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2015.08.18 21:52 doregasm The world's fastest meetup app

Dore is an auto-meet app. Meet people for an activity under an hour.

2009.05.10 00:21 web2crawler web3.0

Web3 is a vision, idea, and movement for a decentralized web. Web3 is free of third party intermediaries and makes it so that infrining on individual's privacy is extremely expensive. Web3 was term coined by Dr. Gavin Wood in a 2014 blog post:

2013.07.07 02:51 Grush57 ReRoll Board Games

A community focused board games collective from Bangalore, India.

2020.09.19 08:37 Bobo_Bonnet Newly realized "demi/ace" here: How did you all find your partners?

Hi everyone! I'm new. I didn't think I had a sexuality until I found the word demisexual in a webcomic a few months ago. From what I've read about it so far, I think it describes me almost exactly! Further research has led me to realize that I'm definitely on the asexual spectrum, too. I've never been super curious about my sexuality, so I always just sort of... existed... without exploring it much. Part of me longs for a meaningful relationship, but I've never really put myself out there. I was confused and afraid bc I sensed that I was so different. I'm in my late 20s now though, and (I know it's irrational, but) I'm beginning to feel like I'm running out of time.
I would need to deeply know and love someone as a person and friend before ever being attracted to them sexually. My whole life, I thought that I was alone in this experience, but now that I know there are other demis, I'm interested in locating more of "my people!" (LOL). I just don't know how to approach this as a newly-realized demi/ace person. My question is how did you other demis find your partners? Bc of my outdoorsy career, I tend to live in very remote places. I can't find a lot of demi info, resources, hiking groups, friendship groups, meetups, or demi dating apps (that people actually use). Are we like... a super small population? After my initial excitement at finding the terms "ace/demi," I'm feeling alone again. I would love to hear about your experiences finding partners or demi/ace friends.-- Thanks!
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2020.09.19 06:23 bitNation Afraid to meet up?

I'm dipping my toe back into the dating pool and I have this sneaking suspicion that it's easy for people to chat with OLD apps, but once it comes to suggesting a meetup (with social distancing, etc), some people start shying away/avoiding.
It's all anecdotal, of course. But it got me thinking, are some people (women in my case) afraid to actually meet up, even after building rapport and getting to know each other? It's as if the quasi-anonymity of OLD provides a feedback loop where it's just easier to text. You still get that notification, which reinforces the texting. Not trying to cause a stir, but my first thought was if it's easier to text so you avoid the chance of rejection?
I want to be conscientious and respectful of boundaries, but I also want to move from the digital space to analog and see their expressions and reactions, the nuance that makes people...people.
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2020.09.19 06:01 ThrowRA-Steen I (22M) cheated and essentially didn't see it coming until happened. Should I tell my girlfriend(22F)? Or is bearing the burden enough of a punishment? LONG

Okay so here's the story. I (m22, almost 23) am in a mostly healthy, long term monogamous relationship with my girlfriend (f22, referred to as Y) and have been for the past six and a half years.
I also own a Tinder account, from back before I was together with my girlfriend. It's been mostly decommissioned though, in that I've only got silly, distinctly non-tindery photos of myself on there, and my entire bio is just the copypasta about the guy who can lift a horse over his head, has fought a man of every race in formal combat, and has been clinically proven not to have a soul (you know the one).
I rarely use it anymore, and when I do, I just mass swipe right and see what happens. I rarely match on there, unsurprisingly, and when I do, the girl usually has an equally silly profile.
Last week though, I matched someone (f20, let's call her D), who showed a genuine interest by sending me a message first and joking about the silly bio (she may or may not have gotten the reference, I had translated the copypasta as English is not the official language here). She was pretty, though perhaps not entirely my type. We started chatting about hobbies and stuff and ended up making a deal on going for some ice cream at a place she told me had the best stuff around, after which I'd help her hang up the curtains at the apartment she'd just moved into. She also told me right off the bat that she was just on the app for fun and was not looking for a relationship, which I thought was great news for me since I'm perfectly happy in my current relationship. I was at this point fully convinced that D was just looking for a friend in her new area or someone to talk shit with (silly man brain), and was just happy to meet a new friend as well (it's funny how much things change in that respect once you finish school lol).
Fast forward to the meetup, we met in the city, walked to the ice cream place, had two scoops each and just chatted away. Even in retrospect I don't think I failed to see any subtle hints as to her intentions (spoilers oops), and we were just vibin' and having a good time. After we finished our ice cream cones we headed to her apartment, where I we had a sip of cold water and I helped her with her curtains. Afterwards she asked me if I'd help her get some stuff to the local laundromat and back, to which I agreed. She joked about me being able to see her sexy lingerie, which might have been my first clue as to her intentions, but I dismissed it as a joke and joked along with her. At the laundromat she also joked about the things she'd done on the mattress cover that was in there. Fuck it, some sexual humour, I'm down with that. I just joked along.
While her laundry was going, we went back to her apartment to kill the time. She said she'd have to make a call to her doctor about an STD test she'd done a few days ago and commented "We haven't had sex yet, so if I get bad news don't freak out," which was the first time I got the idea that D might have actually been up to something. Anyway, she called her doctor and turned out to be clean. She hung up and asked about my sexual health and whether I'd recently gotten a test done. I told her I'm a regular blood donor and had just donated a few days prior, and donated blood is always thoroughly tested. She was happy to hear that. My suspicion was mounting but I (foolishly) decided not to act upon it and just roll with it for now. We went to get her laundry, we were alone at the laundromat, and D asked me about my body count. I gave her a ballpark number, then asked her the same and got a ballpark number as well (both in the double digits).
We went back to her place with the laundry and sat down in the couch. She sat down right up against me (which I again dismissed as the couch is rather small anyway, even for just two) and traced a finger along a vein in my lower arm. I'm pretty fit and take some pride in my body so I just let her. She then poked me in the side, but I'm really fucking ticklish, so I pulled away and tickled her sides. She turned out to be really damn ticklish as well. So we just go at each other for like a minute, trading tickly barrages, until at some point I end up in between her legs leaning over her. She looks me dead in the eye and says she's getting hungry. I tell her that we'd better get cooking then (we'd agreed upon a very simple pasta meal) and she gave me the whole "but I'm so tired, can't you carry me over" spiel.
I'd seen that one a few times in the past and I honestly should have seen what came next coming from a mile away. I just picked her up regardless, one arm around her back and one under her butt, stood up (which she was surprised by, as she's a tiny bit on the chubby side at around 65kg), and put her on the kitchen counter. Once I'd set her down, she wouldn't let go of me. She wrapped her arms and legs around me and pulled me in closer. For a split second I wanted to pull away but she ground up against my crotch and at that point my dick took over from my brain and we started making out. After a short while she pushed me away with a shit eating grin on her face and turned around to look for a pot to prepare the pasta in. I was stunned, my brain went "FUCKFUCKFUCK" but my dick went "YESYESYES".
Now to be clear, one night stands and casual flings were not new to me, I'd had my fair share in my teenage years before I got with my girlfriend. This should all have been familiar to me, and I should never have let it come this far. Maybe it's because it had been over half a decade, but I hadn't seen this coming at at all. But now that it was unfolding, I just went with it as if I was sixteen all over again.
She found a good pot, filled it with water and set it on the stove. She sat back down and sighed, saying the hot weather had her real sleepy. I told her she could go and take a cold shower to wake back up, but she said she didn't want to, because "we're probably going to have sex and we'll be all sweaty after that and water is expensive" which should have been another huge red flag but I am convinced my penis is protanopic. I (honest to God) 'joked' that we could just fuck in the shower while waiting for the water to boil be she said she'd just fall through her knees when I inevitably make her cum (RED FLAG DAMNIT). She stood back up, came up to me and we started making out again. I started kissing her down her neck and she was fucking loving it. She traced her finger along the edge of my shorts and looked me dead in the eye. I was rock-fucking-hard.
The teasing went on for another five or so minutes. At this point I think my brain had just given up. I was already in deep shit, might as well make the most if it, right?
The water started boiling, in went the spaghetti, five or so minutes of fooling around later, dinner was ready. Two plates, two sets of cutlery and a jar of pesto appeared, and we had our meal. During the meal honestly nothing really happened and we both just kinda enjoyed it for what it was. I wasn't very hungry, partly because I was probably horny as fuck and my body didn't know how to cope, and partly because I'd had a crapload of sushi the day before, so I didn't finish my plate. D did however, and did so surprisingly quickly. After the meal, she invited me to her bedroom to give her a massage. Again, I'd already crossed the line. What's the harm in continuing on?
D handed me a bottle of massaging oil, took her top off and laid flat on her belly on her bed. She asked me to undo her bra, which I did (what do bras need more than two hooks for lol). I went on to massage her shoulders and back, much to her delight clearly (in the past I did martial arts at a high level so I'm pretty familiar with massaging techniques and pressure points). After a good five to seven minutes I took of my own T-shirt because I was starting to get sweaty. "Fucking finally," D says. I go on to massage her lower back, and she says I can massage her butt as well, she said she was quite sore there. She took off her shorts, and I did the same, "so it stays fair."
I go on to massage her around her pelvis, where the abductors and glutes attach, again much to her delight. She decides to just ditch her underwear, "as it's only getting in the way," and I again do the same for fairness' sake.
So there I am, on top of a girl I barely knew, both of us naked. First time this had happened in more than six years. I think it was at this point my brain let out its final (futile) scream for help, going "If you break it off here, you can still come clean to Y and things could turn out all right" My dick, however, was having none of it.
I don't really think this is the right subreddit to go into detail about everything that went down after that, so suffice it to say we hit it off big time (I mean I could always fill you guys in in the comments, or in a more suitable sub if you guys can point me to one) and kept going for a solid half hour.
After we finished, D noticed she'd been called by her brother's partner. She decided she'd call her back after we showered. So we went and did that, and D noticed her sister in law had called her again. D called her back, and apparently her sister in law was in the building right at that moment, hanging with the landlord, as she was in the area and wanted to drop by. D told her she was still with her Tinder date (hey, that's me!) and would get dressed asap.
We both got dressed. We laid back down on the bed. We started teasing each other again. Came pretty close to all out fucking again. Decided not to in the end, as D's sister in law was still waiting downstairs, though she, perhaps jokingly, said she might want to have another go some day. D sent me on my way, avoiding being seen by her in-law. On my way walk to the busstop (roughly 25min) I tried to take the time to put the day's events in order in my head. Didn't really work out for me. I did feel like I had to vent off a bit to someone but couldn't just go and confess to anyone so I ended up messaging one of my longtime buddies.
me: "Is it still called simping if the pussy isn't mediocre? 🤔" him: "If it is then I've failed No Simp Septemper" me: "Lmao nice" him: "Same or nah?" me: "Ye ye"
I felt slightly relieved after that little exchange but I still had a lot on my mind. I ended up at my busstop and less than an hour later I was in my own bed (I don't live together with Y yet so I was alone). D sends me a message saying she truly thoroughly enjoyed it and hopes I did too. I told her that I did and wished her good night.
I spent the entire next day in the city with Y and her friends from uni. I managed to ignore the past day's events for the most part but as the day progressed and it was getting later I did start feeling some guilt again. I'd told her that I'd met up with a friend the day before, to help them move. I did intentionally leave out the detail that I was the only one who was there to help, and the fact that said friend was a girl, and the fact that we, you know, fucked.
Back home in bed (Y stayed with me that night) I felt guilty again and had trouble falling asleep. Y noticed and asked whether something was bothering me.
me: "Yes" her: "Do you want to talk about it?" me: "I don't know if I should." her: "okay..." me: "Don't worry. It doesn't really have anything to do with you or the home situation or whatever." her: "But it still bothers you." me: "Yeah." her: "Well if you do change your mind you can always tell me." me: "I will."
In then told her that I love her so much and that I'm seriously lucky to have her. She was basically asleep at this point so she just kinda moaned as a reply. I laid awake for another half hour or so, contemplating whether I should tell her something or not, but eventually fall asleep as well.
The next morning (today's very morning, in fact) I woke up before Y and the first thought that entered my mind is how weird it was that the last person I'd had sex with was different from the person I'd just woken up next to. Maybe I'd feel less guilty after I had sex with Y, to clear my mind or whatever. So I gently woke her up and after a while we got going. I was surprised to notice that, even though I didn't think about it at all during the sex, after we were done I still had a weird feeling. Over the next few hours I spent my spare moments doing a bit of soul searching and decided I'd check in with D. (I should make clear that in between the fooling around and the fucking D had made it very clear to me that there were no romantic feelings involved and I (honestly) reciprocated.) I sent her a message, asking if she had any free time this week, because I felt like we hadn't properly finished our business two days ago. She told me she felt like we had, that she really enjoyed the day with me but that this was truly just a one time thing. I told D that I completely understand and wished her well, and she wished me the same.
I suddenly felt a lot better. I suppose I needed that bit of closure. I still felt like it was a pity though. D seemed like a genuinely cool person and I'm kinda sad that we didn't end up being just friends.
I also felt really guilty still. I don't know whether I should tell Y what happened, if I should tell her just some of it and keep the rest a secret, and if I do that, at what point do I tell her it stopped? I know for a fact that if I tell her everything, the relationship is done for. Y would also be absolutely demolished. I'm still her first boyfriend so she's never had a one night stand or a casual fling of any kind. She knows about my promiscuous past and accepts it as a part of who I used to be, but finds it all very hard to imagine. She's never given in to lust the way I have (she gets hit on a lot at parties and stuff but always sternly turns them down) and any form of open relationship or polygamy is completely alien to her. If I were to tell her about what happened, I don't know how she'd react.
That's honestly what I'm most afraid about. If I were to tell her, we'd be done. I'd take that as a fair punishment. It's her mental health I'm worried about. I don't want to do this to her. I know I should have never let things get this far, but they did, and now I constantly feel like shit. I don't think Y has noticed yet but I reckon it's just a matter of time. I feel like I want to verbally talk to someone who can keep a secret and vent off like that but haven't had the chance to just yet, and I'm afraid that opportunity is not going to arise for at least a couple of days still. So that's why I'm making this post, at 04:52 in the morning, because I can't sleep.
Tell me, Reddit. Should I tell Y about some of the things that happen but lie about the rest, so I can have at least some peace of mind and still probably save my relationship? Or should I tell her everything, risking not only my relationship but also her well-being? Should I vent to someone I can trust? Or do I carry this secret with me?
I don't fucking know. At least I vented on here. I should probably get some sleep.
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2020.09.18 18:56 sawuonreddit 28 [M4F] San Jose/ SF. Don’t know where else to go

I’ve tried dating apps and had a few meetups and it has been going horribly. Some people have really high expectations and I respect it but we all gotta be realistic. Going out on these dates have only put me in a depressed state and I have been pretty down lately. I know I probably won’t responses or little responses on here but I’m gonna give it a try anyways.
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2020.09.18 18:28 speedyfricker We took a vacation with an open mind to swing and here is how it went:

To set expectations right away we didn't get to swing on this vacation. This is a post about the (our) reality of traveling, nudist beaches and meeting people without dating apps and outside resorts or clubs.
Prior to our vacation we posted on this subreddit about our excitement and open mind to let someone into our bed for the first time during this trip. Many people had suggestions on where to go, what apps to use or texted us directly asking to meet up. As much as it was appreciated we kind of had the romantic hope to meet someone (man/woman/couple) without using the help of our phones as we also used this vacation to do a digital detox with our phones almost constantly on airplane mode.
Our dreams were slowly shattered and I want to be very clear to anyone who hopes to find swingers without artificial help: It is (almost) impossible! Society is mainly prude and people like to be on their own in the little free time they have.
Usually when you stay at a hotel/Airbnb/campsite you meet and actually talk to 2-6 people maximum and the chance of them being swingers is extremely low. Even if, it doesn't really come up in casual conversations. So unless you are wearing a shirt with the print "We like to fuck other people!" no one is gonna know as the swinging community doesn't have discrete commonly known signs to identify each other.
Nudist beaches are some of the most non-sexual environments (similar to saunas) as going nude there is about the fact that you have no clothes on and not about who sees who. Let me phrase it that way: The nudist experience (ideally) doesn't change if our are alone or share the beach with a dozen people. Add a few families and kids sitting next to you and even the smallest hopes for a kinky meetup are completely gone.
So in conclusion you need to be insanely lucky to find someone to swing with by chance on a vacation. Even at home it is hard but at least you get to know new friends over a long time period and eventually they might open up to you. That's very unlikely unless you've met at a hedonistic location.
That brings me to the harsh reality. You need apps, resorts and clubs. There isn't really anything else or at least I haven't found it yet. So if you want to get freaky on vacation take someone with you, meet up with other travelers or locals and visit special locations. Otherwise there is always the option to enjoy your vacation and the private time with your partner. That's at least what we did.
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2020.09.18 17:43 WLondonsFinest [24/09/2020] Tottenham Court Road

Location: TCR Bar, 183 Tottenham Court Rd, London W1T 7PE, closest tube Goodge Street / Warren Street
Date: Thursday 24th September, 6pm onwards
Welcome to the 12th iteration of our weekly meetup!
This week we'll be meeting, again, at TCR Bar in Fitzrovia. There are two outdoor areas including a beer garden at the back and if the weather is naff we will have the option to retreat inside. :)
Please remember to post if you are interested in attending as this helps people to gauge interest.
I'm Daniel and you can message me on the day, or PM for a WhatsApp group invite.
See you there!
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2020.09.18 12:04 ochoton 10th Zoom Meetup

Our next meetup will be this Saturday, again at 8 PM British Summer Time (BST). For those that haven't joined before: Our meetups are supposed to be fun and super-casual. Those that want to play and share some of the music they are currently working on, are welcome to do so. Those that prefer to sit back and listen, are just as welcome! We tend to talk, laugh and share music, advice and the love for our instrument with no strings attached. For the most part we have so far been amateur players, with the youngest of us, in cello-age, only a couple of weeks or months into playing, quite a few adult beginners and the occasional music student. If you're curious, drop in! We'd be happy to have you. :)
Note that I will also be happy to continue hosting these meetings on a weekly basis as long as there is interest in them. I will always make a new post each week and add in the zoom details the day of the meeting. Time and day of the week will always be the same though.
Please read all guidelines before joining:
Rules for Zoom:
Zoom details:
For those new to Zoom, you can either download the free app or join using only your browser, no registration required. **I will add the link and details to join the meeting shortly before it starts.**
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2020.09.18 09:57 Dawgz_33 Kitchener/Waterloo, Canada *31 [M4F]* Looking for a first time lasting relationship

Hi, I am looking for a GF, I am getting tired of dating apps and I want to end it, nothing but bots and people who match me, they unmatch. So age says enough hoping to date someone around the age of 22 to 35, I love gaming and its a passion, I also love to play music, I have a youtube with music videos, I would be amazed to find a ginger girl, but other than that I am more hoping to find a connection with someone who has almost the same interests I do, I have long hair, so don't quote me on that, it's okay to touch (I guess lol) and I am more than willing to find a someone and meet up with, I am quite into romance, not by what I watch or read, but by personality.
I often think about what I can do for someone, least I can say is I don't do a lot because I await someone that an give me more motivation to do more things, learn new techniques or try new things. I am a native american and I have a lot of free time, and i am definitely not here to hook up, so if you think you are up to the challenge comment, msg or whatever, you can tell me where I can sign up hahah, but I am open for long distance as well, if you are ambitious enough for a meetup, whether its you or me, we can figure something out.

Thanks in regards, call me Dawg or Dawgz
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2020.09.17 16:45 jdhdkshsjdjodjd New Theory: Do not ask

I have a new theory that I have adopted after turning 30. I like to call it "Do not ask". This theory is in context of dating apps because that's how I mostly meet people. Also, I'm a guy. It has worked for me pretty well so thought I'd like to share.
I follow a simple set of rules to differentiate from majority of guys on the dating apps and they are as follows:
  1. Do not ask for her phone number or social media. Let her get comfortable enough and she'll offer it herself.
  2. Do not ask her for a date until she specifically hints or indicates on going out with you.
  3. On a date, do not ask her to come over to your house or unless she specifically asks you or shows interest. Infact deliberately try to show you have no other agenda then to just meet and have fun. Same for subsequent dates.
  4. After the date, do not ask for a new date, rather continue talking and getting to know her until she asks to meetup again.
TLDR: Don't escalate, let her call the shots - at least in the beginning.
Edit: The reason I shared this is because, this year, 3 different women told me how I was really different from other guys and in all 3 instances I was unconventionallly patient and let them take the lead, and most importantly had a great time.
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2020.09.17 12:02 SoziPartnerSuche 33 [M4F] Berlin, dating...

Hey there, I am looking for feedback for my text. I want to write something on my *** and I don't get matches, so I want to do a new text. So even if you're not interested, just criticise me please.
About me: 33 male Profession: social worker Hobbies: many/none Heighs: high Weight: a bit to much but it goes down.
I like to try out a lot of stuff, but normally it's just a question of time until I am bored with a hobby or something annoys me. I prefer hobbies that challenges my mind. Or where I can learn stuff.
I like to cook. Experiment with new receipts, or just try new stuff.
Social stuff: I like to go to bars and chat with people (I don't ask strangers for a conversation it's more about meeting new people in public gatherings or meetups via app.) I am not a dancer and I am not interested to go into noisy clubs.
I am socially awkward, because I Ann highly intelligent and think different than other people. Unfortunately I lack the ability to intuitively know what others feel. I have to analyse people. (One reason why I had become a social worker. I like the challenge of stuff I am bad in. )
What makes me interesting? Well I have a creative mind that just thinks different than other people. And my "normal" solutions are new and ion betraying to other people. While I get annoyed by things that people do because they always did it "That" way.
Stuff I talk about: well stuff nobody talks about with a stranger. Politics (progressive leaning) regenerative energies (studied it for a few semesters before switching tp study social work) and fringe hobbies nobody cares about who is not in the hobby.
Stuff I cannot talk about: fashion, sports (gees watching other people, do it yourself, than I am willing to talk about and listen to your experiences), celebrities. I just don't want to talk about people I don't know and you neither. Tell me about your aunt instead.)
What I am looking for. A smart girlfriend with own interests.
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2020.09.17 11:51 SoziPartnerSuche 33 [M4F] Berlin, dates, or text for dating apps.

Hey there, I am looking for feedback for my text. I want to write something on my humble profile and I don't get matches, so I want to do a new text. So even if you're not interested, just criticise me please.
About me: 33 male Profession: social worker Hobbies: many/none Heighs: high Weight: a bit to much but it goes down.
I like to try out a lot of stuff, but normally it's just a question of time until I am bored with a hobby or something annoys me. I prefer hobbies that challenges my mind. Or where I can learn stuff.
I like to cook. Experiment with new receipts, or just try new stuff.
Social stuff: I like to go to bars and chat with people (I don't ask strangers for a conversation it's more about meeting new people in public gatherings or meetups via app.) I am not a dancer and I am not interested to go into noisy clubs.
I am socially awkward, because I Ann highly intelligent and think different than other people. Unfortunately I lack the ability to intuitively know what others feel. I have to analyse people. (One reason why I had become a social worker. I like the challenge of stuff I am bad in. )
What makes me interesting? Well I have a creative mind that just thinks different than other people. And my "normal" solutions are new and ion betraying to other people. While I get annoyed by things that people do because they always did it "That" way.
Stuff I talk about: well stuff nobody talks about with a stranger. Politics (progressive leaning) regenerative energies (studied it for a few semesters before switching tp study social work) and fringe hobbies nobody cares about who is not in the hobby.
Stuff I cannot talk about: fashion, sports (gees watching other people, do it yourself, than I am willing to talk about and listen to your experiences), celebrities. I just don't want to talk about people I don't know and you neither. Tell me about your aunt instead.)
What I am looking for. A smart girlfriend with own interests.
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2020.09.17 02:59 AysSomething Mixed Reality Speaker Series Tuesday, September 22, 2020: Making of Kippy’s Escape

Kippy’s Escape is Microsoft’s first open source sample app released using Unreal Engine 4 and MRTK-Unreal’s UX Tools. Join Cameron Micka as he provides a summary of Kippy’s development process and new features found in MRTK-Unreal.
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2020.09.17 02:56 AysSomething Mixed Reality Speaker Series: Making of Kippy’s Escape

Kippy’s Escape is Microsoft’s first open source sample app released using Unreal Engine 4 and MRTK-Unreal’s UX Tools. Join Cameron Micka as he provides a summary of Kippy’s development process and new features found in MRTK-Unreal.
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2020.09.17 02:55 AysSomething Mixed Reality Speaker Series: Making of Kippy’s Escape

Kippy’s Escape is Microsoft’s first open source sample app released using Unreal Engine 4 and MRTK-Unreal’s UX Tools. Join Cameron Micka as he provides a summary of Kippy’s development process and new features found in MRTK-Unreal.
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2020.09.17 02:13 MeetupFeed The best React meetup videos from August 2020

Hey guys, here are the most interesting React-related dev and meetup videos from August.
You'll hear about building games, launching full-stack React apps, and there's even a video about building an alternative to PowerPoint using React. Enjoy!
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2020.09.17 00:47 morjestaheippa W.I.T.C.H.E.S (my unofficial book series)

Hello my fellow W.I.T.C.H fans! I just wanted to know your opinion on something magical that I've been working on for almost two years so far... I'm writing my very own book series at home: the W.I.T.C.H.E.S. The first book in the series is called "Electric Heart", and it's all about fighting for justice and world peace in the name of love. The main character in it is Sheila Jensen (known as Taranee's friend in some of the W.I.T.C.H comics) and Elyon joins in the group as well. As for their elements? Sheila is the electricity and Elyon is the light! Together they're like thunder. In the first book: ("Electric Heart") the Oracle calls for the original five guardians for a meetup session in Candrakar after Hay Lin has seen a girl who looks just like Sheila getting kidnapped by a sudden lightning in a central park in Heatherfield. The Oracle knows that Sheila Jensen was once born as a princess whose heart was made out of electricity in a world called Electronia a little while before she was reincarnated in our world. As soon as Sheila was born in Electronia, her royal parents claimed that because of her rare and very unusual electric heart she will one day manage to save the Electronia from a going on civil war that never seems to end. They are sure that she is a miracle, and they end up taking a huge risk when they show her off to their aggressive people; the royal couple end up imprisoned and baby Sheila gets struck by a sudden lightning and dies. The war still goes on and Sheila never had the chance to grow up to save her world. But now she's finally got another chance to do that. The five guardians just need to tell her who she used to be in her past life, even though she might not believe it at first. A lot happens in between. For example, an evil threatens to take Elyon's place and throw her off from her throne. A great adventure begins when they all take a trip to Electronia to stop the war and solve the problems between the people in there. Turns out that Sheila's electric heart is still hidden somewhere in Electronia, and the only thing she needs to do in order to free all the innocent people that have been imprisoned, is to find that old heart of hers and put it back on her chest. These series also tell everything about Sheila's life before she moved to Heatherfield, including what happened to her mother and how she met Karmilla. Karmilla also has a secret that she only keeps to herself... I would truly love to know your opinions on this thing that I now introduced in the internet for the first time. As much as I'd like to publish my books out into the world, you know I can't do that. Using someone else's idea and characters is wrong and I'd never do that. The world of the W.I.T.C.H is just so very close to my heart and writing is my dearest hobby. I'm very cautious when it comes to copyright laws, so I'm not sure if it's completely okay to reveal the series for everyone to see just on this app, and without getting paid of course. Whatcha think? Would you be interested to read those series via this app and this community? I'm very curious to know!
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2020.09.16 03:34 officialhtak Lonely Life.... How do I even cope with this stupid life?

Hi everyone, I am in my late 20s and my life seems so fucked up. I know people always say that we shouldn't compare with others. But often I seem so depressed. Financially, I have a job but my parents have not worked for over 20 years. I am having some stress and burden although they only need me to give them $500 for my car & insurance. They are also loners. I am a super loner, with barely any experience of going outside and having friends at all. I used to have one good friend in Elementary school. But that went shit after highschool because of a lot of jealousy between us and other reasons. I have never found anyone that I clicked with after... I'm done university so its even more of a pain meeting people. People at work are not genuine and use you. My workplace has a lot of people that want to bully me and step on me as well. I know I may have the feeling of being victimized, and its quite bad but its true... My love life is also terrible... I had 1 crush when I was 23 and it ended up badly. I had a girlfriend two years ago that cheated on me with same co-worker. I became a joke to my entire workplace and was the centre of gossip. People just talked shit behind and infront of me like they don't care. I am bad at talking/speaking and dont have friends so I am an easy target for people. No Money, No Relationships, No Good Career. I feel like nothing is working out in my life. I feel so depressed sometimes, especially in the night time. I always think that I should kill myself and end my life. Then everything would stop... I know its selfish but really... whats the point of living. I've tried reddit/ apps and I'm probably too ugly cause no one even wants to match me. I'm not a smart guy. I have nothing working for me... I just want to say FML!
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2020.09.16 01:32 chriskerley78910 In-person testers needed for course review app. $25 for 15 minutes of your time.

In need of in-person product testers for a course review app.
Its being built for YorkU students.
Meetups are near YorkU keele campus.
Compensation is $15 and a free coffee.
$10 if you refer a friend who is also a student.
If interested contact:
text: 905-808-8791
email: [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])

Thank you.
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2020.09.16 01:29 Mimojello Accidentally clicked on spam link and how to back up your phone

Hi, probably about 5 months ago i was browsing on the meet up app then i came across a spam link that i absentmindly clicked. It directed me to a page where it had a same layout as Meetup and there was just another spammer saying to press this link but it wasnt hyperlinked.
So i went back, and use bitdefender and malwarebytles to scan my phone and there was nothing.
This month i read an article that even clicking the link can affect your phone even without installing something or adding info, hence my anxiety. Someone in reddit told me to clear the browser cache,which i did again but not sure if i did it 5 months ago.
  1. Should i be concern still even i scan the phone.
  2. If the phone is infected how to back it up safely, heard upload photos to the cloud and they say that theres no privacy.
3.what other precaution that i need to take to make sure my phone has no other malware.
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2020.09.16 01:07 thatp Got ghosted after a first facetime call.

This is mostly just a rant, but here goes. I've been talking to this girl from a dating app for almost two months, but haven't met up. We texted and talked on the phone a few times, then agreed to have a face time convo.
During this time, we sent each other a few selfies. The problem is, I had minor surgery a week before our facetime meetup, so I looked completely different. In fact, I had long hair on top, but for the surgery, they had to cut my hair.
Anyway, I did let her know that I probably won't look my best, and it didn't help that I wasn't feeling as confident either. I facetimed anyway, and she was actually a lot cuter than her pictures. Fast forward a few days later and she never messaged me again.
It just sucks because she was really nice in her texts and calls, and hinted a lot that she liked me. it hurts now because all it took was a glance and a short video call to waste all that time. Oh well I guess.
Comforting comments are welcome.
TLDR; facetimed a girl for the first time, got ghosted afterwards
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2020.09.15 23:45 PDXChameleon Security Protocols

TL;DR Strategies to avoid getting caught having an affair.
I got out of my dead bedroom loveless marriage a long time ago. Doing fairly well in my current situation but thought I'd share some strategies I used to maintain several AP's in my previous marriage. Some of these have been shared in various posts before but I wanted to consolidate things here. Before I proceed, I encourage those considering getting an AP to think long and hard about it first. Have you tried to get your spouse to therapy? Have you clearly talked things out? Have you considered how you'd handle the repercussions of getting caught?
The following tips will apply if you are searching to find a partner, as well as if you already have one.
  1. Obviously set up a separate email account.
  2. Use the "incogneto" mode of your browser when visiting dating sites, and clear your browser cache from time to time.
  3. Do your searching, communicating on a different PC than the one you use at home if possible.
  4. Use a messaging app like kik to communicate with others. Don't use texting on your phone. If you do, delete the texts.
  5. Keep in mind that phone call logs can be generally be viewed on your cell phone account on your provider's website.
  6. Keep in mind that text records can be obtained by subpoena for divorce proceedings. Again, use other apps to message partners.
  7. Be extremely careful about allowing others to know that you see someone on the side. Just don't do it. You never know you they will react and how much of a blabber mouth they are when drunk.
  8. Be very gradual in any changes you make in your physical appearance and personal habits (hair changes, loosing weight, new clothes, dental work, etc.)
  9. When around your SO, be conscious of any changes in how much time you spend on your pc or your phone....changes can signal something is up.... have a game running so you can toggle to solidare or backgammon quickly if needed.
  10. Set up a free google voice # to use for phone calls if necessary. Delete call and text history in case this phone # is discovered.
  11. Pay cash when going through tolls. Don't let your auto-payment device pay because that will be tracked by date, time, and location.... could be subpoenaed in court.
  12. Be super cautious about revealing your real name and clear photo to potential partners online. You don't have to lie.... just be honest that you need to maintain security for obvious reasons. Once a certain level of mutual trust is built after a few messages, then disclose more info.
  13. Avoid single people. They don't have anything to loose if they are careless about security measures and your mate finds out about your relationship. Or, if the relationship ends, some can become vindictive. On the other hand, if you have reason to believe you can trust someone you find who is single, then it will save you a bunch of money in hotels if he/she can host your meetings.
  14. Don't use your credit cards for affair related transactions...condom purchases, meals, hotels.... all can be discovered and questioned in reviewing your credit card statement and/or brought up in court.
  15. Don't keep receipts. Trash them someplace other than the trash at your home.
  16. Guard against stray hairs and/or fragrances that can be discovered in your car or on your clothes.
  17. Have an explanation for any changes in your normal schedule. Why are you 2 hours late getting home every tuesday? Avoid a schedule pattern anyway.
  18. Validate changes in your life.... exercising more.... after your annual physical report that your cholesterol is too high or weight, pre-diabetic, etc.... so you need to start going to the gym. Then make sure you do sometimes go to the gym. Are you clothes sweaty after a workout? Don't go home smelling like pussy or perfume/cologne when you said you were at the gym.
Was working late a cover for your date? Then go back to the office and call home to let hehim know you are on the way home from the office ( a true statement). Use the office phone for the call so it shows that in caller ID.
19) Do you always answer your cell or immediately reply to messages when your SO contacts you? Stop doing that. Train hehim to expect that sometimes you don't reply right away.... left your phone on your desk at work or in the car when you went into the mall... let your battery die. Turned your phone off during a meeting and forgot to turn it back on...... this should be a normal part of your lifestyle.... not a change that will be detected.
20) Join and attend events with people that your SO doesn't know. Use these events for cover for time away.
21) Some affair related expenses require the use of credit cards. Buy visa gift cards and don't use your personal credit card. Note that some sites like Ashley Madison are based outside of the USA and most gift cards purchased in usa grocery stores are only good to be used within the borders of the usa. Don't ask me how I know. Read the fine print on how these sites can accept alternate forms of payment.
22) How do you buy these gift cards without it showing up on your statement? Buy a bunch of other stuff to add up to a large grocery bill and that card is buried among all of the other stuff. Destroy the receipt. Don't use your rewards ID either since that account will keep account of all of your purchases. Also, you could just say it is for a bday or holiday gift for a relative that you would normally send a gift to.
23) Use cash. How to you explain the cash withdrawal? Don't use your bank. In stead, buy stuff at CVS, or Walgreens, or anyplace that lets you make "debit" purchases. Then get cash back. Accumulate that cash over time to pay for what you need. Buy something at home depot or lowes. Make it a debit purchase. Wait a few days and return it. Instead of refunding to the card, just ask for cash. This won't work for a credit purchase.
24) Always have plausible explanation for things. The person your SO's cousin saw you with is a realtor and you had been talking about finding an investment property.
25) Don't explain too much. Overcompensating by having too much to say is a signal of deception.
26) Be ready to let your AP know that you have to take a break for a couple of weeks or more if your SO starts to get suspicious. Then keep doing the stuff you said you were doing....gym, working late, shopping, etc.
27) Don't get a traffic or parking ticket at a time or location outside of your normal patterns.
28) I don't recommend it but if you are going to your AP's home, then carry in a toolbox, or Avon bag or something that can be explained to a nosy neighbor.
29) Turn off the cell phone location tracker on your phone. If your spouse asks why, then share your conspiracy theory concerns about the government tracking everyone or some other bs.
30) You can consider getting a separate credit card for your extra curricular activities. Keep in mind that the statement must not be mailed to your home where the spouse can find it. Also note that if you ever have to pull your credit report then this card will be listed and your spouse may ask about it. Also, how would you make payments to this card without leaving a digital trail of that payment from an account your spouse monitors.
31) You can rent a hotel/motel room for just one night and pay cash. However they may put a hold on your credit card for 24-48 hours. It is risky to do this on your personal card. You can try using a visa gift card.
Edit: 32) Have your dates away from your normal patterns of travel: next town or two away. This reduces the chance that someone you know will see you out with your AP. Better yet...don't go out in public with your AP or at least no PDA's. You don't want your car or your face recognized by anyone in the circle of your friends and family.
If you make it this far, thanks for reading. This list is not comprehensive. Others will surely be able to add some additional info or add detail to things I failed to make clear.
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2020.09.15 21:37 epistemicdisaster Dating in the plague times?

I'm curious how people are going about dating right now. At the beginning of the year I downloaded some dating apps, but between the pandemic and exhausting my local options I deleted them by early March. I didn't even go on a single date! Though I did have some nice conversations and I videochatted one girl a few times.
IDK, I'm coming to terms with probably being a lesbian after IDing as bi for ~three years (turning 24 this month), but I've been single all my life. It's gotten pretty lonely, because I don't see anyone outside of work with the pandemic. I downloaded an app today and then deleted it bc I didn't know how to explain that I'd be very cautious about meetups (masks, outdoor dates, the whole nine yards... or at least six feet).
That's just my experience. Have you gone on dates? Do you do masks, etc? Are apps even a good way to meet girls? How's the pandemic affecting your romantic life in your country/area?
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Meetup - We are what we do

  1. in 2020: FEES, Problems & MISTAKES - YouTube
  2. Meetup App - What is - A Meetup Video Tutorial ...
  3. FREE Meetup ID/ Hookup ID/ Dating ID UPDATE 2020! (100% ...
  4. Build a Meetups App With React-Native and Node.JS - YouTube
  5. Change your profile photo on Meetup
  6. How to Best Utilize the Meetup App
  7. Logitech MTR (Tap + Meetup) Setup & Demo - YouTube

What is This Meetup Video Tutorial is also a meetup video review / review / tutorial. It shows what is used for ... How to Use Meetup App Using Meetup Groups │ Review - Duration: 6:39. Tim Levy Recommended for you. 6:39. How to Change or Delete your Meetup RSVP Later - Duration: 2:03. In this video, we take a look at a Microsoft Teams Rooms option from Logitech, using the Logitech Tap and the Logitech Meetup (4K Camera + soundbar). We take... Meetup ID or what you called Hookup ID is an online verification system required by almost all online hookup dating sites nowadays to ensure the safety of th... is one of the best apps and websites to happen to my social life. In this video I am showing you how to best utilize it to have a lot of fun whenever you have some time. This tutorial is for help you to build a app from scratch using some of the best technologie. We gonna use Node.JS as the server backend. For the mobile part we use React-Native who is a tool for ... Even a successful Meetup organizer can’t fix the pricing issues at, but that’s not the only problem you’ll face. Before you sign up to organize a ...