardwell, truly one of Shannon's daughters June. Cardwell had been allegedly simply 8 yrs. old during the time that is proper of punishment that is “horrific" reported Radar Online. This plainly wasn't a great look for Mama June, whom denied dating McDaniel and reported she only met because she felt sorry for him with him on two occasions.

Heidi Montag spends a deal that is complete is great of under the knife

During her times on The Hills, Heidi Montag had been a fresh-faced, normal California beauty. The belief that is rose that is infamy that is sun-kissed her television boyfriend, Spencer Pratt, cast himself because the villain associated with MTV series and wedged a divide between Montag and her BFF Lauren Conrad. This created the episode that is Conrad that is iconic utters expression that is cold rocked the mid-aughts: "I want to forgive you and I also want to forget you."
Since then, the worldwide world that is worldwide perhaps not forgotten Montag, but fans may well not recognize this California girl thanks up to litany of plastic surgery. Considering Extra, Heidi underwent a shocking 10 procedures that are cosmetic 1 that is solitary 2009, including a chin reduction that now causes her chronic pain time. That 12 months that is
exact is same she additionally married Pratt in addition they embarked for a luxurious lifestyle together that led to spoil that is economic.
"I became in method over the surgeries to my brain," she told individuals. "we had no idea the things we had been stepping into or it was a consignment that is lifelong. It was very challenging, both physically, emotionally, spiritually, mentally, on my hubby as well as on our lives."
Heidi has since eliminated her size F implants, worked to regain safety that is financial and attempted to understand from her past. "I don't need to state I be sorry 100 per cent because I've tried to develop, she told people from it. A son known as Gunner Stone in 2017, she and Spencer welcomed their kid that is quite that first.

Teen Mom Farrah Abraham Catches the Plastic Surgery

Bug According to pictures of hope foundation, Farrah Abraham had certainly one of the many backstories that are tragic the first 16 & Pregnant. Her ex-partner, Derek Underwood, died in a motor car accident two months before she offered birth to daughter Sophia. Abraham has arrived further since that period that is difficult is first. She takes place to be transitioned from a truth television celebrity having a stint that is rehab that is brief an adult entertainer by having a grownup model line. And thanks to her obsession that is newfound with surgery, the starlet appears close to nothing can beat her teenage self.
Abraham hasn't stopped there — at least according to the rumor mill. The starlet allegedly suggested interest in a boob that is fourth, butt implants, and lipo-sculpting after her supposed second renovation procedure that is vaginal.

Snooki Steps from The Jersey Shore To Your Carpet That Is Red

Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi has arrived a technique that is actual is very long her modest (and drunken) beginnings on MTV's Jersey Shore. The fact is pint-sized spent the higher component regarding the series shots that are pounding tearing up the dance floor, and fist that is fielding with her castmates. Her design consisted mainly of bedazzled tank tops and skirts so quick that her regions that are nether centimeters far from Jersey Turnpike-in away from her underwear and declaring their freedom. This was indeed the crux of the argument that is had that is explosive then-boyfriend Jionni LaValle in Season 5. Her beloved gorilla juicehead gorilla had been delighted along with his girlfriend exposing by herself in a nightclub that is Italian.
She is presently getting a charge out of the duty of being a group supervisor yet is only glad to be fruitful in her youth enthusiasm. She said that she love horses and she also tried her parents to convince that they start taking some lessons about it. Read more
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2019.07.13 11:48 Denys_Picard Feminists and Privilege of Exceptions

July 13 2019 (first posted on Wordpress in 2018, and on Tumblr this past June, flagged)
I came to the conclusion that women are currently negotiating privileges against fundamental rights (to the advantage of a minority of people)…and this is a disaster for anyone not falling in the categories of “Historically victimized people” as described by ex-attorney general Eric Holder. It concerns the modern feminist culture of Empathy, Emotionalism, Intelligence, Rights, Delusion…
(Note: I Originally wrote this article in late November 2017…I tried to publish it many times on my Wordpress account, it would not work. This was on my original blog I was finally able to publish in March of 2018. But rapidly, hackers erased all the Bibliography, which I had to recreate. I hope this time around activist hackers leave it alone.)
This is a comment I formulated after reading an article in The Hill: “Trump risks hypocrisy charges with Franken attack” by Jonathan Easley (November 18 2017):
I reprint here since my Wordpress accounts have never been indexed for purely political reasons and my Tumblr it account is being continuously flagged by feminists and is now restricted, which means blocked except for being harrased by Tumblr feminist employees… and
“…Trump…Called a Hypocrite…”. Who cares by now?
Our whole leadership, including the press, are a bunch of hypocrites by refusing to include regular folks in the reality of power discussions. Power discussions which concern future fundamental rights of men. But around the table sits Feminists, DC politicians, Main Stream Media, some Power Elites…and they prepare, again, to decide our diminishing fates with one-sided bias unconstitutional legislation. We are witnessing a battle for fake righteousness, with your regular insincere feminists at the front line of this “mobbish” crowd. The first debate we need to have is: When will women and feminists stop using sexual misconduct allegations as an extortion/coercion tool? When?
Not yet, obviously…because the inherent conflict of interest here in seeking the truth lies with an establishment of males (alpha males, bad expression, but I will clarify) being rewarded for continuously ceding status, rights, freedoms, liberties of regular males (beta males, idem as previously) of the middle and lower class…in exchange for getting bigger pay checks.
It is by no chance that for the past 30 years, the Establishment, and women of all income groups, have seen persistent gains in their incomes, while middle class and lower class men have seen an imploding of their purchasing power.
The Main Stream Media is so toxic…so hypocrite and so uneducated. Their only tool for convincing the audience of their project for which women are already sold, is the same old Emotional and Affective Empathy Propaganda where if you have “any sense of decency, you should be crying and repenting for all the horrible crimes men have committed against women for centuries..”. Yes, make me laugh…
The scientific truth is very different according to social science. Women are bullies too, they abuse their power, they are violent being…and when the task is too big, they delegate the dirty physical job to their close allied thugs.
Office work place is a competitive landscape. Yet women want to impose rules which will have the effect of constraining men in not being able to use competitive tools and skill in which they outperform.
Pauhlus and Williamson (2002) cornered a theory of personalities which compose people of leadership, men and women alike. This theory is called the Dark Triad of Personality Traits. These specific traits are sub-clinical Narcissism, Psychopathy and Machiavelism. These were, and still are, somewhat taboo traits, so much so that even the scientific literature fails to often understand the basic premise of the theory. The theory stands because of the interdependent nature of these 3 traits, while much of the literature feeding on this theory still analyses circumstances using these traits independently.
As independent traits, nothing is novel in understanding that someone showing a high score in one of these trait may be disagreeable, have shortcomings, be manipulative, etc…The Novelity of Pauhlus and Williamson was in describing these traits as interrelated.
With this, the authors also demonstrated a surprising observation, that people with leadership features scored higher, on average, in all 3 traits simultaneously. Which means that on average each of these traits where higher than the average observed in a control sample. This was puzzling indeed, because these traits had mostly been put on the margin by institutions of morality, such as monotheism; and could hardly be accepted as being the corner-stone of leadership. Yet, 15 years later, it appears that the theory stands solid, and dominant characters (which the alpha epithet only briefly captures) score higher, on average, than controls on the Traits of Narcissism, Psychopathy and Machiavelism simultaneouly.
Organizational hierarchies have been analyzed, been tested, with this filter, and it was observed that, effectively, the further you climb up the latter of authority, the higher you score on The Dark Triad Traits on average.
Since these trait are associated with many negative behaviors, such as vanity, self-promotion, callousness, cruelty, dishonesty, manipulation, etc…it came as quite a shock.
But even more interesting, is the fact that people high on Dark Triad traits score low on Emotional Empathy (Emotional or Affective Empathy are the same thing). And further, Dark Triad Traits have no correlation with Intelligence as captured by Intellectual Quotient (IQ).
Which implies that dominant people need not have great IQs; and high IQs are not synonym of dominant personalities…
Surprisingly, leadership requires credibility, since it is expressed in a social context; therefore, social performance is of importance. Social Performance may be measured by a combination of Cognitive intellectual skills, and Personality Traits. Personality traits are observed through performance of Emotional and Social skills.
(I am abstaining, here, of using the expression Emotional Intelligence, because it is an inappropriate terminology. Emotional performance is part of the personality trait domain. The difficulty of, and inadequate terminology, in cornering a theory of Emotional Intelligence has had for result of creating an overly diversified incomplete curriculum on the subject with excessive feminist traps (matriarchal and communautarist propositions) and shortcomings. One of the principal trap is that of putting Agreeableness as a corner-stone of the theory.)
Now, for great leaders to persist and be appreciated, or feared, the Dark Triad must be tempered and modulated by other factors. True, yet definitive consensus has not been reached in this dimension.
Now, within the inventory of survival tools of evolved mammals, there is such a thing as Empathy. Its been the subject of much scientific research in the past 25 years, has been vulgarized, promoted but nevertheless still largely badly understood.
Empathy must be understood as a genetically rooted endocrine reflex. It has evolved over millions of years and is a very sophisticated mechanism.
But first, lets distinguish between two distinct forms of Empathy: Cognitive and Emotional (Affective) Empathy. While Emotional empathy has been largely described scientifically, cognitive empathy appears to suffer from a misunderstanding, and this may be due to the “empathy” epithet attached to it. Let the scientist describe both phenomenon: ” Purely cognitive empathy, also referred to as perspective taking, mentalizing, or Theory of Mind, concerns the capacity to comprehend the viewpoint and/or state of knowledge of another individual, even if this differs from one’s own. Emotional empathy concerns the emotional reactions of one individual to the observed experiences of another. Emotional empathy is a multifaceted and multilayered phenomenon which ranges from relatively simple processes such as emotional matching behaviour to more complex events which involve interaction between emotional and cognitive perspective taking systems.” (JL Edgar et al., 2012)
“Over millions of years of evolution, efficient and manifold neurobiological mechanisms have evolved for differentiating hostile from hospitable stimuli and for organizing adaptive responses to these stimuli (Decety, 2010). This integrated set of neural systems is genetically hardwired to enable animals to evaluate and readily respond to threatening or nurturing, unpleasant or pleasant, appetitive or aversive stimuli using specific response patterns that are most adaptive to the particular species and environmental condition.” Decety and Svetlova (2012):
Both systems are believed to be widely presents in mammals and are related to the complexity of organization which a family structure creates within life organism. In this context, males usually outperform females in cognitive empathy and females outperform males in emotional empathy. A parenthesis: – language is believed to be intimately tied to emotional empathy. And “baby-talk” (motherese, scientific term) is a universal language, it is present everywhere in the “human” kingdom. Motherese communicates in a manner where emotions are tuned with pitch, rhythm and tone instead of there usual evolved accent structure. In motherese, what is communicated is not the significance of the word directly, but the effort to create a future association in the child’s brain, and this using one of the best learning tools possible, repetition. Children respond innately to pitch and tone. In the primitive man, language was mostly thought by the female…this is one skill where emotional performance was a competitive advantage. Further, this “Motherese” interaction is also responsible for developing the spectrum of emotion in the infant. Emotions need learning and training, and biologically, the differentiation or specialization of sex re-leagued this role to females. This is why the female brain is preferentially wired, the connectome structure, for emotional empathy (Ingalhalikar et al., 2014).
But recent changes in family organization tends to delegate emotional training in children to the pharmaceutical industry, school “law enforcement” and the internet, including video games…
Living creatures whom can express the hormones linked to the reflex of emotional empathy have higher tone.
“Oscillations of delta, theta, and alpha ranges could be found in all vertebrates but there is an important distinction between reptiles, lower mammals and humans in what frequency dominates in the scalp EEG. Alpha is the dominant frequency in adult humans, while theta dominates in the EEG of lower mammals (Sainsbury, 1998) and delta in the reptilian EEG (Gaztelu et al., 1991; Gonzalez et al., 1999).”
As brain wave oscillations of the Beta frequency are highly active in mammals, they are very low in reptilian. Langard et al. (2006) explains, concerning an empathic test on mice: ‘”our findings are consistent with the perception-action model of empathy proposed by Preston and de Waal (1), both in the automatic priming of somatic responses in a state similar to that of the attended object and in the modulating effects of familiarity and similarity of experience between subject and object.” as observed under the following conditions: “…Mice tested in dyads and given an identical noxious stimulus displayed increased pain behaviors with statistically greater co-occurrence, effects dependent on visual observation. When familiar mice were given noxious stimuli of different intensities, their pain behavior was influenced by their neighbor’s status bidirectionally. Finally, observation of a cage-mate in pain altered pain sensitivity of an entirely different modality, suggesting that nociceptive mechanisms in general are sensitized.”
This was a step forward in debunking the pretentious belief that only humans, being God’s masterpiece according to Christians, had Empathy. And contrary to popular belief, Empathy is not a moral construct, but a biological survival reflex. In the fight or flight behavioral choice, cognitive empathy is the first mechanism to be neuro-alerted. It quickly determines if a new set of information possess a threat or opportunity (e.g. for food) or necessitates an action of protection or collaboration. It then either, respectively switches to either the cruel, sadistic, aggressive spectrum, or to the Emotional Empathy reflex.
A problem with the recent societal culture of feminism, the current “cultural revolution”, is the risky proposition of offering overly redundant experiences of Emotional Empathy to the general population through tools such as News Television media, where the audience is being continuously taxed along Emotional Reflexes, so as to effect Mass Emotional Empathy Training…it is destructive to the balance of the brain, it creates a state, which psychologists refer to as “heightened emotional instability”.
We are switching from a Cognitive IQ based civilization to an Emotional driven civilization.
Yet, abuse of the affective spectrum is very useful as a strategy of mind control. It is a preferred tool of female leadership, females whom outperforms males in the Emotional and Narcissistic spectrum. In a context of competition between women, a status challenge, women will rarely confront. Competition potential outcomes are usually quickly determined on site, and interaction avoided with females most often surrendering to the dominant female. Then, consensus is created by a repertoire of mimicry, which is related to emotionalism, mimicry, emotional empathy.
Women’s “status seeking competitive strategies” are mainly, according to Joyce F Benenson (2013) : “From early childhood onward, girls compete using strategies that minimize the risk of retaliation and reduce the strength of other girls. Girls’ competitive strategies include avoiding direct interference with another girl’s goals, disguising competition, competing overtly only from a position of high status in the community, enforcing equality within the female community and socially excluding other girls.”
Further, Tracy Vaillancourt (2013): “Indirect aggression includes behaviours such as criticizing a competitor’s appearance, spreading rumours about a person’s sexual behaviour and social exclusion. Human females have a particular proclivity for using indirect aggression, which is typically directed at other females, especially attractive and sexually available females, in the context of intrasexual competition for mates. Indirect aggression is an effective intrasexual competition strategy. It is associated with a diminished willingness to compete on the part of victims and with greater dating and sexual behaviour among those who perpetrate the aggression.”
As for the kind of aggression women of higher sub-clinical psychopathic intensity such as females in positions of authority, Ana Seara-Cardoso, Helene Dolberg, Craig Neumann, Jonathan P. Roiser, Essi Viding (2013) propose: "Research so far indicates that emotional and personality correlates of psychopathy such as glibness, grandiosity, lack of empathic concern are akin across genders, but similarities in behavioral correlates, such as criminal behavior and type of aggression, seem to be less consistent (see Verona & Vitale, 2006, for a review). It has been suggested that differences found across genders are mainly differential expressions of the same underlying construct (Nicholls & Petrila, 2005), and that the same personality traits may confer risk for different forms of behavior for women versus men (Verona, Sprague, & Javdani, 2012)".
Psychology has created two main sub-groups of psychopaths, those which are characterized as operating Instrumental Violence (Group 1) and those whom uses Reactive Violence (Group 2). Instrumental violence is manipulative and indirect, while reactive violence is obviously direct and confrontational.
Women score higher at instrumental violence than men.
And, need I remind, people in positions of authority, dominant characters, both females and males, score higher than average on The Dark Triad traits of personality.
Need I recall the reader of the Center for Disease Control (CDC) analysis, whose own data, determined, against popular beliefs, that women are violent in partner relationships, and that they are more often, than men, the first instigators of physical aggravated assault against their partner. That female bisexual persons are more violent in partner relationships than either heterosexual, or exclusively homosexual, men.
Against the backdrop of the Main Stream Media and Washington DC attempting to portray females as inoffensive, peaceful, loving caring beings incapable of violence and never competitive but only cooperative…It should be difficult to ignore that the last few paragraphs, based on scientific literature, may bring down the Leadership proposed Em-pathetically forcefully induced naive conception of women as innocent beings in need of persistent protection…
for Feminists who pretend they want to destroy the condescending values of Patriarchy, it appears a Paradox to call for laws of exception for their sex all the time.
Lastly, one must make himself familiar, if at least it has not already intuitively been understood, that all status dominance challenge carry sexual connotations, or undertones, as indirect as they may be. Dominance in human relationships always has a sexual dominance/submission dimension…if this point is neglected in decision-making and analysis of the workplace environment, it is a great mistake.
Are all women leaders monsters? No, of course not. But nor are all men leaders. But Feminist (as a socio-political proposition) leadership is Toxic. And what about regular male employees who score average on psychological traits of the Dark Triad, males who don’t carry above normal dominant features but can be very competent in their field, are they also ALL monsters? So why address the problem of harassment, aggression in the office/work place as a prevalent and “male only” initiated model.
Surprisingly, in reality, meaning out of the scope of the fictional construct of women on TV and other media, women are attracted preferably to men who are both more narcissistic and more dishonest than average…this is true when they either seek a mate, or someone to associate for other endeavors, such as business associations. Narcissism and dishonesty are characteristics where leaders, men and women, outperform the general population.
This should assist in anticipating that the office will continue to have male leaders, or women leaders, who score high on the Dark Triad Traits. What are women teaching these latest generation of men leaders…how to better camouflage their personality traits. In the highly competitive field of finance, both women and men with strong dominant personality profiles excelled in deception during the 2000 decade of real estate and financial debacle.
Therefore, in the Emotional Empathy Training movements they are two distinct yet complementary routes: one has as its principal goal to modify not the essence of male competitiveness, with its core in psychopathy, in terms of callousness, or glibness, etc…but to modify the appearance of this trait by expressing it in a more feminine way, meaning indirectly. This is easy, since people with higher Emotional/social skills are better actors…that is they can more easily fake emotions. So, in fact, these are just acting classes, which the new generation of male leaders are happy to participate in. Secondly, for non-leader males, the somewhat “beta” non-dominant profile males, Emotional Empathy Training is simply classes in total submissiveness, where anything which could be disagreeably perceived by any women, in or out of context, must be censured so “beta” females can increase their level of abusive narcissistic delusional elation and over-confidence in the work place.
Because feminists are not revolutionaries, as they often promote themselves, but encrusted in the leadership, and submit to authority more easily then men,…they are the best tool for the upper class, establishment and leadership to maintain and consolidate their position of hegemony.
Because I, for one, know very well that the current spectacle is of the same infected breed as that of “Hate laws”…where, in this case, the target of constraining behavioral laws that will be abusive will not really be aimed at the high hierarchical individuals who could abuse their power, but the regular male employee who has never bothered anyone, but will now be obligated to demonstrate absolute submissiveness to the Office PC Police…that is the reality, this is what awaits us, yet again.
Paradoxically, women in the hierarchy will often tolerate sexual misconduct in the office from dominant males in the organization as long as it benefits them and the organization…even if there is an innocent victim (male or female), call it collateral damage, once in a while…that is the “pragmatism” of female leadership…as is Feminist Mob Justice.
And, incredibly, in this whole discourse, not one bit of attention was given to women aggressors, whether their victims were males or females…yes, incredible. But it’s not the first time that the Main Stream Media and Washington DC betrays us males.
All of you should read the Canadian Judge’s ruling in a recent Canadian case, COURT FILE No.: Toronto 4817 998 15-75006437 : Her Majesty The Queen Vs Jian Ghomeshi. In front of the worst of accusations, Ghomeshi was hanged in public, with women newscasters vomiting righteousness over Canadian Television programming for hours on end. Yet, the conclusion of the Trial judge was that, in the end, the witnesses had no credibility. Yet, feminists went on saying it was again an injustice and they stood by for all the “women victims of male sexual violence…”. In the debate of sexual misconduct, feminists have lost all credibility, and no one in our leadership is making any intelligent contribution in this exchange either. Women have to start understanding who they really are, and how they evolve in social contexts; male leadership has to stop trying to please feminists by surrendering fundamental rights of men and spoiling women with unjust legislation, and financial bubbles, bias against men.
In Canada, the justice system was demonstrated, by a scientific research, to show a 98% positive bias towards women (a sample of research had a window of 65 to 98% bias towards women), yet, to feminists, this is not enough, they want more for women…What does this tell you in terms of genetically rooted delusional intensity, of psychological balance, in terms of judgement and fairness of women…
In the current political “debate” over the allegations of sexual “misconduct” of a Federal Senate seat, the most zealous critics have expressed that “…the allegations alone are serious enough that the Candidate should never be allowed to be a servant of the “People”…”…This is the new Feminist Mob Justice at its best…is this where President Trump wants to lead us?…satisfy feminists so he can get all the goodies he wants, like his irresponsible tax bill, passed?
Laws meant to castrate men who have done nothing wrong, and won’t, by incompetent, unconstitutional laws that will regulate work place dynamics with a 100% positive bias towards women, because, in some cases, some men have acted irresponsibly, or sometimes illegally, abused their power. What about women? They never commit aggression, they never abuse their power, they never bully in a work environment…? I am sure of that, as they are no female pedophiles, I guess, and no maternal infanticides, and no Female pimps, rapists, criminal offenders…no women involved in child pornography rings…No, not in our world…Not in America, Not in the great insightful eyes of the Main Stream Media…women are all “Good, naive and innocent…and need Super Males, Super Cops, to protect them…”.
Once in a while, one comes across a small jewel in Academia, and if Paulhus and Williams work is Monumental, Isabelle Engeler and Priya Raghubir piece in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology: Do men Overestimate or Women under-report Their Sexual Intentions? (2017) is a must, and unavoidable if one has the ambition to reform the workplace. It will help understand miscommunications, mis-signalling, miscues and mis-interpretation between the sexes in the context of workplace sexual misconduct and sexual interpersonal interactions. This text unveils some core mechanisms and informs anyone with the goal to modify the work environment in a manner fair to all.The text comes to the conclusion, amongst other observations, that under their testing conditions, that both men and women underreport their own sexual intentions, that men overestimate women’s sexual intentions and women underestimate men’s sexual intentions…this alone is enough to warrant work place “reformers” attention. Is this due to delusional mechanisms, social desirability bias, or brain structures misaligned communication features…the door is open. But, in this context, an intelligent behaviour is not blaming the other party for misgivings and shortcomings, finger pointing and all; but rather trying to understand more deeply what could be at the source of frequent “misfiring” social performance, since in ideal world, communication should have no frictional bias.Let’s make a short example, without blaming one party over the other, without pushing responsibility on one side more than on the other.Two co-workers, one man and one woman, are sent on a project abroad. They only know each other superficially, have not had the opportunity to really work together except for short group meetings, etc…they know each other from a distance, but have had an effect on each other. He has found he appealing, intelligent , witty, etc…she has found he presents himself well, looks serious, responsible, dedicated, maybe ambitious, but in a good way.Now, during their travel, one night after work, to celebrate their on-going business success, which got them to develop quickly a good complicity, trusty relationship, they are efficient and complementary. They decide to go to a nice restaurant with a very relaxed atmosphere, a beautiful terrace with a beautiful view, they drink a little bit, and she starts to confide on her personal life. She is more telling than inquisitive, already knows he is single, while she is married. She believe this guy is a great candidate for a business friendship. She starts to elaborate about her own marriage difficulties, though she doesn’t have children yet, the discussion starts with humour and slips in more confident terms…and then “woops”, out of nowhere, in a moment of laughter, she confides she has not had sex with her husband for two months… That something is not going right with her husband. Her only intention is to have a good hearing ear, to relax and this guy looks trustworthy, etc…But he may well interpret this intimate comment as something else, especially since he did find her attractive.And now, let’s imagine, that when they leave the restaurant, she helps him put his coat on, and as he slips his arms into the sleeves, she gives him a warm and affectionate tap on the arms while she is behind him. Nothing more…just a sign she feels good, relax…Yet, they have drank a bit , he feels good also, and has liked his evening, is being increasingly seduced by this women, who has done nothing else but treat him as a friend…They go to the hotel, and doing so, they go on talking, confiding…and she increasingly looks at him in the eyes, as to get affirmation of their new found complicity, their new friendship, she feels she has established trust. Then, at the door of her room, they go on talking a bit…and as they get ready to go there on way, to say goodnight, he just gets closer and kiss her on the mouth. Then the nightmare begins, she freezes, is shocked, surprised, says nothing…gets into her room, closes the door and suddenly feels betrayed…READ THE ARTICLE.
The work place backlash, which also affects negatively a majority of men, and creates negative spillover’s over all of society is principally due to “Emotional Intelligence”, an inadequate scientific theory with misleading terminology, has been increasingly and dominantly used as the main hiring candidate criteria for employment. While this may create a more “Agreeable” work environment for women, it is at the source of increasing fraudulent and toxic activity and behavior in the workplace.
Here, take the time to read : “Will get fooled again: Emotionally intelligent people are easily duped by high-stakes deceivers”; by Alysha Baker, Leanne ten Brinke and Stephen Porter (2012);Legal and Criminological Psychology.
The most intriguing conclusion of this work, is that people with Higher Emotional/social skills as captured by an Social Ability psychological test have demonstrated a very poor capacity to detect deceit, yet have a greater ability to deceive…Most feminists would either refute this scientific affirmation, and others may call it a paradox; yet when one knows women, this makes perfect sense, it is self-evident. May I remind you, if you suffer from some kind of personality trait naiveté, that women, on average, score higher than men in Emotional skill/ability.
You want to really talk about these matters, I am up to the challenge. You want to get ready…go to social science class, but avoid anything which is written by either a female or male feminist, because it is not science, nor is the theory of Emotional intelligence. Read about status seeking, psychological personality traits (especially the work of L. Paulhus: The Dark Triad Traits, The Dark Tetrad Traits). Debunk the Emotional Intelligence crap. Emotions are an endocrine evolution system. They give tone to actions and metabolisms. They are tied to personality traits. They do affect performance, and some people do show greater skills at controlling, moderating, utilizing their own emotions and those of others, but this is a skill, it is not intelligence. Performance is the result of a set of Intellectual factors captured by IQ and emotional and social skills captured by personality traits. Strong leaders are characterized by high performance in taboo personality traits such as sub-clinical Narcissism, Psychopathy, Machiavelism and even Sadism…leaders, male and female alike, have a good look at yourselves in the mirror before climbing on the moral bandwagon! Debunk this view that women are always victims and men always predators…it’s the biggest of lies…stop being retarded.
And don’t pass corrupted unjust new laws (to manage the work space) for a subject your delusional reflexes prevents you from understanding at all, but your political ambitions guides you to.
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